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SAS-L archives – March 2000, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. %sysexec to winnt

  2. *** Health Care Jobs in Greensboro, NC

  3. *SOLVED* Longitudinal Tracking Help

  4. 1: Removing single occurance observations in 6.12

  5. 1: Removing single occurrence observations in 6.12

  6. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (21 lines)
      From: Jason A Marshall <Jason.Marshall@ASG-INC.COM>
    • <No subject> (8 lines)
      From: F.J. Kelley <jkelley@ARCHES.UGA.EDU>

  7. About Proc Factor

  8. Accessing SAS-L

  9. Albany NY SAS Users Group Meeting

  10. Antigen found W32/Shoerec virus

  11. Antwort: Re: Help needed

  12. Antwort: Re: SAS System Viewer (6.12) gives wrong var. length

  13. Any Problems with Proc Surveyreg?

  14. Applying a "where list" to a dataset id

  15. BVI Soft UPDATED (Software for sale very CHEAP)

  16. Batch submit via Desktop Icon

  17. CPS (Current Population Survey) data

  18. Can one add an if statement within sql

  19. Celko's median using SQL

  20. Change process name in Unix

  21. Clinical Trials Training in NJ

  22. Co-hosting multiple versions

  23. Colors in PROC REPORT

  24. Compare of Character fields/strings from the left.

  25. Connect on UNIX

  26. Correction #2: another longitudinal question / aggregation

  27. Correction: another longitudinal question / aggregation

  28. Cosh
    • Cosh (24 lines)
      From: Cosh <cosh_nospam@DCA.NET>

  29. Courses on Survival Analysis and Categorical Data Analysis

  30. Dallas, TX, SAS Programmer Needed

  31. Data Dictionary

  32. Data on multiple lines

  33. Data step problem

  34. Dates can be tricky

  35. Dictionary views

  36. Discounted SAS Books

  37. Don't work: comma in place of point for decimal separator

  38. Drilldown in GPLOT (V8)

  39. Efficiency note

  40. Efficient way to randomly grab one record from a grou

  41. Efficient way to randomly grab one record from a group of records

  42. Error msg, prev:Q array prob and also Tutorial

  43. Euro ? sign?

  44. Excel to SAS
    • Excel to SAS (40 lines)
      From: Xu, Meifen (PA) <XuM@ICONUS.COM>

  45. Free $A$ eta for Linux from 2Q2000

  46. Fuzzy match
    • Fuzzy match (28 lines)
      From: Simcha Pollack <pollacks@STJOHNS.EDU>

  47. Fuzzy match (Instead of: Unbalanced nested design)

  48. Fwd: NEWS RELEASE: SAS Institute to port SAS software to Linux (14Mar0 0)

  49. GEE in analysing repeated measures

  50. GeoStats USA newsletter

  51. Get Handle and Close Window...

  52. Graph Display Window: what's the difference between print from the menu and from the command line?


  54. Help
    • Help (25 lines)
      From: Betemariam Berhanu <bgb@SUNSRV2.PSTC.BROWN.EDU>
    • Re: Help (51 lines)
      From: John Whittington <John.W@MEDISCIENCE.CO.UK>

  55. Help : Proc Template

  56. Help needed

  57. Help with stored compiled macros

  58. Help!? Automatically overwrite file?

  59. How can tell if this CAM is working? 5961

  60. IBM-Websphere ?

  61. Import Error: Thank Yous!

  62. Import error code... XL97 & SAS

  63. Import error code... does anyone know what this means?

  64. Incorrect LSMEANS from PROC GLM!?

  65. JOB/Research/ SAS/Database

  66. Job Posting - Sr. Statistical Programmer

  67. Keeping only the decimal place

  68. Location of job postings

  69. Long filenames when submitting batch jobs

  70. Longitudinal Tracking Help



  73. Modern Regression and Classification Course- Washington

  74. More About Proc Factor

  75. NESUG 2000 Call for Papers & Participation LIVE!

  76. Need attrib change API SAS 6.12 TS 065 Windows NT 4 sp 5

  77. New Question
    • New Question (62 lines)
      From: Adelina Gschwandtner <Adelina.Gschwandtner@UNIVIE.AC.AT>
    • Re: New Question (82 lines)
      From: Abelson_R <Abelson_R@BLS.GOV>
    • New Question (28 lines)
      From: Adelina Gschwandtner <Adelina.Gschwandtner@UNIVIE.AC.AT>

  78. Newbie needs help on output

  79. Nonstandard hypothesis in repeated measures design

  80. Number limited to N-way freq table?

  81. ODS IN Version 8

  82. Open File
    • Open File (41 lines)
      From: Adelina Gschwandtner <Adelina.Gschwandtner@UNIVIE.AC.AT>
    • Re: Open File (64 lines)
      From: Jim Groeneveld <J.Groeneveld@ITGROUPS.COM>
    • Re: Open File (158 lines)
      From: Jim Groeneveld <J.Groeneveld@ITGROUPS.COM>
    • Re: Open File (55 lines)
      From: William W. Viergever <wwvierg@IBM.NET>

  83. PERL and SAS ODBC

    • PROC NLMIXED (21 lines)
      From: Wall, Steven <walls@PHIBRED.COM>

    • PROC REPORT (90 lines)
      From: Rolland Gaudet <rgaudet@QMTL.QUINTILES.COM>
    • Re: PROC REPORT (129 lines)
      From: Jim Groeneveld <J.Groeneveld@ITGROUPS.COM>

  86. Power for Improved Bonferroni Tests

  87. Problem handling rsubmit/endrsubmit logic with macro variables

  88. Q ARRAY prob (skipping vars)

  89. Q array prob and also Tutorial

  90. Q array prob: numer of vars > 10

  91. Q. more obs
    • Q. more obs (26 lines)
      From: miundlh@VMS.HUJI.AC.IL
    • Re: Q. more obs (106 lines)
      From: Gehard Hellriegel <detecsm_hellriegelg@WESTLB.DE>
    • Re: Q. more obs (76 lines)
      From: Jim Groeneveld <J.Groeneveld@ITGROUPS.COM>
    • Re: Q. more obs (48 lines)
      From: JP <R.E.M.O.V.E.lecruguel@EPID.JGH.MCGILL.CA>

  92. Q: Repeated measures

  93. Q:JMP-Fit_Model_Analysis_&_Nested_interaction?

  94. Query on SAS Certification : V6 Exam (A00-001)

  95. Question: Indianapolis in the Spring (only vicariously on to

  96. Reading UNIX ssd01 files with V.8 on Windows NT

  97. Reading two SAS datasets in one DATA step

  98. Retrieve message

  99. SAS Consultant/Contractor Positions/NJ


  101. SAS PROGRAMS to C++

  102. SAS Positions/NY/NJ

  103. SAS Program conversion to C/C++

  104. SAS System Viewer (6.12) ... or SAS Insight

  105. SAS System Viewer (6.12) gives wrong var. length

  106. SAS Users New Zealand - Wellington Quarterly Meeting

  107. SAS and Java (talking languages)

  108. SAS and STOP-X37 Abends

  109. SAS position in Norfolk, Va.

  110. SAS programmer needed in Birmingham, AL

  111. SAS to Word

  112. SAS/CONNECT bug? (was Re: PROC SQL remote submit error)

  113. SAS/Intrnet, localhost, and Internet Explorer

  114. SI announce SAS for Linux 4Q2000:wq

  115. SOLVED array prob

  116. SQL-compress
    • SQL-compress (18 lines)
      From: Daniella Priscila Cruz - Estagiaria SAS <dpcruz@CENAPAD.UNICAMP.BR>
    • Re: SQL-compress (56 lines)
      From: Paul Dorfman <paul_dorfman@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SQL-compress (65 lines)
      From: Daniella Priscila Cruz - Estagiaria SAS <dpcruz@CENAPAD.UNICAMP.BR>

  117. SUGI is less than a month away...

  118. SUGI: Indianapolis in April

  119. SUGI: clubs
    • SUGI: clubs (175 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. <rjf2@CDC.GOV>

  120. SUGI: interest item

  121. SUGI: restaurant list

  122. Select A Group of Random Records

  123. Select Small Number of Records from a Dataset

  124. Select Small Number of Records from a Dataset (I AM MIKE)

  125. Significant Digits under SAS 7

  126. Sized Random Selection of Variables

  127. Special characters & symbols

  128. Sr. Quantitative Analyst Position/CT

  129. Thanks.
    • Thanks. (45 lines)
      From: Gerard T. Pauline <gpauline@FSMAIL.PACE.EDU>

  130. Unbalanced nested design

  131. Using Operators In %macros

  132. Using Windows dialogue boxes in SAS?

  133. VM-CMS & SUN &SAS

  134. VNU Net: SAS to unveil Linux strategy

  135. Variance components TYPE 1 with missing data, REML

  136. Virus W32/Shoerec found !!!

  137. WORD WRAP
    • Re: WORD WRAP (89 lines)
      From: Jim Groeneveld <J.Groeneveld@ITGROUPS.COM>

  138. Web Access to SAS-L at UGA

  139. White-corrected and/or Newey-West adjusted test statistics

  140. [Fwd: Re: SAS V8 on OS/390: upgrade plans?]

  141. another longitudinal question / aggregation

  142. cluster analysis: mixed mode data

  143. comma in place of point for decimal separator

  144. conditional execution of unix job stream

  145. constructing a script for a report

  146. convert the date format from mmddyy to ddmmyy

  147. cross referencing problem

  148. macro as a function

  149. memo type in sas

  150. options rotate=portrait

  151. overriding v6.12 viewtable to use fsview or fsedit in display manager

  152. proc reg - how to get acov results written to a SAS dataset

  153. proc tabulate ordering

  154. pseudo random number generator

  155. random selection of observation from two dataset

  156. reading xdr or netCDF data in SAS

  157. remote submit a %include on local machine

  158. sort of lag question

  159. still learning macros

  160. suppress label in proc report?

  161. text file -> Data set

  162. text file -> SAS data set

  163. underlining in proc report

  164. unsubscribe
    • unsubscribe (36 lines)
      From: Weidman, Marge - TP3MXW <MWeidman@SOCALGAS.COM>

  165. variable length from Oracle table

  166. version 8 SAS for Unix
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