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SAS-L archives – April 2000, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. %XTAB2HTM
    • %XTAB2HTM (20 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. <rjf2@CDC.GOV>

  2. ' ' vs. " "

  3. (MVS) Re: SQL and variable formats

  4. (again) importing datetime EXEL values into a SAS datetime format.

  5. --> Off Topic: County or Zipcode level population forecast

  6. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (17 lines)
      From: James Zhou <jameszhou@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • <No subject> (20 lines)
      From: Daniella Priscila Cruz - Estagiaria SAS <dpcruz@CENAPAD.UNICAMP.BR>

  7. ADV: Stock-Vest April Profile

  8. Accessing VMS Ver. 5 SAS dataset

  9. Antwort: May I pick your brains on TABULATE?

  10. Antwort: Re: Save, Save, Save, Save...

  11. Anyone heard of Tukey's Linear Trend Test?

  12. Burt Table
    • Burt Table (20 lines)
      From: BONNET Christophe <Christophe.BONNET@GEP.FR>
    • Re: Burt Table (26 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. <rjf2@CDC.GOV>
    • Re: Burt Table (31 lines)
      From: Michael Friendly <friendly@HOTSPUR.PSYCH.YORKU.CA>

    • COLUMN ATTRIBUTES (40 lines)
      From: Adelina Gschwandtner <Adelina.Gschwandtner@UNIVIE.AC.AT>

  14. Char => Numeric

  15. Clinical study reporting with CR Toolkit

  16. Comment: age of SUGI attendees

  17. Comparing Program Libraries

  18. Contract Company Opinions?

  19. Current date (Autoexec)

  20. DBLoad DBMS=XLS

  21. DBMS/Analyst and data step syntax support

  22. Data Mining SAS Users Conference - May 28-31 - San Francisco

  23. Delete records with certain variables have missing value

  24. Development in SCL

  25. Does SAS Help Select Necessary Sample Size

  26. Don't Forget: Bay Area SAS User Group Meeting 22 May 2000

  27. E-Intelligence Opportunities With Dot.Com Startups

  28. Enhanced editor

  29. Equivalence Testing with SAS

  30. Export SAS dataset to SPSS

  31. FW: ' ' vs. " "
    • FW: ' ' vs. " " (57 lines)
      From: Schechter Robert RS <robert.schechter@ASTRAZENECA.COM>

  32. FW: F6 Speeds and Auto-Holds

  33. FW: [S] Statistics and Data Mining Positions at

  34. Finding a string in a variable

  35. GEE with 2 levels

  36. Get rid of leading zero

  37. Getting rid of single quotes

  38. HELP : SAS Open Olap Server

  39. HELP: Saving V6.12 Database in V8

  40. How can I get the first record from the multiple records with same ID.

  41. How to pass values from JCL to SAS program

  42. How to read SAS files with the extension .SSD and .SD2 on the Unix

  43. IMPORT Wizard: default directory

  44. Initialising array

  45. KDD-2000 Tutorials

  46. Labelling counties and PROC GMAP

  47. Labels on views

  48. Linear Interpolation

  49. Liste des sites sur la France

  50. Looking for a used reference book

  51. Macro Question

  52. Manager/Senior Analyst Positions Available in Chicago Area

  53. Message Line
    • Message Line (21 lines)
      From: Ken McCloskey <ken@DEEPVIEW.COM>

  54. Multiple Comparisons and Exact Inference Workshop

  55. Need Info on SAS System Validation

  56. Next-Gen ODS and HTML (Was: Query - looking at doing a simple "open-source" SASinterpreter)

  57. Not reading my characters

  58. ODS latex

  59. Open VMS SAS file version question

  60. Open-VMS SAS file version solution

  61. PC Binary Format in UNIX

  62. PROC EXPORT to Excel97 : max number of variables?

  63. PROC SORT: keeping duplicate observations

  64. Prediction of rare events

  65. Problem: making new variables out of the values of an existin g variable????

  66. Problem: making new variables out of the values of an existing variable????

  67. Proc GPLOT/Generic Critical Error

  68. Q: get rid of leading zero

  69. Q: how to find out values for all local macro variables

  70. Query - looking at doing a simple "open-source" SAS interpreter

  71. Query - looking at doing a simple "open-source" SASinterpreter

  72. RIP Phil Katz (off topic)

  73. Random sample

  74. Re; Getting rid of single quotes

  75. Reading Actuate Reports

  76. Recall: F6 Speeds and Auto-Holds

  77. Require for SAS dependencies

  78. SAS / Acrobat PDF Writer Problem

  79. SAS 6.12 Unix Access to Oracle 8.15/8.16

  80. SAS Documentation and books

  81. SAS Help CD-ROM


  83. SAS IPO
    • Re: SAS IPO (63 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <JackHamilton@FIRSTHEALTH.COM>

  84. SAS Pharmaceuticals: Methods for Generating Tables and Listings

  85. SAS STAT
    • SAS STAT (17 lines)
      From: Christian Petersen <cp.acc@CBS.DK>
    • Re: SAS STAT (25 lines)
      From: Paul Thompson <paul@WUBIOS.WUSTL.EDU>

  86. SAS Tidbit - notify yourself when a SAS job is done.

  87. SAS Tool for Version 8 - Cataloger

  88. SAS V8 docS: bricks and mortar

  89. SAS V8 documentation on CD-ROM

  90. SAS V8 documentation on CD-ROM AND subdividing SAS-L

  91. SAS e-Intelligence & Engage Ally for Web-based Marketing

  92. SAS editors and UltraEdit

  93. SAS multilogit procedure?

  94. SAS statistics

  95. SAS string commands for Address cleansing

  96. SAS version 6.12 for Windows, call it Windows 32 bit program?


  98. SAS/GIS Where to get non-SI maps and data for European countries?

  99. SAS/GRAPH: vector vs bitmap images

  100. SAS/GRAPH: vector vs bitmap images - A Summary

  101. SAS/MACRO: resolving symputn variable in macro %do-loop range

  102. SESUG Newsletter

  103. SQL Equivalent to Transpose

  104. SQL Into -- Rhetorical Question

  105. SQL and variable formats

    • SUBSCRIBE (36 lines)
      From: nm10809 <nm10809@GATEWAY.NET>

  107. SUGI /Age of Attendees

  108. SUGI 28?
    • SUGI 28? (14 lines)

  109. SUGI+Age
    • SUGI+Age (30 lines)
      From: msz03@HEALTH.STATE.NY.US
    • Re: SUGI+Age (61 lines)
      From: Jim Edgington <Jim.Edgington@LABONE.COM>
    • Re: SUGI+Age (76 lines)
      From: Kaul, Rajeeve <RKaul@ADVANTA.COM>
    • Re: SUGI+Age (84 lines)
      From: SFBAY0001 <sfbay0001@AOL.COM>
    • Re: SUGI+Age (63 lines)

  110. Save, Save, Save, Save...

  111. Seems COMP.SOFT-SYS.SAS link is BROKEN

  112. Significance Test for Non-independent samples

  113. Statistical Tests/Online Help/SAS Web Site

  114. Syncsort
    • Syncsort (21 lines)
      From: KenMon <ken@NOSPAMDEEPVIEW.COM>
    • Re: Syncsort (117 lines)
      From: Paul Dorfman <paul_dorfman@HOTMAIL.COM>

  115. TEST for the Vienna distribution - PLS Ignore

  116. Terribly Off-topic but I'm desparate

  117. Test scoring in SAS - suggestions

  118. Thanks for the Macro Help

  119. Univariate

  120. V8 Docs FAQ: White's test for ...

  121. V8 Docs FAQ: index slider bar

  122. V8 Docs FAQ: search

  123. V8 Tips
    • V8 Tips (16 lines)
      From: Wiel Maessen <wiel@PWCONS.COM>
    • Re: V8 Tips (14 lines)
      From: F a b r i z i o <Fabrizio1@USA.NET>
    • Re: V8 Tips (26 lines)
      From: Wiel Maessen <wiel@PWCONS.COM>

  124. View Oracle
    • View Oracle (21 lines)
      From: Daniella Priscila Cruz - Estagiaria SAS <dpcruz@CENAPAD.UNICAMP.BR>

  125. WUSS/ Code Doctors/Submit your most difficult...

  126. White and Vuong tests

  127. Wildcard Infile problem- fixed

  128. Wildcard Infile problem-any ideas?

  129. Writing CSV files

  130. asking for glm contrast help

  131. assign missing values

  132. books for MVS JCL

  133. by statement,

  134. calling C functions in SAS on UNIX

  135. checking wether or not a format is valid

  136. config file on UNIX for sas v7

  137. contract opportunity

  138. copying from the output window minor annoyance

  139. curve analysis
    • curve analysis (28 lines)
      From: Thompson Bill T Contr USAFSAM/FEC <Bill.Thompson@BROOKS.AF.MIL>
    • Re: curve analysis (52 lines)
      From: Muhlbaier, Lawrence H. <lawrence.muhlbaier@DUKE.EDU>

  140. data in Excel

  141. datetime error while appending view type file.

  142. delete partial record only

  143. dummy variables

  144. first.variable and others

  145. format W.D
    • format W.D (29 lines)
      From: wei cheng <cheng_wei@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: format W.D (50 lines)
      From: Abelson_R <Abelson_R@BLS.GOV>
    • Re: format W.D (46 lines)
      From: Aleece Hoffmann <AleeceHoffmann@FIRSTHEALTH.COM>
    • Re: format W.D (14 lines)
      From: wei cheng <cheng_wei@HOTMAIL.COM>

  146. garch
    • garch (13 lines)
      From: Sharma, Namit <Namit.Sharma@NERA.COM>

  147. generating GIFs from SAS-Image class

  148. get rid of leading zero

  149. heritability=0.1

  150. htm list or table

  151. insert observation to datset

  152. intent to treat and imputation

  153. iterate through data to get parameter estimates and se's

  154. jump processes; markov regime switching

  155. length of variable assigned to substr function.

  156. lesss than or equal to

  157. mautosource on Windows 98

  158. missing page(s)
    • missing page(s) (27 lines)
      From: Daniela Andrén <Daniela.Andren@ECONOMICS.GU.SE>

  159. multiple response GENMOD?

  160. newbie: Contrast for Bonferroni

  161. nice to know Tabulate output etc.

  162. non linear regression problem

  163. pass-thru SQL and datetime values

  164. period schedule task on SAS 8

  165. proc SQL's quit tail

  166. proc report

  167. processing lots of hard copy data

  168. processing lots of hard copy data -- summary

  169. repeat pattern in RXPARSE function

  170. report of exporting proc reg results to odbc datasource

  171. running macros


  173. sasware ballot results question

  174. sasware ballot results question/suggestion

  175. scanning through SAS program files

  176. scheduling SAS batch Job (window 95/NT)

  177. scl-list format

  178. selecting values into a set of macro variables where the numb er of distinct values is unknown

  179. selecting values into a set of macro variables where the number of distinct values is unknown

  180. selecting values into a set of macro variables where the numberof distinct values is unknown

  181. selecting values into a set of macro variables where thenumberof distinct values is unknown

  182. sysprintfont
    • sysprintfont (24 lines)
      From: Peter Backhaus <peter.backhaus@VENTA-LUFTWAESCHER.DE>

  183. time matrix
    • time matrix (63 lines)
      From: Ruben J. Kovalcik <rjk2@CET.NAU.EDU>

  184. v8 installation problem?!

  185. writing data two columns across page
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