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SAS-L archives – April 2001, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. %if in the middle of PROC SQL ain't workin'

  2. .sd2 file format

  3. 2000 Census Data - Finally

  4. 2nd question on PROC CORR

  5. <No subject>

  6. A Unix question

  7. A Unix question (off-topic, sorry)

  8. A Unix question (off-topic, sorry) Thanks !!

  9. Access to the List

  10. Annotate

  11. Any immediate western states SAS/MVS positions

  12. Bagging, boosting, born again trees

  13. BusinessObjects reports from SAS datasets?


  15. CONSUG Meeting Cancelled at SUGI26

  16. Can I apply "mark block" of v6 to v8

  17. Checking the assumption of linearity in the logit

  18. Clinical SAS consulting positions in PA (on-site)

  19. Clinical Trials Training Seminar

  20. Compiled Macros

  21. Computing the 99.5 Quantile

  22. Connect.html applet using JDBC sas/connect server

  23. Data step merge or SQL join to behave like a format

  24. Date Import Export problem

  25. Dennis Leber/IIG/Prudential is out of the office.

  26. Derek Glatz/SCE/EIX is out of the office.

  27. Disconnect and reconnect from SAS Connect

  28. Drill Down Question

  29. Embedding UNIX commands in SAS

  30. Enhanced Editor Cut/Copy

  31. Enhanced Editor help

  32. Examples needed for DB2 and IMS connections

  33. FW: %if in the middle of PROC SQL - solved

  34. FW: Validation Books

  35. FW: can i format this?

  36. Feedback on On-Line SAS Video Tutorials

  37. First and Last names -- code request

  38. Fwd: RE: Data step merge or SQL join to behave like a format

  39. GENMOD V8 question


  41. Get "Top 10" using Freq

  42. Graphs and USB printers


  44. HTML Table to SAS Dataset

  45. Hot Fixes

  46. How To View SAS-L via Web Browser

  47. How can I accurately carry forward values...

  48. How can the user specify which file to process?

  49. How do you pick between common var for result in a match merg e?

  50. How do you pick volume for result in a match merge?

  51. How to Access SAS-L from Web Browser Video Tutorial

  52. How to Access SAS-L via a Web Browser Video Tutorial

  53. How to test distribution change

  54. IEEE Data Mining 2001: Call for Workshop Proposals

  55. Importing using infile

  56. Is it possible to rename a set of variables without using a d atastep?

  57. Is it possible to rename a set of variables without using a datastep?

  58. Is the stock market taking you for a ride? 24623

  59. Is there an isnumber() function in SAS?

  60. Issue 14 of VIEWS News Available - Hints & Tips from the UK SAS User Group

  61. List entries in AF

  62. MULTILABEL (last time!)


  64. Macro Windows or SAS/AF for user input to run SAS programs?

  65. Macros/programs for ROC analysis with SAS

  66. Merge two strings

  67. Multiplying Odds Ratios

  68. Need Money? Quick Approvals! 8871

  69. ODS HTML resources, new "default" style available

  70. ODS, PROC Report, and Template -- Solution 2

  71. One more time on MULTILABEL and NOTSORTED

  72. Ouputting the EXPONENTIATED estimates from a logistic regression

  73. PLS algorithm in IML




  77. Permanent SAS position--Albuquerque, New Mexico

  78. Pharmaceutical North Jersey Contractor Openings $75-$80 per hour

  79. Please help with a tricky date calc.

  80. Position only in output-PROC CONTENTS

  81. Proc Format -- commas and decimals, oh my.

  82. Providing input in histogram form for PROC UNIVARIATE

  83. Q: SAS V8 printing a graph to the Adobe4 PDF Distiller

  84. Random date between 1970 and 2000

  85. Replace with the median of values

  86. Robert Aurand Moon, 41101

  87. SAS
    • SAS (66 lines)

  88. SAS Clinical Prog. Cons. Needed for NJ, NYC, PA

  89. SAS FTP site can solve some problems

  90. SAS GRAPH questions

  91. SAS Graph Questions - Thanks!

  92. SAS Macro and Script UNIX

  93. SAS SPDS info

  94. SAS Software Training Seminars in Stamford, CT May 15, 16 and 18, 2001

  95. SAS Software Training Seminars in Washington, DC April 30 to May 4, 2001

  96. SAS Training Seminars in Seattle, Washington June 11-15, 2001

  97. SAS dates

  98. SAS macro and script UNIX

  99. SAS proc and JSP/ASP?

  100. SAS professionals for PA

  101. SAS v8 - SYSDBRC and SYSDBMSG

  102. SAS-V8, DB2/access and QMF

  103. SAS/AF JOB - PA

  104. SAS/Base: MS Access link to SAS via SAS/ODBC - pulling SAS co lumn labels

  105. SAS/Base: MS Access link to SAS via SAS/ODBC - pulling SAS column labels

  106. SAS/Graph: enabling portrait legal-size output in the graph output window

  107. SOLUTION: how to convert version8 tables back to version6 data se ts

  108. SUGI Message board

  109. SUGI26 Registration

  110. SV: GENMOD V8 question

  111. Sample Generation

  112. Sas Enterprise Miner Cluster node

  113. Sas positions in NJ - requie clinical trials

  114. Searching for same variable in 2 different Data Sets

  115. Selectable text vs. graphics in pdf files

  116. Senior Statistician Job at CDC

  117. Sig Munged: Re: Please help with a tricky date calc.

  118. Solved: using PUT with macro var

  119. Sounds "IFFY" ??? - Or, How to make a SAS program easier to maintain

  120. Statistical Data Analyst Career Opportunity

  121. Statistical Programmer Position

  122. Subset data, based on a time window, using two different datasets - help please!

  123. TR: can i format this?

  124. Timer option

  125. Timer option -- SAS Tip

  126. UNIX to PC

  127. Use of New V8 Functions.. Creative use of older functions

  128. Validating User Entry in Model SCL (SAS/AF Version 8.1)

  129. Validation Books

  130. Version 8.2 Under Windoze95

  131. Your Release

  132. Znarf Akfak

  133. [Q] no log file

  134. any Immediate SAS positions ???

  135. broker.dll

  136. can I format this?

  137. can i format this?

  138. compress function

  139. connectivity matrix help

  140. consecutive values in IML

  141. converting ALL data from Character to Numeric

  142. converting SAS variables without knowing nor testing their type

  143. count word in a variable

  144. eloquent method for the length of dataset

  145. extract word

  146. how to convert version8 tables back to version6 data sets

  147. log-likelihood

  148. missing value again

  149. mixed model MANOVA

  150. new vizualization in v8.2

  151. output IC reesults from Mixed procedure?

  152. randomness of ranuni function

  153. release last ODS output file

  154. retain statement

  155. split-plot/2Xfactorial

  156. subscribe

  157. the MVS Man's Book

  158. turning off the explorer and results windows

  159. use of multilabel and notsorted together?

  160. using PUT with macro var

  161. validating user entry in model scl (sas/af version 8.1)

  162. webEIS and Netscape

  163. your mail
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