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SAS-L archives – April 2001, week 3

  1. %superq and SQL

  2. 'notsorted' option

  3. (no subject)

  4. 100% return in 90 days!! 2532

  5. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (15 lines)
      From: Seymour Douglas <seymour.d.douglas@ACCENTURE.COM>
    • <No subject> (35 lines)
      From: Noel O'Sullivan <noel@RSMB.CO.UK>
    • <No subject> (8 lines)
      From: F.J. Kelley <jkelley@ARCHES.UGA.EDU>
    • <No subject> (8 lines)
      From: F.J. Kelley <jkelley@ARCHES.UGA.EDU>

  6. A fundamental data step questions

  7. Another SAS/Connect Q

  8. Any SAS Jobs in Portland, Oregon???

  9. Anyone uses LTS?

  10. Biostatisticain Job - N. NJ

  11. Calculating a moving average.

  12. Citing a Technical Support Document

  13. Clinical Trials Training Seminar

  14. Collinearity in logistic regression

  15. Collinearity vs. multicollinearity: an ignorant question

  16. Computing the 99.5 Quantile

  17. DBMS/Compare -- multi-file compare program is ready

  18. Date computation

  19. Drill Down Question

  20. Dual Pentium IIIs or P4?

  21. Dynamic FTP on the mainframe

  22. ERROR: Limit of 2147483647 potential interactions

  23. Email with SAS

  24. FW: Proc report that does not work in SAS version 8 (MVS), but d oes in version 6

  25. Faculty Positions at Washington University

  26. Filling character string with 0's

  27. Finding Differences in 2 Datasets

  28. First 5 in by group THANKS

  29. From To Dates again?

  30. Graphing in SAS

  31. Help with pack decimal to sas date field

  32. How can I accurately carry forward values...

  33. How to "penetrate" AF Frame programming

  34. How to input all the text files in a fold with the same forma t

  35. How to input all the text files in a fold with the same format

  36. How to read formats.sct01

  37. ICD9 to CPT Codes

  38. INDEXW across variables

  39. International character sets

  40. JOB POSTING! SAS Programmer in Novato, CA (bay area)

  41. JOB: NJ - Senior Statistician

  42. Job Posting - SAS Programmer

  43. Job Posting - SAS Programmer(s) - North Texas

  44. Loading a SAS Dataset to MS Excel w/ formatted cells?

  45. Looking for Spock Front-end to odbc...

  46. Macro trap: "82 le &yr le 94" no good?

  47. Multicollinearity in Logistic Regression

  48. Muticolinearity in Regression can lead to very bad predictions

  49. NLS and SAS/Access to ORACLE

  50. ODS - Font size for cells in tabulate

  51. OT: Fwd: Nanotechnology gets a boost

  52. OT: SQL reference book

  53. OT: SQL reference book?

  54. Older maineframe or OS/2 manuals

  55. Page Breaking in HTML

  56. Page Breaks
    • Page Breaks (58 lines)
      From: David Jensen <djensen@SIERRABIOMEDICAL.COM>

  57. Parallel Sysplex: SAS in MVS to Read Unix Files

  58. Please help with a tricky date calc.

  59. Problem in reading previous version dataset in MVS

  60. Proc report that does not work in SAS version 8 (MVS), but does in version 6

  61. Professional Organization Memberships

  62. QW2001 Early Bird Deadline Approaching <>

  63. Qualex Consulting Services at SUGI 26

  64. RC in a catalog entry using put statements

  65. Rates DROPPED! Low Interest Loans From Competing Banks! 16376

  66. Re : SAS/AF

  67. Reading an array

  68. Reith: XMS XVT Error

  69. Reminder -- SAS-L BOF next Monday at SUGI!

  70. Replication of SAS datasets

  71. Ridge Regression

  72. Routing SAS log to an external file in MVS/TSO Envirenoment

  73. Run job in UNIX via ftp

  74. SAS 8.1 for Windows 2000 Professional

  75. SAS Macro Language training course provided by SI

  76. SAS On-Line Training Video

  77. SAS Sample datasets

  78. SAS V8.2 upgrade from V8.1

  79. SAS postion to consider.....

  80. SAS-V8, DB2/access and QMF

  81. SCL CODE
    • SCL CODE (11 lines)
      From: Renaud Harduin <r.harduin@ABS-TECHNOLOGIES.COM>
    • Re: SCL CODE (49 lines)
      From: Louis Broekhuijsen <louis.broekhuijsen@CMG.NL>

  82. SCONSIG Tips and Techniques

  83. SCPONSIG SAS Salary Survey Data Available for Downloading

  84. SQL --- Book or the Web

  85. SQL reference book

  86. SQL reference book?

  87. SUGI 26 - my papers on Perl and sorting

  88. SUGI Exec Conference

  89. SUGI temp
    • SUGI temp (32 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. <rjf2@CDC.GOV>
    • Re: SUGI temp (60 lines)
      From: Phil Rack <PhilRack@MINEQUEST.COM>

  90. Scoring datasets (where is "ESTIMATE" ?)

  91. Selecting Input
    • Selecting Input (33 lines)
      From: Fransiscus Kaurrany <Fransiscus_Kaurrany@BCA.CO.ID>
    • Re: Selecting Input (51 lines)
      From: Fransiscus Kaurrany <Fransiscus_Kaurrany@BCA.CO.ID>

  92. Selecting first five observations of a By group

  93. Sending e-mails from SAS (V8.1 under NT)

  94. Source for ancient SUGI papers online?

  95. Sparse Matrices

  96. THANKS: Citing a Technical Support Document

  97. TUTOR SOUGHT Philadelphia area

  98. Thanks: Comparing 2 Data Sets

  99. This is not spam. You placed this request on my FFA links page. 26406

  100. To obtain html data from a server which need authentication

  101. Updated SAS Tool - Cataloger

  102. Vbar Graphs?
    • Vbar Graphs? (492 lines)
      From: Graeme Kirton <gkirton@FILCS.COM>


  104. What is a server

  105. a local SAS Users' Group in San Antonio, Texas? or any SAS pr ofessional organization in or near San Antonio, TX?

  106. a local SAS Users' Group in San Antonio, Texas? or any SAS professional organization in or near San Antonio, TX?

  107. a local SAS Users' Group in San Antonio,Texas? or any SAS

  108. can DOS wait SUMMARY!!!

  109. can DOS wait for windows sas???

  110. computing combinations

  111. converting ALL data from Character to Numeric

  112. duplicate records

  113. flat files and end-of-file characters

  114. format name (history)

  115. gamma random variates

  116. generate in iml

  117. help with pack decimal to sas date field

  118. icd-9 to cpt
    • icd-9 to cpt (14 lines)
      From: Frank Schiffel <SchifF@MAIL.HEALTH.STATE.MO.US>

  119. import on unix

  120. macro variable??

  121. missing data in proc summary

  122. multicollinearity: sometimes in doesn't matter

  123. read html format

  124. saving of output' result having "disk full message"

  125. sequential logit polytomique

  126. test
    • test (7 lines)
      From: Joe Kelley <jkelley@ARCHES.UGA.EDU>

  127. turning off the explorer, results and enhanced editor

  128. url: SyncSort ad

  129. using connect with windowsnt and mvs

  130. v8 macro variable issues

  131. webEIS and BOOKmark

  132. where, where, where
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