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SAS-L archives – October 2001, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. <No subject>

  2. =?big5?Q?=AE=E0=A4W=AB=AC=B0=B0=B6r=BF=EB=C3=D1=BE=F7=AD=B0=BB=F9=C5o~~?=

  3. A Tale of Rogue SAS Processes: SAS/CONNECT and Win2k Server

  4. A virus was detected in a document you authored.

  5. Accessing Windows Password From SAS

  6. Acronym TSxMy

  7. Agfa, cheap service pourri

  8. Alert! Unwanted side-effects with format uploads + a Question

  9. Antwort: how do I put a string in ' quotes'

  10. Autofilling when asked for passwords etc.

  11. Automatic calculation of accounts adding ?

  12. BAFFLING SQL result.

  13. Book covering Proc Model

  14. Boycott Disney (was Re: SUGI reservations)

  15. CATI Programmer

  16. Changing MACRO variable name in TITLE statement as part of a BY group

  17. ComplementSoft, seen at NESUG

  18. Conditional Merge

  19. Cooperative work on 2000 Census data

  20. Creating a text file - PUT "&var " with var=X="10" ?

  21. Creating a text file - PUT "&var " with var=X="10" ? / THANKS MESSAGE

  22. DDE Excel to SAS problem.


  24. Define SYMBOLs for gplot

  25. Does new AF development really matter?

  26. Editing Data Sets in SAS Explorer

  27. EnterpriseGuide

  28. Evaluating arithmetic expressions contained in SAS variable

  29. Excel DDE - Help with INFILE statement

  30. Excel DDE issue

  31. FW: Merge w/o sort first

  32. FW: Merge w/o sort first <and OT comments>

  33. FW: PROBLEM SOLVED: Problems using command line -work("library-sp ecification") option

  34. Failed to clean virus file approximately.pif

  35. For Stat Programmers who want to move into Biostatistics

  36. Fwd: SAS Notes for 08Oct2001

  37. Fwd: SAS Notes for 09Oct2001


  39. Interpreting estimates for continuous explanatory variables: proc mixed.

  40. Interpreting estimates for continuous explanatory variables: procmixed.

  41. Issue#7 Of Hints&Tips Newsletter Due Soon - Have You Subscribed Yet?

  42. Linking SAS to an interface

  43. MS Access databases from PC SAS

  44. Merge w/o sort first

  45. Merge w/o sort first <and OT comments>

  46. More specific information - Reading data containing & symbols.

  47. Most common value for a string var

  48. NAV detected a virus in a document you authored

  49. NAV detected a virus in a document you authored.

  50. NOVASUG and DC Desktop SIG, Two Presentations on Oct 18 at 6:30 p .m.

  51. New web product announcements

  52. Number of Format statements in a datastep limited under Windows?

  53. ODS - RTF files: how to append?

  54. ODS and pagesizing for RTF and PDF

  55. ODS escapechar and sizing graphics.

  56. ODS: How to supress output listing??

  57. OT SAS - Regression Algorithm Required.

  58. OT: Recruiter experience?

  59. OT: SAS and the war

  60. OT: USENIX: Proposed Legislation Significantly Affecting Computer Profession

  61. OT: USENIX: Proposed Legislation Significantly AffectingComputer

  62. Old SAS datasets vs New

  63. Open position

  64. Operating System Move

  65. Operating System Move - Thank You

  66. Output-ing X-Y pairs from PROC LIFETEST

  67. PCA macros

  68. PDF graphics format: how to optimize resolution

  69. PROC EXPAND transform=movave NOMISS operator question

  70. PROC FREQ Order of Output


  72. PhilaSUG Fall '01 Meeting Announcement

  73. Poisson???

  74. Problem with PROC EXPORT to Excel 2000

  75. Problems exporting data to Excel via DDE

  76. Problems using command line -work("library-specification") op tion

  77. Problems using command line -work("library-specification") option

  78. Quantile Regression

  79. Quoting a macro with single quotes???

  80. Random element pick.

  81. Rasch

  82. Report to Recipient(s)

  83. Report to Sender

  84. Retain usage

  85. SAS
    • SAS (32 lines)
    • SAS (34 lines)

  86. SAS Notes for 08Oct2001


  88. SAS SHARE/JDBC vs IOM-BRIDGE and Submitted SQL

  89. SAS and Cognos

  90. SAS consultant looking for contracts in Germany or other non-UK

  91. SAS views in SAS 8.0

  92. SAS-L Digest - 11 Oct 2001 - Special issue (#2001-1276)

  93. SAS-Position-Clinical Trial Experience

  94. SASWARE Ballot recommendations

  95. SASware Ballot ready

  96. SPC
    • SPC (33 lines)

  97. Sas to excel DDE issues

  98. Scoring a new datasets with proc MIXED or GLM

  99. Selecting common value

  100. Selecting rows with Table Viewer?

  101. Sending an Attached File From SAS via E-mail

  102. Setting variable's in PC-SAS AND mainframe-SAS in one job

  103. Setting variable's in PC-SAS AND mainframe-SAS in one job.

  104. Simple Simulation Reference/Help

  105. Social Security Number Validation

  106. Sort a 8GB data set

  107. Source Control Manager (SCM)

  108. Structured Programming book suggestions -- list


  110. Table Viewer doc's?

  111. Table Viewer usage

  112. Text File Import Problem

  113. Text File With Carriage Return

  114. The World is changing: Do you want to survive?

  115. The _name_ field of proc transpose v8.2 vs 6.12

  116. Unsubscribe

  117. User Groups & their relationship with SAS Institute

  118. Using DDE to querry Excel

  119. Using PREIMAGE in SAS IntrNet

  120. V612 Query window

  121. Verba Volant 11-10-2001

  122. Virus Alert

  123. WARNING. You sent a potential virus or unauthorised code

  124. Wanted: Clinical Data Mangers UK & Europe

  125. We expect this increase.

  126. With ODS: RTF concatenated?


  128. a data set problem

  129. about dsd and colon modifier (was Re: reviewing usage note 4538 )

  130. about sas intrenet problem on htmsql

  131. beginner

  132. call execute and call symget

  133. call execute and call symget - disagree

  134. change default charset option from ODS output

  135. count for each level of an categorical variable

  136. data ... set .... if x then Output work.A work.B ;

  137. determine format for a numeric var

  138. error: Format not found

  139. general macro for web output via ODS?

  140. grabbing the unique variable from a data set

  141. help

  142. how do I put a string in ' quotes'

  143. how do you get rid of quote using %SCAN

  144. how to fix my array statement

  145. merging with indexes

  146. omitted observations in Factoranalysis?

  147. omitted observations-problem solved!

  148. phreg question

  149. piecewise linear regression

  150. proc freq- order statement

  151. proc phreg

  152. reading csv file with abnormal returns

  153. reading data containing & symbols OT FLUFF

  154. reading data containing & symbols not referrencing macro variables

  155. reading hierarchical file w. varying number of sub-records

  156. sas data export error

  157. and web-enabling with SAS applications

  158. sorting a pedigree

  159. stars macro

  160. temp files

  161. test

  162. thanks + new question

  163. tip: lag(VarChar)

  164. url: ComplementSoft, seen at NESUG

  165. using a SAS graphical interface (window) ????

  166. was Merge w/o sort first, now OT quotes
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