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SAS-L archives – April 2002, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. (MAR) RE: A controversy of data

  2. 3 SAS8.2 Programs with Macros ... to Verify

  3. =?GB2312?Q?=C8=AB=B9=FA=D7=EE=B5=CD=BC=DB=A3=BA150=D4=AA/=C4=EA=3D=B9=FA=BC=CA=D3=F2=C3=FB+300M=BF=D5=BC=E4+=D3=CA=BE=D6=A1=A3=B7=FE=CE=F1=C6=F7=CD=D0=B9=DC=207000=D4=AA/?=

  4. A controversy of data

  5. A limit to call execute?

  6. A web site provides a tool for biostatisticians making table shells of Statistical Analysis Plan.

  7. Age calculation in epidemiology

  8. Antigen found HTML/MimeExploit.IFRAME (CA(InoculateIT),CA(Vet)) virus

  9. AppDev Studio requirements?

  10. Array (?) question for SAS experts

  11. Article about Scams in The Washingotn Post

  12. Bioinformatics jobs at Biotechfind career center

  13. Can data be encrypted within a dataset?

  14. Delete a Dataset

  15. Detect Page Nr.
    • Detect Page Nr. (13 lines)
      From: TINAZZI, ANGELO [R&D/0467] <angelo.tinazzi@PHARMACIA.COM>

  16. Eigenvalues analysis

  17. FW: Goodnight eWEEK url

  18. FW: Output of your job "Jean-Paul.Isson"

  19. File in a Do statement?

  20. Flowchart Utility

  21. Function SCAN and delimiter question

  22. Function to determine which Version of SAS is running?

  23. GLM book and SAS

  24. Goodnight eWEEK
    • Goodnight eWEEK (117 lines)
      From: Smith, Curtis, Mr, DCAA <Curtis.Smith@DCAA.MIL>

  25. Goodnight eWEEK url

  26. How to create random sample of cases

  27. How to optimize this code?

  28. Hugh McDevitt is out of the office.

  29. Importing unknown worksheets from Excel

  30. Interesting finding: point var is not kept?

  31. Learning AF

  32. MCMC
    • MCMC (8 lines)
      From: <suffyan.koroma@FAO.ORG>
    • Re: MCMC (38 lines)
      From: David L. Cassell <Cassell.David@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV>

  33. MDX with SAS

  34. Macro Problem

  35. Multiple and different RTF files

  36. Neural Networks SAS macros/proc request

  37. Nigerian Scams - URL and e-mail addresses to legitimately fight back!!

  38. Not formatted variables in sas (8.2) explorer

  39. ODS V8.2 and V9: SAS User Group Meeting in Oakland, CA on 22 May

  40. Output of your job "Jean-Paul.Isson"

  41. Possible typo in CORRESP sample code

  42. Power Calculations -- Quick Survey of Tools

  43. Problem with concatenating Macro Variables

  44. Proc REG - unequal Ns in dataset

  45. Proc Summary in a Data Step

  46. QW2002 Call For Papers/Presentations <>

  47. R: How to create random sample of cases

  48. REPORT and listing of GROUPed var

  49. Re Re Re Rumor about SAS8.2

  50. Required V8 object

  51. Rumor about SAS8.2

  52. SAS
    • SAS (104 lines)
      From: jasmin shah <jasmin_shah@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS (133 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. <rjf2@CDC.GOV>
    • Re: SAS (22 lines)
      From: David L. Cassell <Cassell.David@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV>
    • Re: SAS (25 lines)
      From: jasmin shah <jasmin_shah@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS (50 lines)
      From: Ian Whitlock <WHITLOI1@WESTAT.COM>

  53. SAS and Java

  54. SAS/IntrNet and ODS PDF

  55. SAS/Intrnet--broker refuses to function!

  56. SQL - select into :puzzle

  57. SUGI27: V9 C&E ODS html to Excel

  58. Say "Hello" to 400 Million customers! OBBKFUE

  59. Setting HTML Pixels for Table size in PROC REPORT

  60. Statement is not within a handler.

  61. Storing Infile error messages in sas dataset

  62. Style only one column with proc print

  63. Thank you :)
    • Thank you :) (13 lines)
      From: Julie Daves <julie.daves@ASG-INC.COM>

  64. Two Lines Around Header Usibg PROC REPORT

  65. Unusual subsetting

  66. WARNING. You tried to send a potential virus or unauthorised code

  67. What SAS does first in a data step? resubmit for typing error

  68. What controls subsequent seed values?

  69. [Re: How to create random sample of cases]

  70. [Re: resending matching question (please disregard other message)]

  71. any problems with fget with SAS v8 on Unix?

  72. clinical trails environment

  73. cluster analysis

  74. keep last observation into a macro

  75. macro date formats

  76. matching
    • matching (68 lines)
      From: Mike Sobczak <sobczak@UIUC.EDU>
    • Re: matching (194 lines)
      From: Huang, Ya <ya.huang@PFIZER.COM>

  77. poll: user-defined readonly macro variable

  78. proc means question

  79. resending matching question (please disregard other message)

  80. test
    • test (16 lines)
      From: richard <test@SOHU.COM>

  81. thanks re tobit.

  82. url/week: RTFM - or maybe not

  83. user-defined readonly macro variable

  84. using windoze defaults (was poll: user-defined read-only macr o variable)

  85. v612 to v82: macro syntax

  86. what SAS does first in a data step?
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