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SAS-L archives – March 2001, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. %nrstr or similar

  2. %sysfunc
    • Re: %sysfunc (508 lines)
      From: Kerrison, Foster <FKerrison@NT.DMA.STATE.MA.US>

  3. A simple MDY assignment is cutting off data

  4. Agent simulation: call for papers and advance table of contents

  5. Availability of 8.2

  6. Basic questions re. Where processing

  7. Calendar Options

  8. Calendar Output
    • Calendar Output (14 lines)
      From: Robin & Charmaine Templer <Robin.Templer@XTRA.CO.NZ>

  9. Cancel submitted program steps conditionally?

  10. Carla J Mast/AMER/TRS/AEXP is out of the office.

  11. Changing Field Order in Export

  12. Changing the Font of a SAS/AF 8.1 Control

  13. Class or By statement

  14. Datastep looping

  15. ERROR: Cannot connect to DB2 subsystem DB2, rc = 12, reason code =00F30006.

  16. Expertise on SAS Enterprise Miner

  17. FW: Merging files

  18. Help: Sum of bed-days in each month

  19. Hex value for line feed

  20. How can I suppress The Freq Procedure in printout?

  21. How to continue execution?

  22. Image output to IE5

  23. Limit in PROC ACCESS?

  24. Loading a Text File to Oracle table

  25. Mainframe question

  26. Making a Value of a Variable a Variable Name?

  27. Market Survey for SAS Training Videos

  28. Merging files

  29. NJ SAS Users Group Meeting Tomorrow

    • ODS NOPTITLE (21 lines)
      From: Paula M. Adkins <PAdkins@CHECKFREE.COM>

  31. Option Pricing Methods in SAS

    • PROC MODEL (10 lines)
      From: Stephen W. Hiemstra <hiemstra@EROLS.COM>


  34. Posting-to-List Problem and Point Tried to Make

  35. Proc Mixed Question-statistical

  36. Proc Report Question

  37. Proc Tabulate Question - Thanks

  38. Proc print and Footnote.

  39. Question on SAS Certified Professional V8

  40. Read a 3x3 table in as a 2-dimensional array data

  41. Reading and finding data

  42. SAS AF - variable list

  43. SAS Graph Question

  44. SAS Observations Technical Journal

  45. SAS Performance on Large Tables

  46. SAS Question

  47. SAS V8.2 Available

  48. SAS classes prior to NESUG

  49. SAS classes taught at NESUG

  50. SAS programming positions - RTP, NC

  51. SAS/AF JOB - PA

  52. SAS/Acces to SQL Server (Unix)

    • SASHELP.COM (30 lines)
      From: Mauro Morandin <mauro.morandin@MATRIX-ONLINE.IT>

  54. SQL join of data + format table

  55. SUGI EC and printed SUGI Proceedings; hypothesis

  56. SUGI Proceedings

  57. SUGI Proceedings Available PRIOR to SUGI

  58. SUGI Proceedings on CD

  59. Scientific notation on a numeric axis?

  60. Splus
    • Splus (13 lines)
      From: Angel Sung <angel_sok@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Splus (36 lines)
      From: Muhlbaier, Lawrence H. <lawrence.muhlbaier@DUKE.EDU>
    • Re: Splus (22 lines)
      From: Ken Kelley <KKelley@ND.EDU>

  61. Stewise resulting table

  62. Thanks!
    • Thanks! (21 lines)
      From: Yue-Hwa <Chang_Y@BLS.GOV>

  63. Time to healing

  64. Transpose question

  65. Two-way ANOVa: multiple comparisons


  67. V8.1 AF
    • V8.1 AF (17 lines)
      From: Nick Pastzy <ngp@IREF.ORG>

  68. [Q] Generate a Simple Linear Model

  69. ban pass filter

  70. elementwise addition with IML?

  71. email address for searching archives

  72. first occurence

  73. first occurence, clarification

  74. format binary64.

  75. format problem

  76. format: binary64

  77. how to calculate age!!!!!!!!!

  78. iteratively using proc logistic

  79. oracle to sas resource problem

  80. re ... Cancel submitted program steps conditionally

  81. stepwise resulting table

  82. unsubscribe

  83. why . observations

  84. zero cells in proc freq
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