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SAS-L archives – December 2000, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Afternoon": performance

  2. %SYSLPUT and Signon Command

  3. *** F_U_C_K___C_H_R_I_S_T_M_A_S *** ................. UG0dlvnKTfJK


  5. Afternoon Performance

  6. Answers ...Re: Just a little something

  7. Answers to Quiz 3

  8. Antigen found W32/Hybris@m virus

  9. Antigen found potentially dangerous attachment (ER)

  10. Appdev - Deployment of an applet

  11. Batch import help request.

  12. Bivariate Probit

  13. Calling SAS from OS/390 Unix Services

  14. Car Financing Loan 50-lender rates to choose from. -oglxeblsaj

  15. Clipboard action in Viewtable - gripe

  16. Contract SAS programmers in PA

  17. Create DB2 view using SQL passthrough?

  18. Cummulative sum

  19. Data Dictionary Extract

  20. Data and Count

  21. Data and Count.Thanks

  22. Deleting macro variables from memory, when a program is runni ng.

  23. Deleting macro variables from memory, when a program is running.

  24. Deleting macro variables from memory,when a program is runni ng.

  25. Deleting macro variables from memory,when a program is running.

  26. Dirty read (DB2) from view?

  27. Enough with the quizzes

  28. Error when closing EXEL file through exelcmd file containing a %sysfunc(path)

  29. Exporting SAS/Graph to PowerPoint

  30. Exporting SAS/Graph to powerpoint

  31. FW: Afternoon Performance

  32. FW: How to print three tables from proc freq on one page

  33. FW: How to print three tables on one page


  35. FW: PCL problem

  36. FW: Rounding up 0.5 to 1

  37. FW: merge challenge

  38. FW: removing trailing non printing character variables -- SOLVED

  39. Finding the 1st occurence in a sorted list

  40. Further Clarification of Merge Maybe

  41. GCHART axis help

  42. Get rid of the %bquote (thanks to Robert Workman and Nancy Brucken)

  43. How to print three tables from proc freq on one page


  45. I don't like SAS!

  46. I don't like SAS!!!

  47. Incorrect results using "where same and" clause in a view

  48. InoculateIT detected the (Win32/Hybris.Worm) virus in Mailbox (Pu

  49. Inserting blank lines in an email message

  50. InterScan NT Alert

  51. Invoking IML in interactive mode

  52. JOBS in NYC (all require SAS and statistics).

  53. Just a little something for you to do when you have the time

  54. KCASUG meeting will be held today!!!


  56. Labels in proc tabulate output

  57. Libname statement to ODBC data source

  58. Linking phone numbers

  59. Log output

  60. MS Access question

  61. Macro parameters "by value"

  62. Makin' matrices

  63. Memory problem

  64. Merge Challenge

  65. Merge Maybe?

  66. More Merge Information

  67. NAV detected a virus in a document you authored


  69. NO COST TO YOU - make money reading email from home!

  70. Netscape 6 and Frames

  71. On-line doc's searching?

  72. Oracle written using SAS/C

  73. Out of memory problem [sas v8]

  74. P.C. Scheduling Package

  75. PCL problem


  77. PROC FORMAT CNTLOUT= dataset

  78. Printing using "DM" statement

  79. Printing using "DM" statements

  80. Problem with SAS web pages

  81. Problem with long table names using ODBC library

  82. Proc report question

  83. Proc sql - Sybase temporary table error

  84. Pruning for %TREEDISC

  85. QUIZ # 2

  86. QUIZ # 3

  87. Question on survival analysis

  88. Reading Raw Data

  89. Rounding

  90. Rounding up 0.5 to 1

  91. SAS CRM course in Amsterdam Dec. 18-20

  92. SAS Connect error

  93. SAS Job - NJ

  94. SAS Job in New York City

  95. SAS/AF: Saving Tree Viewer changes

  96. SQL Summarization Question

  97. SQL summarization question

  98. SWFWMD Notes Admin NAV detected a virus in a document you authored.

  99. Sampling SAS (and other) Pubs

  100. Select statement, When values

  101. Sending output to Web Server from os390

  102. Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs - The REAL story!

  103. Southern SAS Users 2001 (SSU2001)

  104. Standalone applications

  105. Standalone applications/SAS/WEBxx

  106. Statistical Software Job, Indianapolis

  107. Subscribe...

  108. Tax Term Meanings in the USA

  109. Thanks for answering PLEASE HELP

  110. The trick revealed: Inserting that pesky blank line in email mes sages

  111. Use Factor analysis to combine into one index

  112. WebEis: Invalidating certificate principals...

  113. Weibull Distribution

  114. Weibull distribution

  115. Weighted random sample

  116. What is a CALL routine?

  117. Worth to point @

  118. [Fwd: Incorrect results using "where same and" clause in a view]

  119. aggregation algorithm

  120. data with odd extension

  121. does exist a sas procdure to use Markov chains?

  122. emacs .kmf file sought

  123. export graphs in .gif - expgraph.cpt (0/1)

  124. export graphs in .gif - expgraph.cpt (1/1)

  125. gplot axis label

  126. graphs

  127. how to overwrite the old exported file

  128. merge challenge

  129. need help with file import to Excel

  130. obsolete procs

  131. proc gfont KLUDGE option?

  132. question about axis

  133. question on proc import

  134. quote of the day

  135. re I Hate SAS....

  136. removing trailing non printing character variables

  137. research design/analyses

  138. sas fte positions

  139. v.8 VIEWER & A4 printing?

  140. weibull

  141. where is table definition for proc tabulate?
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