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SAS-L archives – June 2000, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. *** Non-SAS Oracle Question

  2. ADV: Morgan Cooper Stock Profile

  3. Accessing SAS data sets with different engines on the same UNIX s erver

  4. Aggregate Storage/Directory Search under UNIX

  5. Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: Referencing Macro Variables

  6. Any of this sound familiar?

  7. Bone Mineral Density

  8. Browser time out.

  9. CGM File Import to OFFICE 2000

  10. COBOL Copybook

  11. Can [sas.answers @ Holland Numerics] help you?

  12. Checking errors

  13. Chemical Structures in SAS

  14. Column Labels
    • Column Labels (14 lines)
      From: Richard James <richard.e.james@CA.PWCGLOBAL.COM>
    • Re: Column Labels (57 lines)
      From: Bill Knowlton <Bill_Knowlton@BAXTER.COM>

  15. Converting Months to Year

  16. DATETIME format

  17. Data --> Where - What actually happens ?

  18. Data Mining Conference

  19. Date/Macro problem

  20. De-Duplication

  21. Dial-up (Non-SAS) Question

  22. Do loop problem

  23. EMITS: #1587495 quote() function changed in v8



  26. Employment Opportunity Notice

  27. Experience
    • Experience (14 lines)
      From: News at dtag <Oliver.Herzberg@T-ONLINE.DE>

  28. FDA guideline

  29. FSVIEW problem

  30. FW: IMPORT - Excel(date) to V6.12(date) vs V8.00(datetime)

  31. FW: Variable (Logical vs Physical) Order in V8 Datasets

  32. Find The Real G Spot with a Naughty Tonic!

  33. Fwd: The Dead Horse Theory

  34. GTE SAS Positions Available

  35. GTE SAS Positions in Dallas Metroplex

  36. Get: RSTUDENT from PROC MIXED or from GLIMMIX as in proc reg?

  37. Help on error message: Segmentation Violation (address not mapped to object) captured in task 'SHELL'.

  38. How to capture table name

  39. How to get:RSTUDENT from PROC MIXED or from GLIMMIX as in proc reg?

  40. How to store Residual and Standard residual,using proc nlmixed?

  41. I want extract records from my database...

  42. IMPORT - Excel(date) to V6.12(date) vs V8.00(datetime)

  43. Important New Jersey Statistics Meeting !

  44. Inliers Simulation Program

  45. Instanciate a data set model class using SAS/intrNet

  46. Is it possible to update titles and footnotes without over-writing later ones..?

  47. Job opening in WA State

  48. Job opportunity in Utah

  49. Job posting: SAS and Unix in San Francisco

  50. L-E-G-A-L C-A-B-L,E -T-V DE-S-C-R-A-M-B-L-E-R.,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4489

  51. LIFETEST: plot SDF intervals

  52. Lilliefors test for normalacy

  53. Looking for a article

  54. Looking for work

  55. MVS - truncated SAS library after a backup

  56. MVS/Disk Space/SAS Data Sets

  57. Means to load data onto Oracle Clinical

  58. New Jersey 2000 NJ/ASA Symposium

  59. New jobs at

  60. Not creating output file

  61. Numeric data conversion to Oracle

  62. ODS RTF solution for creating a questionnaire?

  63. OUT2HTML
    • OUT2HTML (10 lines)
      From: Sean P. Sullivan <Sean_Sullivan@KEYBANK.COM>
    • Re: OUT2HTML (44 lines)
      From: Bernard Tremblay <imaginasys@HOTMAIL.COM>

  64. Off topic: Re: Bone Mineral Density



  67. PROC SQL ---> SYBASE

  68. PUTting _ALL_ with delimiter

  69. PUTting _all_

  70. Passing macro argument back to calling program

  71. Position Opening; Richmond, Virginia

  72. Position at Notre Dame

  73. PostScript Hardwarefonts

  74. PostScript Hardwarefonts - Thanks

  75. Postscript (obscurity to the max)

  76. Predicted values from Tscsreg

  77. Printing landscape without wrapping using rsubmit

  78. Q: ODBC-driver-manager for SAS v8 under MVS

  79. Question about SORTING and SET BY

  80. Question about merging datasets with multiple identifiers


    • RXPARSE (28 lines)
      From: Paul Thomas <radium_x@MY-DEJA.COM>
    • Re: RXPARSE (120 lines)
      From: MCPalmer <mcpalmer@ZBI.NET>
    • Re: RXPARSE (60 lines)
      From: abushmakin@ARGOSE.COM

  83. Re; Do loop problem

  84. Rearranging the Order of Data Variables

  85. Referencing Macro Variables

  86. Regular Expressions

  87. Remove format for ALL variables in a dataset at once -is it possible ?

  88. Remove format for ALL variables in a dataset at once -is itpossible ?

  89. Replacing FORMATs. 1st delete; 2nd write a new format wi

  90. Ridding ...

  91. Ridding output of page breaks

  92. SAS AND SAP integrity

  93. SAS Consultant Available

  94. SAS PC Specs
    • SAS PC Specs (22 lines)
      From: Darren Guiden <darren.guiden@BARCLAYCARD.CO.UK>
    • Re: SAS PC Specs (57 lines)
      From: Muhlbaier, Lawrence H. <lawrence.muhlbaier@DUKE.EDU>
    • Re: SAS PC Specs (55 lines)
      From: charles_s_patridge@MY-DEJA.COM
    • Re: SAS PC Specs (61 lines)
      From: John M. Wildenthal <jmwildenthal@MY-DEJA.COM>

  95. SAS Position at CDC

  96. SAS Pricing
    • SAS Pricing (20 lines)
      From: King, Raymond <raymondk@MOCR.OAPI.COM>

  97. SAS Programmers needed in Bay Area

  98. SAS Pubs.
    • SAS Pubs. (36 lines)
      From: Zimmerman, Bernard S, BMCIO <bzimmerman@ATT.COM>
    • Re: SAS Pubs. (16 lines)
      From: Jaclyn Whitehorn <jaclyn@BAMA.UA.EDU>

  99. SAS date formats

  100. SAS programming opportunities

  101. SAS slowdown under NT Terminal Server 4.0

  102. SAS/ACCESS: How to attach a label to a descriptor/view definition?

  103. SAS/ACCESS: ORACLE column labels -> SAS labels

  104. SAS/Base: Date Format dd-mmm-yyyyy

  105. SAS/Graph
    • SAS/Graph (28 lines)
      From: Dekker Leon <XY15835@OLDMUTUAL.COM>

  106. SAS/Graph - Getting Rid of White Space at top of a Chart

  107. SAS/Linux Beta

  108. Sampling pps and Horvitz-Thompson estimator

  109. Sorry about the Multiple Posts (Was Re: Question about merging)

  110. South Florida SAS Users Group Meeting

  111. Starting a SAS session via SAS/CONNECT

  112. Statistical process control

  113. Strange Behaviour

  114. Summary: SAS & NT Terminal Server 4.0

  115. Thanks everyone

  116. Transitioning to SAS Version 8

  117. Transpose Again

  118. Truncated Digests
    • Truncated Digests (23 lines)
      From: Jonathan Goldberg <Jonathan_Goldberg@MASTERCARD.COM>

  119. Urgent : Datetime21 -- > date7.

  120. Using DDE Commands

  121. Variable containing Chinese character

  122. Version 8, OpenVMS and X-Windows

  123. Week function

  124. Week function-Thanks

  125. Which version to learn on? Demo download

  126. accessing v8 sashelp from windows

  127. annotate - bars in gmap

  128. append/list
    • append/list (14 lines)
      From: Ruben J. Kovalcik <rjk2@CET.NAU.EDU>
    • Re: append/list (73 lines)
      From: Workman, Robert <rworkman@CARBOMEDICS.COM>
    • Re: append/list (36 lines)
      From: Ruben J. Kovalcik <rjk2@CET.NAU.EDU>
    • Re: append/list (47 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <howard_schreier@ITA.DOC.GOV>


  130. compression 0% ?

  131. create sas data set on the web page

  132. datasets with missing values...

  133. datetime21. to date7.

  134. determining if a data set is empty (temp data set)

  135. getting remote username / Sas connect

  136. how to look for missing in data sets and repair the data?

  137. html to SAS to html --is that possible?

  138. keyboard shortcuts in v8

  139. linefeed and carriage return

  140. look for book or collection of SAS programs for clinical trial

  141. macros sent to a proc sql pass through

  142. multiple response

  143. not initialized first.idd

  144. passing equal sign as a parameter in macro

  145. perl and SAS

  146. proc template ?
    • proc template ? (11 lines)
      From: Renaud Harduin <r.harduin@ABS-TECHNOLOGIES.COM>

  147. query problem

  148. quick question

  149. re : Truncated digests

  150. syncsort in v8

  151. test
    • test (8 lines)
      From: stanley_phd <stanley_phd@HOTMAIL.COM>

  152. v8 question
    • v8 question (34 lines)
      From: Fearless <feldesman@HORMELUSA.NET>

  153. where in proc print
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