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SAS-L archives – June 2002, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. (광고)이메일 리스트

  2. .csv --> Excel ..leading zeros dropped

  3. : PROC REPORT, ODS, and Templates

  4. <No subject>

  5. =?Windows-1252?B?ICAgICBbvLrAzsb3uKOz68DMuqXGrkFEXSDA57nMIL+ptOu7/cDHIMf2?= =?Windows-1252?B?tvXH0SDG97ijs+sguPaz7riyISEgs+6287/yICAgICAgICAgICAgIA==?= =?Windows-1252?B?ILHXwNrDvMDUtM+02SEh?=

  6. A Kronecker (In)dependent variable

  7. A Kronecker dependent variable

  8. A bug in my code or A bug in Sas

  9. ADS: SCL and Java

  10. ADV: Top Search Engine Rankings

  11. AW: proc glm full model f-statistic

  12. Alternate sheet name in PROC DBLOAD output to SAS

  13. Antigen Notification:Antigen found VIRUS= Exploit.IFrame.FileDown load (Kaspersky) virus

  14. Antigen Notification:Antigen found VIRUS= Exploit.IFrame.FileDownload (Kaspersky) virus

  15. Ask independent consultant: Should I give out the code?

  16. Automatic running of SAS program

  17. Automatic running of SAS programs

  18. Best Email marketing solutions !!!

  19. Brand New And Just Released - SAS Learning Edition CD-Rom -

  20. Brand New And Just Released - SAS Learning Edition CD-Rom - S pecial Sale Pricing

  21. Brand New And Just Released - SAS Learning Edition CD-Rom - Special Sale Pricing

  22. Brand New And Just Released - SAS Learning Edition CD-Rom -S pecial Sale Pricing

  23. Brand New And Just Released - Spam

  24. CNF: QW2002: FIve More Days to Save $400!


  26. Calling a UNIX shell script.

  27. Can SAS do random effects probit regressions?

  28. Caution when using the RETAIN statement??!

  29. Census data

  30. Clinical Trials Training Seminar Response

  31. Closing application opened with X statement

  32. Comma Delimited Output File

  33. Comma Delimited Output File via EXPORT

  34. Congratulations

  35. Counts (again)

  36. Data Step - Help

  37. Decision tree (SAS/STAT or E-miner)

  38. Deleting observation by selecting expression ???

  39. Easier ODS question

  40. Eliminating Program Editor Window, SAS 8.2

  41. Error in generaring xport file

  42. Error in generaring xport file (solved, thanks)

  43. FW: Single Data-Step Forced Merge?

  44. Finding ASCII special characters

  45. Fwd: Brand New And Just Released - SAS Learning Edition CD-Rom - Special Sale Pricing


  47. Generating Counts

  48. Getting out of sas-l

  49. Global macro variables

  50. Hello, ALL, just a test!

  51. Help to terminal emulation software for Open VMS version8

  52. Hitometer and URL Statistics

  53. How to improve decision tree classification model error rate?

  54. How to make a brief summary table?

  55. How to read in VSAM file on mainframe?

  56. I want to be a actuary. Who Can Tell me the Pathway

  57. INDEX question

  58. ISPF-like viewer for Unix needed

  59. Importing a flat file which has carriage returns in it.


  61. MDS & cluster analysis

  62. MYSASFILES setting

  63. MYSASFILES setting - Documentation Location

  64. Macro parameter quoting

  65. More about repeated counting

  66. My SAS Folder

  67. NAT3048 & ETID Problem

  68. NESUG 15 - 2002 Registration is Open !!!

  69. Need Cash Fast???? GET IT HERE...

  70. Nigeria scam

  71. ODS PDF produces very large files

  72. ODS beginner

  73. ODS help - row attributes

  74. ODS news

  75. ODS/TEMPLATE question

  76. OT steps in mediation

  77. OT: For the Sort-Heads: SyncSort for Windows -- some preliminary #'s

  78. OT: For the Sort-Heads: SyncSort for Windows -- somepreliminary #'s

  79. Oooppps!

  80. Open Analyst Positions at Autozone in Memphis

  81. Oracle 8i 9i STS and ILT notes, Willing to exchange

  82. Outputting graphics...

  83. PCA on time series data

  84. PROC REG with categorical variables

  85. PROC REPORT, ODS, and Templates

  86. Placing a cursor on Text Control within Form Viewer

  87. Please Dont belive Knowlton group Seminar

  88. Present Value

  89. Proc Freq data output

  90. Proc MI

  91. Q: variable array dimension declaration

  92. Question about proc nlp...

  93. RACF and SAS8.20 Connect to OS390 via TCPIP

  94. RACF and SAS8.20 Connect to OS390 via TCPIP -- Hold replies for now


  96. Real Numbers on PROC FREQ

  97. Residuals from proc arima.

  98. Rx Data - working with NDC's

  99. SAS 8.1 Import of MS Access Tables problem

  100. SAS AF


  102. SAS Learning Edition 1.0 CD-ROM

  103. SAS Library

  104. SAS Unix V6/V8 incompatibility in parsing its command line

  105. SAS V8 Core Concept Certification

  106. SAS graph with 2 vertical axes

  107. SAS library

  108. SAS library url to past SUGI Proceedings

  109. SAS performance on the same Intel iron running Linux and Win2k

  110. SAS triggered file transfer from remote FTP-server

  111. SAS version 9.0

  112. SAS version 9.0 - better access to XML ??

  113. SAS-GRAPH axis problem

  114. SAS-L Digest - 24 Jun 2002 - Special issue (#2002-827)

  115. SAS/AF -- 6 to 8 conversion

  116. SAS/LAB

  117. SAS/Tree

  118. SAVECLASS in SCL..?

  119. SCL and Java

  120. SCSUG 2002 Online Registration is now open

  121. SQL Pass-through to MS-ACCESS

  122. SQL UNION question

  123. Salary changes between jobs.

  124. Salary changes between jobs. the recruiter responds

  125. Save on Waste Handling Costs

  126. Shutdown()

  127. Single Data-Step Forced Merge?

  128. Something about repeated counting

  129. Store zipped file on multiple CD's?

  130. Timer ?

  131. Unwanted retain, how to turn it off?

  132. Use of pipes in SAS

  133. Using a var value in a subsequent data step

  134. WARNING. You tried to send a potential virus or unauthorised code

  135. We have tickets left for Fifa Final Game

  136. Web Page Vs SAS

  137. Why SAS is the best ??

  138. Why reorder (was: Re: Caution when using the RETAIN statement ??!)

  139. Why reorder (was: Re: Caution when using the RETAIN statement??!)

  140. [광고] "꿈의 온라인 사업"이 시작됩니다.

  141. [광고] 0505번호

  142. [광고] 엽기적인 선물 (삼광빤스.똥광팬티.핸드폰줄)

  143. [광고] 인터넷창업!! 성인컨텐츠 종합입니다.....서두르세요..선착순<!--50Ua887-->

  144. [광고] 전국 아기모델 선발대회!!!

  145. [광고]^^^발냄새, 무좀고민 끝^^^

  146. [광고]세이퍼컴퓨터 펜티엄4 1.7GHz 740,000원!!(부가세포함)

  147. [광고]월드컵 응원가를 무료로 작곡해 드립니다....

  148. [광고]이렇게 작은 PC도 있네여........

  149. [광고]이제결승입니다. 마지막 60억복권 구입하세요.

  150. [교육]한양대/경기대 공인중개사 특별과정

  151. [성인포르노이벤트AD] 재미 여대생의 현란한 포르노 몸놀림!! 놀라움 그자체입니다!!

  152. automated error checking in logs - NT

  153. bins x bins ==> assigned value

  154. covariance...

  155. create a time id variable

  156. distance learning PhD

  157. does such an approach make sense? critical comments welcome

  158. find and replace

  159. found a fix for reading a Varray data from Oracle into SAS

  160. ftp filename with Binary file

  161. job: NYC - DB /SAS developer (recruiter)

  162. mass sas libname change

  163. mass sas libname change FLUFF

  164. modifying abbreviations

  165. order of variables in output

  166. proc glm full model f-statistic

  167. proc nlmixed...

  168. proc report problem

  169. proc transpose

  170. question about proc nlp...

  171. reading multiple obs/line -- with a twist

  172. reading raw data

  173. reading text files with %csproces

  174. sas image

  175. sas to oracle

  176. sas/iml and memory allocation

  177. saving log file

  178. searching for strings of code across programs

  179. subsetting of data

  180. subsetting of data SOLVED

  181. suppressing factor loadings in SAS and reliability issues

  182. test

  183. test #1 -please ignore

  184. tip PC sees mainframe file

  185. transposing data (mult. obs to one obs)

  186. v9.01 availability

  187. variable array dimension declaration

  188. variable renameing

  189. version 9 and version 8

  190. {성인광고} 최신형 핸드폰과PC-Ephone을 무료로 드립니다~!!

  191. ♣정보♣ 인터넷의시작 FFFGO.

  192. 로버트 할리가 드리는 CES영어 무료 샘플과 이벤트! (광고)

  193. 밑黨貢籃쉔!
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