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SAS-L archives – February 2000, week 3

Table of contents:


  2. "Statement is not valid ..." error message

  3. "between" merge

  4. (MVS) Colo(u)ring your Code in TSO

  5. * * * JOB POSTING * * * BayArea CA

  6. <No subject>

  7. =?us-ascii?B?TWFjcm8gUXVlc3Rpb24A?=

  8. A Linux in your future?

  9. AF FRAME - colours


  11. API functions

  12. Antwort: Re: easy proc format question

  13. Antwort: wildcards

  14. Application Server Startup - UNIX Scripts

  15. Bivariate normal distribution

  16. Book on longitudinal data analysis (or manipulation?)

  17. Book on longitudinal data analysis?

  18. CGI and SAS to perform similar functions of SAS/IntrNet?

  19. Can I include datafile name in the SAS command line?

  20. Can names of variable exceed 8 in version 8?

  21. Capitalizing 1st character of each word?

  22. Classic DATA Step Dictionary Application (was: How do I do t

  23. Classic DATA Step Dictionary Application (was: How do I do this?)

  24. Colo(u)ring your Code

  25. Compile a series of SAS macro programming

  26. Contract SAS Programmers Wanted

  27. Contracting in Multiple States

  28. Copying SAS Datasets safely

  29. Count data with spatial autocorrelation (fwd)

  30. County names

  31. DDE and SAS/AF

  32. Datastep Telnet Client

  33. Discussion list for applied statistics

  34. Drag & Drop feature don't work anymore in SAS 6.12 Win

  35. Eliminate first page eject (Unix and Windows)

  36. Entropy Measures of Inequality

  37. Est. and testing interaction terms in a square two-way contingency table in SAS

  38. External file

  39. FTP Access Method & netrc

  40. FW: SAS Sql Inconsistency? (Summary of Results)

  41. Format Question

  42. Free X windows server software


  44. HELP IN FRENCH !!!

  45. Help convert/read SAS .SD2 data with MS Access/Excel


  47. How do I do this?

  48. How to avoid the page break symbol?

  49. How to combine maps?

  50. How to compare different data types

  51. How to quote HTML code &nbsp in macro parameter

  52. How to test the trend under controlling other factors

  53. I am looking for a JOB in Belgium-Flanders

  54. I haven't received any mail since Monday!

  55. If you would have read my comments...

  56. Job Posting

  57. LOG REG queries - new address

  58. Listing all errors, warnings, notes for a SAS proc.

  59. MVS Space Allocation Rules of Thumb

  60. MVS: Copying SAS Datasets safely

  61. MVS: Making safe copies of SAS datasets

  62. Macro Memory Efficiency

  63. Macro Question

  64. Mailto tab2htm Footnote

  65. New address for Andrew Dixon

  66. Now I know how to do this :-)

  67. Odd Date Errors

  68. Opportunities

  69. Ordering Variables

  70. Ordering Variables: Thanks! & a query

  71. Output Limits

  72. PC SAS Libraries button for REMOTE SUBMISSIONS

  73. PROC ACCESS and Sybase - password prints on log



  76. Pharmaceutical SAS Contract Openings

  77. Possible Acquisitions for SAS

  78. Proc Tabulate

  79. Proc Transpose

  80. Processing efficiency

  81. Programming an Integral

  82. Query:Goodness-of-fit

  83. Question about SAS Logs

  84. Quirky SAS import on NT

  85. Reading a wider file

  86. Reading dates from Excel97 (DDE)

  87. Refreshing formats in memory(SCL)

  88. Removing multiple blanks from strings leaving one blank?

  89. SAS 8 and Enterprise Miner

  90. SAS Open OLAP server

  91. SAS System Viewer - 8.0

  92. SAS System Viewer - 8.0 (Thanks)

  93. SAS and Business Objects (The Application)

  94. SAS and NCR and Teradata

  95. SAS dataset in UNIX and PC

  96. SAS novice question

  97. SAS to ORACLE

  98. SAS v8, AF, Treeview control??


  100. SAS/GIS

  101. SAS/IntrNet Back Button in Table of Contents

  102. SASnetCOPY

  103. SAs and COBOL

  104. SQL V Data step - subsetting into multiple datasets

  105. Segment analysis procedure

  106. So you want to become a SAS Programmer?

  107. So... You Want To Become A SAS Consultant

  108. Thanks for help: Unix (HPUX)/SAS memory

  109. The strange letter chopped off

  110. Torrent Orchestrate Product

  111. UK Job Opportunity for SAS Programmer

  112. User Group Meeting: SAS V8 Performance (SF Bay Area/22 May 2000)

  113. Using IN in a macro?

  114. WHERE vs KEY


  116. Weekday for 27OCT1582

  117. Weighted Regression

  118. Weird Password Message

  119. What is SAS ?

  120. Wierd password message

  121. Writing data to MS Access (v2)

  122. bar chart with axis on both sides

  123. column percentages and row groups totals in tabulate

  124. conditioned merging

  125. convert numbers to non-numeric under 6.12 for Windows

  126. create 2 horizontal panels listing

  127. crossvalidating a regression model in SAS

  128. cutom reports with put?

  129. datetime in sas???

  130. datetime is sas???

  131. delete var

  132. easy proc format question

  133. event driven programming in composites (SASv8)

  134. excel macro

  135. expected in proc freq

  136. holap extension and analysis variables (SAS 6.12 MDDB/EIS)

  137. how do you find the number of times a string occurs in a mac ro variable ?

  138. how do you find the number of times a string occurs in a macro variable ?

  139. label-value for points in overlaid graphs

  140. macro variable more-than-8-char-problem

  141. oracle dates

  142. passing variable labels in IML procedure

  143. proc transpose

  144. re-order variables

  145. rearranging a SAS data set

  146. request

  147. sas

  148. sas output in html

  149. sas7 to excel97 question

  150. sort with nodupkey, any way to do it in sql?

  151. stationarity tests

  152. test - ignore

  153. testing

  154. thanks

  155. unsubscribe

  156. webAF and List- / Comboboxes

  157. wildcards

  158. writing SAS data set observations to the log window

  159. x command in Windows

  160. x command in Windows: Solution
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