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SAS-L archives – December 2001, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "R" the end of SAS

  2. "R" the end of SAS?

  3. -2LL v Wald v Score in PHREG small samples

  4. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (8 lines)
      From: F.J. Kelley <jkelley@ARCHES.UGA.EDU>

  5. ???character array???

  6. A general request re Statistical Problems

  7. AW: filename statement on the mainframe

  8. AW: sas dates
    • AW: sas dates (78 lines)
      From: Eckhardt, Michael <Michael.Eckhardt@T-SYSTEMS.DE>

  9. Antwort: Re: IF Statement

  10. Apologies
    • Apologies (20 lines)
      From: Peter Flom <peter.flom@NDRI.ORG>

  11. Associate, Insurance Acturary Position/Florida Relocation

  12. Better way to rename many variables?

  13. Biostatistician / Research Associate, Job Posting, Bay Area, CA

  14. Biostatistician, Job Posting, Bay Area, CA

  15. CNF: QWE2002 -- March 2002, Brussels: Register Now and Save $250

  16. Certificate Exam

  17. Chart variable order using PROC GCHART

  18. Checking Status of SAS-L list

  19. Clinical Programmer / Kent and Switzerland

  20. Collaboration Offer

  21. Conditional running of a Macro

  22. Contour lines
    • Contour lines (27 lines)
      From: Armin Gemperli <Armin.Gemperli@UNIBAS.CH>

  23. Count char var with wildcards (was Frequencies given Conditio ns on Char Variable)

  24. Count char var with wildcards (was Frequencies given Conditio nson Char Variable)

  25. Count char var with wildcards (was Frequencies given Conditions on Char Variable)

  26. Define the size of array?

  27. Driving distance between A and B.

  28. Efficiency (Was RE: Identifying overlapping groups)

  29. Email Etiquette ^2

  30. Error Messages When Converting a SAS JMP File to an Excel Spreadsheet

  31. Excel Import

  32. Experimental Design

  33. FORM TYPE=TEXT problem

  34. FW: Update a flatfile "in place"?

  35. Final totals...

  36. Flat file convert to PDF and email

  37. Frequencies given Conditions on Char Variable

  38. Function for later observations

  39. Fw: "R" the end of SAS


  41. Hazard ratio
    • Hazard ratio (51 lines)
      From: Gray, Alex M <amg5818@GLAXOWELLCOME.COM>

  42. Help with ANCOVA adjusted means

  43. Help with _GET_TEXT_ method in CALL NOTIFY please!

  44. Help, Running Batch/ Multiple SAS Prgms...

  45. Here's one for the Cube gurus...

  46. Hierarchical Stepwise Logistic Regression

  47. Holiday SAS fun WAS: function practice from years back

  48. How to kill Batch Processes in NT?

  49. How to tracking running error happened in SAS' macro program

  50. IF Statement

  51. INTNX and changing the day of the week

  52. Identifying overlapping groups

  53. Identifying subscribed server

  54. Initial values in NLPNRA

  55. Keeping a variable in proc means or porc summary

  56. Keeping a variable in the output file in proc means or proc s ummary

  57. Keeping a variable in the output file in proc means or proc summary

  58. Keeping a variable in the output file in proc means or procsu mmary

  59. Keeping a variable in the output file in proc means or procsummary

  60. Keeping a variable in the output file in proc means orprocsummary


  62. Length of macro variables

  63. Lists
    • Lists (28 lines)
      From: Peter Flom <peter.flom@NDRI.ORG>

  64. Looking for a paper on generating random number in SAS

  65. MANOVA
    • MANOVA (57 lines)
      From: Pedro G髆ez <pgt@EFBBVA.COM>
    • Re: MANOVA (21 lines)
      From: David L. Cassell <Cassell.David@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV>
    • Re: MANOVA (59 lines)
      From: Dale McLerran <stringplayer_2@YAHOO.COM>

  66. MS Outlook always warn about SAS send email?

  67. Macro Code for Listing

  68. Missing freq

  69. NAV detected a virus in a document you authored

  70. Nested Whitlock Do Loops?

  71. Next book?

  72. OFFRE RESERVEE de d閏embre 2001

  73. OT: MS Outlook always warn about SAS send email?

  74. Observations generating random number paper

  75. Only two decimal in summary statistics

  76. Oracle column and table comments

  77. P value for Kolmogorov-Smirnov

  78. Pieldeleopardo reempalza Pluma y Fuente

  79. Printing Barcodes

  80. Problem on Client-server signon, please help

  81. Problem on signon, please help!

  82. Proc GLM on a poor design

  83. Proc NETFLOW questions

  84. Proc mixed for hiierarchical linear modeling

  85. Query: Variable Selection in Logistic Regression

  86. Reading File

  87. Revised: How to tracking running error happened in SAS' macro program

  88. Rounding question

  89. SAS / SQL Server 2000 ODBC

  90. SAS Callable SUDAAN and ODS

  91. SAS Connection PC required to access SAS server products?

  92. SAS Database Marketing Analyst

  93. SAS License
    • SAS License (28 lines)
      From: Pedro Gomez <econometra2002@YAHOO.ES>
    • Re: SAS License (42 lines)
      From: George Relyea <GRelyea@MEMPHIS.EDU>

  94. SAS Marketing Analyst

  95. SAS Programmer / Scotland, Cambridge and Southampton

  96. SAS Spawner on W2k

  97. SAS Versions & Do Loops

  98. SAS and Linux

  99. SAS books, v 8 vs. 6

  100. SAS email & unwanted Outlook98 popup.

  101. SAS for other Linux-distributions

  102. SAS log analysis

  103. SAS/CONNECT Non-coloured logs

  104. SAS/IntrNet
    • SAS/IntrNet (21 lines)
      From: amy <amywang11790@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: SAS/IntrNet (38 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <JackHamilton@FIRSTHEALTH.COM>
    • Re: SAS/IntrNet (29 lines)
      From: seeliger <seeliger@MERCURY.COR.EPA.GOV>

  105. SAS/Mgr. Market Planning & Analysis Position/NYC

  106. SAS/Modeling Credit Card Position/NYC

  107. SAS8 and Novell Client problem


  109. SQL or merge statements to find closest time

  110. SQL query in Sybase faster than PROC SQL

  111. SSCORE Advance Table of Contents, call for papers

  112. Senior SAS Developer Needed in Longmont, CO

  113. Son of SASFILE

  114. Source Code Revission Control Systems and Auto-Documenting

  115. Split-split
    • Split-split (26 lines)
      From: Nielsen, Jeff <JNielsen@MAIL.CRK.UMN.EDU>

  116. Sr SAS Programmer Analyst - Regulatory Reporting - Job Posting - Bay Area, CA

  117. Sr. SAS Programmer Analyst / Clinical Trials *Job Posting* Bay Area, CA

  118. Standards of variables and formats

  119. Statistical Consultant/Sales Force Analytics Position/NYC

  120. Subject: Help, Running Batch/ Multiple SAS Prgms...

  121. Subject: ordering bars in bar chart by mean?

  122. Suspicious Email

  123. The Database that Bill Gates does not want you to see !!!

  124. Unix Ver. 8 of SAS

  125. Update a flatfile "in place"?

  126. Update a flatfile "in place"? - Thank You!

  127. Using findfile and fileattr functions on VMS SAS 6.12

  128. Using sas to automate file editing.

  129. VB.NET vs. SAS

  130. Verba Volant

  131. Verba Volant 17-12-01

  132. Verba Volant 18-12-01

  133. Why the following program fails?

  134. Working for Statprobe

  135. Writing the log-output in a ext. file

  136. Yung-Yang Hu/DiGITDRM/NL/ABNAMRO/NL has left the building

  137. another if question

  138. ballot request not needed (FSView)

  139. chernoff's faces

    • (21 lines)
      From: Raj P <rbpatil@NA2.US.ML.COM>

  141. cumulative sums of a variable

  142. data table class and view

  143. does directory exist?

  144. eta
    • eta (24 lines)
      From: Dennis G. Fisher <dfisher@CSULB.EDU>
    • Re: eta (39 lines)
      From: Paul R Swank <Paul.R.Swank@UTH.TMC.EDU>

  145. filename statement on the mainframe

  146. function practice from years back

  147. fwd: Suspicious Email

  148. hello
    • hello (10 lines)
      From: markyo <syesee@YEAH.NET>

  149. help
    • help (212 lines)
      From: cndavy <cndavy@163.NET>

  150. how to print long char variables

  151. if question

  152. implicit MODEL in NLIN

  153. macro puzzler: where did the semicolon come from?

  154. matching
    • matching (16 lines)
      From: Shannon <swheatma@FJC.GOV>
    • Re: matching (45 lines)
      From: Chakravarthy, Venky <Venky.Chakravarthy@PFIZER.COM>
    • Re: matching (14 lines)
      From: Jens Schlatter <OAFGFZWETIVH@SPAMMOTEL.COM>

  155. memory problems calculating weighted median

  156. ordering bars in bar chart by mean?

  157. plot in proc lifetest

  158. preventing SAS log output | Windows

  159. referred to you
    • referred to you (823 lines)
      From: Angelica Schmiedecke <angelica@CBAFLORIDA.COM>

  160. return code of NT commands

  161. sample size problem

  162. sas graphs to powerpoint

  163. sas informats and spss

  164. sas/connect script issues

  165. statistician/SAS programmer available in Denver

  166. test do not read
    • test do not read (10 lines)
      From: Stanley A. Gorodenski <vvgsgor@DE.STATE.AZ.US>

  167. weighting
    • weighting (34 lines)
      From: Slade Treem <streem1000@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: weighting (70 lines)
      From: David L. Cassell <Cassell.David@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV>

  168. writing to the message line

  169. 圣诞节产业精英大聚会

  170. 石破天惊的专利发明,不可多得的创业机会
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