LISTSERV at the University of Georgia
LISTSERVis an electronic mail facility which allows you to participate in electronic discussion groups on thousands of topics. The University of Georgia hosts over 2000 lists for faculty, administrators, and student organizations, in support of the University System of Georgia mission.

Web-Based Listserv Intro

Fact: The first version was written in 1986 by Eric Thomas, now L-Soft's Manager of Technical Services, under the name Revised LISTSERV.

Browse, Subscribe, Post, Search ...
From this page, you can access UGA's public and private list to browse or search the archives, manage your subscriptions, and post to the list. You can also search worldwide for a LISTSERV list of interest.

Manage Lists (for List Owners)

If you own and manage a list, you can perform related management tasks (be sure to register a LISTSERV password).

Request a List

Fill out the form to request that a new list be established.

Manuals and References

Local documentation and FAQ for listowners and subscribers, and links to complete LSoft Listserv documentation.

Register Your LISTSERV Password

Your LISTSERV password makes working with your lists -- whether you are a subscriber or owner -- very easy.