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SAS-L archives – November 2001, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (19 lines)
      From: Abe Anon <abe_anon@HOTMAIL.COM>

  2. AF Frame Size going from V6 to V8

  3. Addendum RE: First.Variable Question - Resolved

  4. CFP and participation : "Causality and Categorization", FLAIRS 2002 workshop

  5. Changing the order of variables in a dataset

  6. Clinical SAS positions in PA

  7. Confidence Interval Estimates

  8. Convering AF application from V6 to V8

  9. Creating graphs dependant on choices in frameobject

  10. Decipher error messages in data step.

  11. EMAIL on OS/390

  12. Experience Using the SAS Toolkit

  13. F-value
    • F-value (45 lines)
      From: sawir y <sawiry@UIDAHO.EDU>
    • Re: F-value (22 lines)
      From: Ulrike Groemping <ugroempi@FORD.COM>
    • Re: F-value (49 lines)
      From: John Jones <jonesj@PHARMARESEARCH.COM>

  14. First.Variable Question

  15. First.Variable Question - Resolved

  16. GEE macro for multilevel

  17. Genetic Algorithms in SAS

  18. Group sizes with Proc Boxplot

  19. I'm looking for a SPSS or SAS Job

  20. ISAPI application to SAS

  21. IT Director Job Available

  22. Ideas for reading files

  23. Information
    • Information (22 lines)
      From: Keith A. Lees <keith.lees@BTCONNECT.COM>
    • Re: Information (40 lines)
      From: Charles Patridge <Charles_S_Patridge@PRODIGY.NET>

  24. Merging SAS Datasets

  25. Multiple VSAM input files

  26. Multiple VSAM input files (FU)

  27. New Engineering Utility 31372

  28. Oracle nls_language parmeter - how to do it in SAS?

  29. PDF files
    • PDF files (11 lines)
      From: Fred Gehm <fred.x.gehm@HOUSEHOLD.COM>
    • Re: PDF files (23 lines)
      From: Frank <Frank.Poppe@ZONNET.NL>


  31. PROC GPLOT....

  32. Page 1 of N

  33. Parsing a string

  34. Phone Number Digits to Letters Puzzle

  35. Problem with Word2000 SDI and converting SAS ASCII text to Word 2000 via DDE

  36. Proc REPORT, summary line: value of display variable = 'TOTAL' ?

  37. Proc SQL handling of missing values

  38. Proc tabuate question

  39. Putting in HTML titles for ODS

  40. Q about the classifier portion of the SAS Registry

  41. QUERY: Creating Categorical variable from Numeric Variable

  42. Reading character data with leading blanks - first try

  43. Reading character data with leading blanks - first try - alternative solution

  44. Reading character string with leading blanks; most weekly snow events

  45. Remote operation of PC SAS connecting to Oracle on Unix

  46. SAS Analysis
    • SAS Analysis (10 lines)
      From: Christopher Doss <cdoss@NC.RR.COM>

  47. SAS MACRO / SAS ARRAY question!

  48. SAS Programming Editor

  49. SAS V.8 on NT freezes

  50. SAS filename EMAIL engine

  51. SAS-L Digest - 29 Nov 2001 - Special issue (#2001-1474)

  52. SAS/IntrNet and HTML question

  53. SAS/Statistician position at Stanford University (posted 11/26/01)

  54. SASTip: Use CURL instead of URL access method for advanced web page retrieval

  55. SQL full join vs DATA step merge

  56. SUGI 27 Update

  57. SUGI overrun with Institute Staff?

  58. Summary - reading character data with leading blanks

  59. Using Key= to perform a table lookup

  60. Which FONTS can be used in GOPTIONS?

  61. White's test [was white test]

  62. Your fortune of the week

  63. addendum to ods question

  64. area of a polygon

  65. bootstrap with nested effects

  66. change language in af-programs

  67. changing textvariable to datevariable

  68. contact and request

  69. counting with retained variable

  70. file transfer via FTP

  71. fonts in HTML
    • fonts in HTML (16 lines)
      From: Jesus Bermudez <jbermudez@SFP.CIFL.CESGA.ES>

  72. formating decimal places

  73. line width in GCONTOUR

  74. performance on SQL view

  75. plot in proc reg
    • plot in proc reg (29 lines)
      From: emanuele castano - ST. Andrews <emanuele.castano@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK>

  76. position of DELETE statement within a do - end block

  77. pulling other relevant data ... middle value of median,

  78. pulling other relevant data ... middle value of median, cont'd ...

  79. thanks for title answer

  80. white test
    • white test (12 lines)
      From: Phil Monnier <monniepa@JMU.EDU>
    • Re: white test (57 lines)
      From: Puddin' Man <pudding_man@POSTMARK.NET>

  81. win2000 server running disconnected from the desktop
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