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SAS-L archives – October 2000, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. 2000 Demographic Data

  2. 70+ Clinical Contract Openings/Smith Hanley

  3. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (34 lines)
      From: Bosch, Jules [PRI] <JBosch1@PRIUS.JNJ.COM>

  4. Are there any Nural Network macro?

  5. COMPSRV HOLAP Attribute in V8

  6. Calling SAS from Perl

  7. Can I read a PDF table into SAS?

  8. Convert SAS 6.12 DATA SETS to SAS 8.1

  9. DS2GRAPH ??
    • DS2GRAPH ?? (15 lines)
      From: Greg <g.becquembois@ABS-TECHNOLOGIES.COM>

  10. Dateformat dtdate9

  11. Direction of Bias for Omitted Variables

  12. Displaying program status via Windows dialog

  13. Doubly-multivariate Repeated Measures Design

  14. Further thoughts on documentation of obsolete Procs

  15. Infile Statement


  17. Job opening
    • Job opening (37 lines)
      From: J. Miguel Sandoval <uirjms@VANCE.IRSS.UNC.EDU>

  18. Macro variable in var-list

  19. Model SCL
    • Re: Model SCL (106 lines)
      From: Andreas Grueninger <grueninger@IBGRUENINGER.DE>
    • Re: Model SCL (140 lines)
      From: Richard DeVenezia <radevenz@IX.NETCOM.COM>
    • Re: Model SCL (30 lines)
      From: Richard DeVenezia <radevenz@IX.NETCOM.COM>

  20. NT Terminal Server


  22. Oracle CEO profiled in the Post

  23. PDF ods output, and something NEW

  24. PROC EXPORT for getting MS/Access table

  25. PROG GMAP Borders

  26. Please Help Me With Random Sample

  27. Proc Format CNTIN= Problem

  28. RETAIN
    • Re: RETAIN (10 lines)
      From: Stanley A. Gorodenski <vvgsgor@DE.STATE.AZ.US>
    • Re: RETAIN (28 lines)
      From: Handsfield, James H. <jhh0@CDC.GOV>
    • Re: RETAIN (34 lines)
      From: Greg Woolridge <greg.woolridge@TAP.COM>
    • Re: RETAIN (58 lines)
      From: shiling@MATH.WAYNE.EDU

  29. Read part of Excel spreadsheet

  30. SAS Melbourne User Group meeting - 16 November

  31. SAS/Base: automatic variable _n_ behavior

  32. SAS/Base: specifying dual SAS log routing within interactive SAS session

  33. SAS/CONNECT Win95 to MVS

  34. Sample Size Question

  35. Save the output of proc mixed?

  36. Solved: Proc Format CNTIN= Problem

  37. Sort Procedure in Version 8

  38. Spanning HTML Headers

  39. Submitting batch job (JCL, MVS) from AF

  40. Too large dataset + too small resources

  41. UNIX SAS to Lotus Notes DB

  42. US-MI-SAS Programmer Analyst.

  43. Version 8.2 / Archive

  44. Where's the EIS Classes Documentation?!

  45. implied RETURN

  46. meta data
    • meta data (43 lines)
      From: John Iwaniszek <John@IWANISZEK.COM>
    • Re: meta data (82 lines)
      From: Ian Whitlock <WHITLOI1@WESTAT.COM>
    • Re: meta data (64 lines)
    • Re: meta data (29 lines)
      From: John Iwaniszek <John@IWANISZEK.COM>

  47. multiple users using stored macro

  48. pdf output

  49. proc glm repeated measures

  50. punched cards reader software

  51. sas certification (OT)

  52. strange message: CTRYTHOUSANDSEPARATOR requires an argument
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