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SAS-L archives – July 2002, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. !sasroot
    • Re: !sasroot (33 lines)
      From: shiling zhang <shiling99@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: !sasroot (32 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <radevenz@IX.NETCOM.COM>
    • !sasroot (8 lines)
      From: Michael G. Sadof <mgs@MGSNET.NET>
    • Re: !sasroot (25 lines)
      From: Michael G. Sadof <mgs@MGSNET.NET>
    • Re: !sasroot (20 lines)
      From: Lex Jansen <news@UNSPAMLEX-JANSEN.DEMON.NL>

  2. "Mean Log Deviation" in Spanish

  3. 'Randomized' record sort?

  4. (광고) 모기쫓는 천연 국화향으로 올 여름을 시원하게..

  5. (광고) 적립금이 와르르~ 현금이 내통장안으로!!

  6. (광고) 획기적인 전화요금 대폭할인서비스 안내 !!!

  7. (광고)**************수석*** 해석*****희귀석****************돌돌돌돌**************

  8. (광고)함께하는 즐거움!!~~ 여행사진 공모전에 초대합니다.

  9. (광고)회원가입만 하셔도 1년동안 추첨하는 복권을 무료로드립니다. 행운을 잡으세요.

  10. 1 more question... (RE: 2 question...)

  11. 2 Problems when importing a Chinese text file.

  12. 2 bytes delimier (test)

  13. 2 questions...

  14. 2 questions... (code is included, so this is long...)

  15. 20 giga/week software PC & MAC

  16. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (8 lines)
      From: F.J. Kelley <jkelley@ARCHES.UGA.EDU>
    • <No subject> (18 lines)
      From: au- <au-@MUGEP.A>
    • <No subject> (9 lines)
      From: Miguel de la Hoz <miguelhoz@HOTMAIL.COM>

  17. =?Windows-1252?B?ICAgICAosaSw7SnIuL/4sKHA1Li4IMfPvMW1tSAxs+K1v77IIMPfw7fH?= =?Windows-1252?B?z7TCILq5scfAuyC5q7fht8615biztM+02S4gICAgICAgICAgICAgIMfg?= =?Windows-1252?B?v+7AuyDA4sC4vLy/5C4=?=

  18. =?big5?Q?=A6=B3=C3=F6=B6Q=A4=BD=A5q=AA=BA=A5=CD=A4=C6=B2=A3=AB~?=

  19. ADV: eValid: A Universal WebSite Testing Solution

  20. ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OA20_1027568674_CSGEXCHPROD_1 was generated

  21. ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OA21_1027606381_CSGEXCHPROD_1 was generated

  22. ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OA22_1027618155_CSGEXCHPROD_1 was generated

  23. ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OA25_1027659636_CSGEXCHPROD_1 was generated

  24. ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OA282_1027309790_CSGEXCHPROD_1 was generated

  25. AW: ODS HTML produces generic error

  26. AW: freqs/percents of dogs

  27. Access-VBA position

  28. Antigen Notification:Antigen found VIRUS= Exploit.IFrame.FileDownload (Kaspersky) virus

  29. Antwort: reorder variables

  30. Assistance with SCL passing parameters

  31. Auto Email of SAS Ouput Advice..

  32. Best Ways To Learn SAS?

  33. Best Ways to Learn SAS?

  34. Big SAS Job
    • Re: Big SAS Job (128 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <JackHamilton@FIRSTHEALTH.COM>
    • Re: Big SAS Job (136 lines)
      From: Don Henderson <donaldjhenderson@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Big SAS Job (91 lines)
      From: Peter Crawford <peter.crawford@DB.COM>
    • Re: Big SAS Job (43 lines)
      From: John Whittington <John.W@MEDISCIENCE.CO.UK>
    • Re: Big SAS Job (98 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <radevenz@IX.NETCOM.COM>
    • Re: Big SAS Job (66 lines)
      From: John Whittington <John.W@MEDISCIENCE.CO.UK>

  35. Big SAS Job / monte carlo simulations

  36. Calculating confidence intervals for binomial proportions and specifying the event

  37. Career Opportunity/Marketing Modeling & Analysis/MBA, MS, PhD

  38. Check out my free porno site!

  39. Check out my free porno site! 2118703726 2040105558

  40. Close datasets

  41. Converting coded responses using a reference file

  42. Cookies problem - I need to save a cookie file with value in it

  43. Corrected SAS problem - suggestions / advice required

  44. Count of 0 in V8 univariate output

  45. Create Network Directory within SAS

  46. Create a special percent format

  47. DDE stopped by screen-saver

  48. Date Field

  49. Direct and indirect standardization

  50. Division by Zero/Missing Value Errors

  51. Dose SAS support double-byte delimiter?

  52. Double Assignment

  53. Efficient Comparison and Insert

  54. Electronic Data Capture via internet with SAS

  55. Excellent Job in New York City

  56. FILENAME EMAIL: Lotus Notes 5 & Windows 2000

  57. FW: NESUG 15 - Corporate Sponsorship Update

  58. FW: ODS HTML
    • FW: ODS HTML (49 lines)
      From: Kevin Auslander <kevin.auslander@CCSITEAM.COM>

  59. FW: page with many graphs

  60. Fincad with SAS
    • Fincad with SAS (38 lines)
      From: Buchanan, Gordon <Gordon.Buchanan@GMACRFC.COM>

  61. Followup to MVS, RTF and E-Mail Attachments

  62. Fwd: Re: ODS Proc Tabulate Column Formatting

  63. Fwd: interpolation...

  64. GOTO and LINK vs IF THEN DO

  65. Generalized least squares with known covariance matrix

  66. Generating data for factorial experiment

  67. Get the girl or man you always wanted with Mind Power Seduction - Free Download

  68. HBOS plc Automated Email Administrator

  69. Have a excite Epiphany

  70. Help to calculate mean of next three observation

  71. Help--import raw data to sas data set

  72. How to Combine characters

  73. How to infile a tab-delimited data

  74. How to interpret ASEs in PROC FREQ output

  75. How to sift data to find Time Gaps

  76. I/O error
    • I/O error (37 lines)
      From: Krishnan Viswanathan <krisviswanathan@YAHOO.COM>

  77. IML proc

  78. Identify records with certain character

  79. Intel Xeon MP and SAS

  80. Invalid Page Header

  81. Job question...

  82. Jr Statistician Position in NNJ

  83. Labeling columns names through macros

  84. Large OS/390 SAS file to csv

  85. Looking for SAS mission

  86. Looking for webAF Course Data Sets

  87. MVS, RTF and E-mail attachments

  88. Macro to set FILENAME?

  89. Maximum Likelihood for non linear GARCH

  90. Means vs summary (was: aggregate 8100+ variables)

  91. Memo: Date Field

  92. Memo: Exclude Query

  93. Memo: database Properties

  94. Missing data imputation iwth ordinal data

  95. More on the best way to learn SAS

  96. New SAS & Stat openings (NJ & MN)

  97. Newbie DATA step sequencng question

  98. Noresize name
    • Noresize name (19 lines)
      From: ecovis-l <ecovis-l@YALEVM.YCC.YALE.EDU>

  99. ODBC
    • Re: ODBC (53 lines)
      From: Prasad Ravi <prasad.s.ravi@HOUSEHOLD.COM>
    • ODBC (23 lines)
      From: Rose <myr_rose@YAHOO.COM>

  100. ODS HTML produces generic error

  101. ODS PDF
    • Re: ODS PDF (265 lines)
      From: Nair, Neal K (ACF) <nnair@ACF.HHS.GOV>
    • Re: ODS PDF (157 lines)
      From: Lauren Haworth <haworthl@GENE.COM>
    • ODS PDF (188 lines)
      From: Silvano <silvano@UEL.BR>

  102. ODS Proc Tabulate Column Formatting

  103. OT About PDF Format Application -- Please reply offline

  104. OT: For the Sort-Heads: SyncSort for Windows -- Round 2

  105. OUR LAST PICK WENT UP 47% IN JUST 2 DAYS--------------------75957 bqm

  106. One more question...

  107. PDF file created by SAS/GRAPH

  108. PROC CORR equivalent in SUDAAN?

  109. Proc Transpose

  110. Proc report, problem using order ?

  111. RE Dose SAS support double-byte delimiter?

  112. Re : Dose SAS support double-byte delimiter?

  113. Re : Removing all labels from dataset

  114. Read data from Excel 97

  115. Read your website info [VDrd]

  116. Removing all labels from dataset

  117. Removing all labels from dataset(++)

  118. Removing unwanted characters

  119. Reshaping Datasets

  120. SAS
    • SAS (30 lines)
      From: Software Mgmt Consultants <adm_a@SMCICORP.SMCI.COM>

  121. SAS AUDIT statemernt

  122. SAS BATCH V8.2 in OpenVMS hanging randomly

  123. SAS Books
    • Re: SAS Books (37 lines)
      From: Andy <usmle96@YAHOO.COM>
    • SAS Books (26 lines)
      From: Christopher Reed <christopher.reed@WORLDNET.ATT.NET>

  124. SAS LE (Re: Confused on the implementation of the 1000 row limit on SAS tables)

  125. SAS LE (Re: Confused on the implementation of the 1000 row limiton SAS tables)

  126. SAS LE - observation

  127. SAS Registration !i!

  128. SAS V8 to view *.sd2 files

  129. SAS help needed for short term project

  130. SAS prob
    • Re: SAS prob (66 lines)
      From: Ian Whitlock <WHITLOI1@WESTAT.COM>
    • SAS prob (49 lines)
      From: Lalith Myneni <lalithmyneni@HOTMAIL.COM>

  131. SAS problem - suggestions / advice required

  132. SAS-L etiquette

  133. SESUG 2002
    • SESUG 2002 (56 lines)
      From: F.J. Kelley <jkelley@ARCHES.UGA.EDU>

  134. SUBMIT block problem in v8.2

  135. San Diego Clinical Sas position

  136. Selective use of INDENT= in proc TABULATE

  137. Settle an argument about a view

  138. Shared external file description?

  139. So cool a flash,enjoy it

  140. Starting Word from SAS via OLE

  141. Statistics Degree on web - Not SAS Question

  142. Streptophyta
    • Streptophyta (19 lines)
      From: cyan-tox <cyan-tox@GREARN.CSI.FORTH.GR>

  143. Stringing numbers together

  144. System Linear Equations

  145. Translating SAS dates into HUMAN dates

  146. Using Proc SQL for matching cases and controls...

  147. Very simple problem on variables....

  148. Virus Alert

  149. Welcome to my hometown

  150. What does a SAS expert need to know?

  151. What does an experienced SAS programmer need to know?

  152. What's wrong with this Proc Import statement with sheet

  153. Which style the sas use when using 'device=java' options

  154. Write Proc Freq Result to a flatfile

  155. Zeros vs missing

  156. [splus-users:19674] [S] Number crunching testreport 4th edition

  157. [광고] 가장 저렴한 자동차보험 이용하기

  158. [광고]컴퓨터 이젠 쉽게 배울 수 있습니다.

  159. a question about the mean

  160. aggregate 8100+ variables

  161. an earthly statistical model ===> universal statistical model

  162. apologies, test msg

  163. charater to numeric...

  164. clinical data graphs package

  165. cluster
    • cluster (25 lines)
      From: Jiuzhou Song <songj@UCALGARY.CA>

  166. comparing v
    • Re: comparing v (83 lines)
      From: Peter Crawford <peter.crawford@DB.COM>
    • comparing v (124 lines)
      From: Vaishali Joshi <vjoshi@QRC.COM>

  167. connecting to mvs via sas intrnet

  168. converting character to numeric data..

  169. converting character to numeric data...

  170. customize SAS/EIS user interface

  171. dataset locked in Unix

  172. eMail quoted-printable OS/390 2.10 with SAS 8.22

  173. findng compason observations

  174. formatting text in PUT statements

  175. freqs/percents of dogs

  176. give a try ::: RE: strange problem installing 8.2

  177. have SAS/AF International Airline Datasets?

  178. help
    • help (14 lines)
      From: dongxu <gdx@CATS.UCSC.EDU>

  179. how to calculate the monthly return rate of stock.

  180. how to get the mean of three month for each category

  181. huber-white heteroskedasticity correction for ols

  182. incorrect character format

  183. interpolation again...

  184. interpolation...

  185. is it a bug??
    • is it a bug?? (25 lines)
      From: N Yiannakoulias <nwy@SRV.UALBERTA.CA>

  186. joke/week: xor?

  187. matched pair sample in SAS

  188. merges
    • Re: merges (151 lines)
      From: Dorfman, Paul <Paul.Dorfman@BCBSFL.COM>
    • Re: merges (111 lines)
      From: Kevin Myers <KevinMyers@AUSTIN.RR.COM>
    • Re: merges (58 lines)
      From: Kevin Myers <KevinMyers@AUSTIN.RR.COM>
    • merges (33 lines)
      From: Stacey <stacey.a.holland@HEALTHPARTNERS.COM>

  189. multiple remote hosts

  190. page with many graphs

  191. page with many graphs thanks and more

  192. parsing RTF to HTML in SAS

  193. parsing SAS to HTML in SAS

  194. piece of code from TS-659

  195. proc genmod or proc nlmixed

  196. proc mixed vs. proc reg for ols

  197. proc transpose in data step

  198. qc for SQL joins

  199. question about update statement...

  200. read dataset from C program?

  201. reading idx files for dbase

  202. reorder variables

  203. replace values for set of obsevations...

  204. resolving by processing last. first. in macro code

  205. sample code for MLE estimation by NLP or IML

  206. several regression curves + confidence bands in one graph

  207. several regression models in one graph

  208. sharing computing resources fairly between users?

  209. solution: clustering of data

  210. specifying profile option sas

  211. spice girls' vocal concert

  212. supress log file

  213. test
    • test (17 lines)
      From: Pandit, Ann <ann.pandit@SPCORP.COM>

  214. tiny dots in hi res JPEG graphic

  215. tip(?) about recfm=N

  216. urgent question about interpolation (2)...

  217. urgent question about interpolation...

  218. using SAS/AF to implement application with work flow method

  219. where will you love the glad good films before John does

  220. ★돈!대출!이젠 걱정마세요(대출관련 비법 대공개)..[정보+광고]★

  221. 너무나 우아하고 아름다운 사람들...

  222. 요요!! 휴대폰용 자동줄감기 이어폰 [광고]

  223. 이런 획기적인 일도 있어요!(광고)
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