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SAS-L archives – November 2000, week 5

Table of contents:

    • %TREEDISC MACRO (14 lines)
      From: Marina Ayestarán <Marina_Ayestaran@EUSTAT.ES>

  2. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (34 lines)
      From: Susie Li <susieli@SUMMITRY.COM>
    • <No subject> (68 lines)
      From: Greg Woolridge <greg.woolridge@TAP.COM>

  3. Additional Spreadsheet output to Excel from SAS v8.1 (Windows 95)

  4. Alternatives to PROC GMAP?

  5. An Excel Question

  6. Black and Scholes Models

  7. Can I use longer file names with PROC SQL?

  8. Changing colors - solved

  9. Contract Jobs - N. Phila Suburbs

  10. Contrasts in Proc Genmod

  11. Converting CRSP and Compustat

  12. DM commands

  13. Data syndication (was Re: 10 Pcs. Of Paper Money From Around the World 8552)

  14. December Michigan SAS Users Group Meeting

  15. Does Your Job Pay You Cash Daily?

  16. FW: 10 Pcs. Of Paper Money From Around the World 8552

  17. FW: SAS logo cops on the loose: Fwd: [ Karsten 's Home Page]

  18. FW: [SAS][SAS ODBC Driver] Server referenced in datasource is und efined (#-1)

  19. Format discrepancy


  21. Geee! It was fast...

  22. Generating pdf output with the data step

  23. Help in formatting Julian date


  25. Installation Access to R/3

  26. Linking phone numbers

  27. Macro Error

  28. Merge/Join Efficiency

  29. Netscape 6 and Frames

  30. Netscape 6 and frames

  31. Newbie Question


  33. ODS PRINT, SAS v8.0 on Windos NT

  34. PROC DATASETS for SQL Server?

  35. Pooled Services and SAS Sessions

  36. Q of random sample (random split the data into two sets)

  37. Repetitive Generation of %do loops based on input parameters

  38. Retrieving file attributes to SAS ModuleN/C

  39. Running cronjobs in Unix(Solaris)

  40. SAS 6.12/SQL passthru Oracle 8: use_hash

  41. SAS V8.1 : reactivate an integrity constraint

  42. SAS and Version/Change control - Know of any products ?

  43. SAS contract in Melbourne, Australia

  44. SAS/IML: sorting a character vector?

  45. SQL dilemma and gen'l Sas-L question

  46. Setting a .csv file or .txt file to read only using SAS code

  47. Text-based interactive mode

  48. Three Reasons Why Putting Your Resume on a Web-based Job Board is a Waste of Your Time

  49. Using SAS with COBOL record layouts with OCCURS HELP Please!

  50. [Fwd: SAS and Version/Change control - Know of any products ?]

  51. changing colors

  52. combining/appending/merging datasets

  53. decision tree

  54. fixed effects: PROC GLM vs. PROC ORTHOREG

  55. how to get the physical name of a libname? %sysfunc?


  57. it works in report, now how do I create an excell spread shee t or dataset???

  58. it works in report, now how do I create an excell spread sheet or dataset???

  59. losing labels in a macro

  60. macro var into char var

  61. model a piecewise linear function

  62. passing dataset name to sas from mvs jcl

  63. problem with searching the "online docs"

  64. proc PMENU in a batch environment

  65. proc copy to create data sets from views?

  66. reading spss files - SOLVED

  67. setting all variables to missing?

  68. stop processing by group when criteria met
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