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SPSSX-L archives – October 2002

Table of contents:

  1. % variance accounted for--comparison example

  2. <No subject>

  3. AIDS/LA-AIDS models in SPSS

  4. AW: How to get non-linear correlations?

  5. Adding Records/Cases...

  6. Adjectives Commonly Associated with Correlation Coefficient

  7. Adjectives Commonly Associated with Correlation Coeficients

  8. B

  9. Bar lables in v 11.5, continued

  10. Beginning scripting

  11. Betreff: Re: Re: elementary questions about using syntax in SPSSfor theBreusch-Pagan text


  13. CONCAT command for pass parameter to script program

  14. Can the New Version/Release of SPSS Do Confirmatory Factor Analys is, Yet?

  15. Changing letter case and merging files

  16. Christian RE: ordered Probit or ordinal regression

  17. Column width in tables

  18. Combining data files

  19. Comparing Two SPSS Files

  20. Compatibility of different versions of .sav files

  21. Conjoint question

  22. Consolidating String Variables after Data Restructuring...

  23. Convert date type variable to string

  24. Converting the variables to use their coefficientes to create an equation in the sintax file

  25. Correction for Attenuation

  26. Create a sequence

  27. Ctables question

  28. Cyrillic Fonts in SPSS

  29. Date format from excel to SPSS

  30. Discriminant Analysis Probabilities

  31. Dummy coding

  32. End-of-line: A tale of two modes: Interactive vs batch (aka produ ction)

  33. Excel question

  34. Exporting B Coefficients into VB

  35. Exporting Output

  36. Exporting output from syntax command


  38. FW: IDs

  39. Factor Analysis help

  40. Factor Analysis help (Oops, wrong SPS file, sorry)

  41. Factor analysis used in Correlation Matrix

  42. Flipping rows and columns, sort of

  43. Fw: MDS

  44. Fw: Re: Syntax reference guide for 10 and 11

  45. GLM
    • GLM (28 lines)

  46. Gradient in proportions

  47. HELP

  48. Help!!! Preparing files for bootsrap

  49. Help!!! Preparing files for bootsrap - 1 solution

  50. Heteroscedasticity in SPSS???

  51. Histogram question

  52. Honesty and Missing Income

  53. How analyze missings in investigation of repeated analysis of variance? URGENT!

  54. How to make multiple histograms

  55. IDs

  56. IGraph script

  57. Importing data from MYSQL database into SPSS11

  58. Inserting comments in the output viewer

  59. Inspect Charts Normailioty of Residuals

  60. KM Survival Analysis

  61. Kappa statistics

  62. Looking for help with syntax-data manipulation

  63. MDS
    • MDS (18 lines)
    • MDS (14 lines)

  64. MDS problem

  65. MDS problem - error message included

  66. Macro Problem (raynauld?)

  67. Mann-Whitney test: relationship between parental satisfaction an d student achievement

  68. Mantel-Haenszel syntax for DIF

  69. Marginal Effects

  70. Microsoft Excel Questions

  71. Mixed-effects models in SPSS

  72. Moderator variables

  73. Mult Response - "Misleading cases"

  74. Multiple response

  75. Need assistance with creating new variables - looking for a solution

  76. New Variables from Factor Analysis

  77. OT Lengthy query about statistical support

  78. Online SPSS help

  79. Open SPSS datafile together with syntax and output windows

  80. Open new output viewer via syntax

  81. Outliers

  82. Outliers regarding the regression and other tests?

  83. Page size of exported output viewers

  84. Pairwise Tukey for One Factor Repeated Analysis

  85. Pasting acctive pivot table into excel?

  86. Practical help with transferring data with dates from Excel t o SPSS

  87. Practical help with transferring data with dates from Excel to SPSS

  88. Problem with the mouse wheel

  89. Problems selecting a random sample of cases

  90. Q: How to get non-linear correlations?

  91. Query/ODBC problem

  92. Query: Statistical Software Survery

  93. Query: fitting curves to age-specific fertility rates

  94. Question

  95. Questions about formatting Igraphs with syntax

  96. Questions about restructuring data in SPSS

  97. Questions about setting up a data set

  98. Quick Question

  99. RM Anova post-hoc

  100. Reading multiple records per case from comma-delimited file

  101. Recode Variable

  102. Recode Varible

  103. Repeated Measures Question

  104. SAS Equivalents

  105. SPC process SD algoritm

  106. SPSS

  107. SPSS 11 for Mac OS X?

  108. SPSS 11.5 Tutorial and Case Studies not working for me

  109. SPSS and the FDA

  110. SPSS dates in V10.05 and V11.0.1

  111. SPSS logistic regression terminology compared to Hosmer & Lemeshow

  112. SPSS vs SAS

  113. SPSS-normalizing within datasubsets

  114. Sample vs Population

  115. Saving file with current date in name

  116. Searching for Ties Across Variables, Not Cases

  117. Searching for Ties Across Variables, Not Cases (for *macro lovers*)

  118. Selecting matching cases from two variables

  119. Series within conditions

  120. Show empty table in frequency table

  121. Simple Doubt

  122. Some formulae needed

  123. Some formulae needed (...and obtained)

  124. Split files

  125. Statistical Questions about MDS/INDSCAL

  126. Syntax Manual

  127. Syntax and EM

  128. Syntax and EM (answer to Q2)

  129. Syntax reference guide for 10 and 11

  130. Syntax to fill blank data


  132. TROUBLE WITH SYNTAX (second answer)

  133. Taking .dat file and making .sav file in SPSS for Mac or Windows

  134. Test/Exam Item Analysis Reporting

  135. Thank you note

  136. Unsubcription

  137. Very tricky filter-Problem

  138. Weibull distibution

  139. Why does (missing value) multiplied by zero = zero?

  140. [Fwd: Re: Re: Q: How to get non-linear correlations?]

  141. [Fwd: Re: elementary questions about using syntax in SPSS for theBreusch-Pagan text]

  142. about CATPCA usage

  143. accessing keyed information

  144. age-adjusted means and proportions?

  145. align columns

  146. bar labels in base v. 11.5

  147. calculating lambda-p, tau-p or phi-p to test predictive ability in logistic regression

  148. calculating numeric age from date of birth??

  149. carriage returns, text data

  150. combining Logistic and Linear Models

  151. dates

  152. delete variables within syntax?

  153. design question (Non SPSS)

  154. editing output objects

  155. elementary questions about using syntax in SPSSfor theBreusch-Pagan text

  156. encryption

  157. experimental design

  158. exporting output from syntax command

  159. graphs

  160. how to calculate age-adjusted means & proportions with SPSS?

  161. how to close the file via syntax

  162. interpreting kurtosis and skewness

  163. log transform

  164. logistic regression - signs go into the "wrong" direction

  165. logistic regression McFadden pseudo-R square

  166. logit linearity

  167. logit linearity in ordinal logistic

  168. manova supported by spss?

  169. manuals

  170. map

  171. matrix print output for lambda values

  172. means by state.

  173. median value as zero

  174. my computer refuses to read a large file

  175. oblique rotation

  176. ordered Probit or ordinal regression

  177. paired t-test

  178. pairwise deletion of missing cases in logistic regression

  179. query

  180. reading a large file

  181. regression models

  182. repeatedly formatting for narrowing wide output

  183. script for automating license updates

  184. simple problem

  185. simple question

  186. sintax for using my logistic coeffients for setting up a formula

  187. splitting name field syntax

  188. splitting name field syntax - disregard

  189. spss 11.5 under windows XP

  190. spss server 11 on unix platform and oracle 9i

  191. syntax question-- repeating calculations'

  192. table formatting

  193. testing for statistical significance question

  194. the use of breusch-pagan test and the white standard errors

  195. time series

  196. total missing data?

  197. trouble printing with SPSS 11

  198. want to show missing values in crosstab

  199. why Spss keep open syntax editor

  200. your mail
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