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SAS-L archives – December 2002, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. ( 광고 ) 네트워크마케팅에 관한 희소식!!

  2. (광고) 인터넷 쇼핑몰 이제 편하게 시작하세요!!

  3. (광고)무좀~발바닥 굳은살 7일사용으로 쏴~악...

  4. (성인광고)....절대 꽁짜!! 성인-

  5. (성인광고)쇼킹!충격!성인 동영상....

  6. (정보)최신대출, 카드증액 확실한 비법!!

  7. -(광고)애인감동 100%보장!! - 이벤트 꽃배달

  8. 50% off All Lists: Publicity - Libraries - Bookstores - Film Producers - Art Galleries - Custom (more)

  9. <*광고*>GAP,DKNY등수입브랜드 유아동복,성인복 구경오세요.

  10. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (65 lines)
      From: Garther <ghgvbuhjk6075327@YAHOO.COM>

  11. A question about assigning variables..

  12. A question about macro invocation within data step

  13. A question regarding string.

  14. Adding a Webpage to the Help dropdown?

  15. Alert: email w/subject "XP Patch" contains the Klez virus

  16. Are array's 10 times slower?

  17. Are there SAS listers from Iceland around?

  18. CONFIDETIAL SEARCH! Unique Opportunity For a Statistics Manager to a join a Best-of-Breed Organization

  19. CRO-startup Biostats dept. DIY Kit now moved

  20. Charlotte Area SAS Users Group Meeting, Dec 6, 2002

  21. Confidential Proposal

  22. Conversion of time - Europe - Asia

  23. Datamining Analyst and Modeler

  24. Deleting files with 0 observations

  25. E-Mail function keeps bombing............Any Ideas???

  26. Email Correction: Datamining Analyst and Modeler

  27. FW: SyncSort 2003 - FREE Specially Sorted Calendar

  28. FW: creating HFS

  29. Feliz Navidad!!!

  30. Filedialog

  31. GRAPH question: width of the bars and values of a variable

  32. German SAS Users Conference DISK 2002

  33. Heating Oil in Winter

  34. Help Undestand this error message

  35. Hexadecimal Conversion Table

  36. High Skilled Developers For Your Every Need: 5

  37. How do I compare negative numbers in sas macro?

  38. How do I put _all_ without rubbish variables?

  39. How do I search for carriage return?

  40. How to define a input layout for all users

  41. How to supress the variable Labels on Proc Means

  42. How to transforme character to date?

  43. IT Market
    • IT Market (20 lines)
      From: Christopher Reed <christopher.reed@WORLDNET.ATT.NET>
    • Re: IT Market (37 lines)
      From: Olin <bebandseb@YAHOO.COM>

  44. Invitation to join TechieSAS User Group

  45. Is there a Time format showing days,hours,minutes,seconds

  46. Macro Variables: Deleting

  47. Macro query (quite long - sorry)

  48. Mainframe SAS, FTP, and Excel

  49. Most efficient way to subset a large dataset

  50. NYASUG Meeting Announcement !

  51. Next Meeting of the NJ SAS Users Group Tues, Dec. 10th

  52. ODS/rtf
    • ODS/rtf (22 lines)
      From: Ronnie <pluym@WXS.DIT.ZAL.NIET.WERKEN.NL>
    • Re: ODS/rtf (59 lines)
      From: Mark Lamias <Mark.Lamias@GRIZZARD.COM>
    • Re: ODS/rtf (45 lines)
      From: Ronnie <pluym@WXS.DIT.ZAL.NIET.WERKEN.NL>
    • Re: ODS/rtf (82 lines)
      From: Mark Lamias <Mark.Lamias@GRIZZARD.COM>
    • Re: ODS/rtf (41 lines)
      From: Ronnie <pluym@WXS.DIT.ZAL.NIET.WERKEN.NL>
    • Re: ODS/rtf (105 lines)
      From: John Kirkpatrick <johnk_uk@HOTMAIL.COM>

  53. ODS: RTF
    • ODS: RTF (32 lines)
      From: Jutta Friese <Jutta.Friese@BC.BOEHRINGER-INGELHEIM.COM>
    • Re: ODS: RTF (111 lines)
      From: WIELKI Andre <wielki@INED.FR>

  54. Oil in the news

  55. Output to Email Address

  56. Over 90% Deliverable EMaiL MaRkeTING CD w/400 mil AddRESSES $139.95

  57. PDF Output problem


  59. PROC LOGISTIC advice welcome (maybe simple)

  60. Problem match / merging Data

  61. Problem sending e-mail from SAS -- Windows 2000

  62. Problem with a %DO Loop

  63. Proc lifetest and strata statement

  64. Professionals Need To Take part4490

  65. Quadratic Discriminant

  66. Query: SAS Installation

  67. Question about using Proc report

  68. Question on reading data and Displaying results in required forma t

  69. R: Re: export graphs to ms-word

  70. Read directory path and filenames (including date last modified)

  71. Reading Excel files, limit on number of records using proc access?

  72. Recruitment message 03.12.02 EP2002 (1)

  73. SAS 70 Consultant, Bay Area, CA

  74. SAS Enterprise Guide performance

  75. SAS Jobs in parallel - Timing Issue?

  76. SAS Programmer, MN

  77. SAS Viewer issue

  78. SAS behaviour: PROCS execute only after scrolling Output

  79. SAS certification
    • SAS certification (28 lines)
      From: Christopher Reed <christopher.reed@WORLDNET.ATT.NET>

  80. SAS job in Richmond

  81. SAS on UNIX

  82. SAS products

  83. SAS to UNIX
    • SAS to UNIX (18 lines)
      From: Bosch, Jules [PRDUS Non J&J] <JBosch1@PRDUS.JNJ.COM>
    • Re: SAS to UNIX (30 lines)
      From: Suzanne D. McCoy <smccoy@LUCIDAN.COM>
    • Re: SAS to UNIX (34 lines)
      From: Goldman, Brad (AT-Atlanta) <Brad.Goldman@AUTOTRADER.COM>

  84. SASTip: Exporting data to EXCEL

  85. Set up ODBC link to SQL Server programmatically

  86. Summary tables
    • Summary tables (57 lines)
      From: Nielsen, Jeff <JNielsen@MAIL.CRK.UMN.EDU>

  87. Syntax checking mode

    • TRUSTEE NEEDED (74 lines)
      From: MRS M. MOBUTU SESE-SEKO <sekma@MAIL.COM>

  89. Teach, Learn and Sing with CANTOLOPER

  90. Test
    • Test (11 lines)
      From: promo <vpcnews@VPCSHOPPING.COM>

  91. Test message for Joe via Google groups

  92. Test message for Joe via e-mail

  93. Toy Problem Card Game in SAS -- This time, done my homework :)

  94. Turn $25 into $500,000 in 6 months - PLEASE READ!!

    • URGENT ASSISTANCE (70 lines)
      From: rasheedlawal rasheed <rrasheedlawal@CARAMAIL.COM>

  96. Urgent need help in strings,

  97. VMS Rtrace command

  98. VPCNews du 04 Dec. 2002

  99. Visual C++ Programm with output from a S-plus calculation

  100. WE HAVE Email addreSSES of people interested in MLM opportunities

  101. Weird macro behavior

  102. Weird macro behavior with CALL EXECUTE

  103. Where are the rest of my records?

  104. Window and Display statements

  105. Would you like to receive unlimited hits to your site?


  107. [광고] 산타선물 미리미리 준비하세요! - 아이토이몰

  108. [광고]법!! 몰라서 손해보고,엄연히 자신의 것인데도 찾지못하고 있진 않습니까? 758j5i

  109. [성인광고] 영계 DVD가 있습니다.

  110. arrays
    • arrays (22 lines)
      From: Lex Jansen <lex.jansen@ORGANON.COM>
    • Re: arrays (35 lines)
      From: Droogendyk, Harry <Harry.Droogendyk@CIBC.COM>

  111. bad return code from libname FUNCTION - sometimes.

  112. best and worst parameter value of variables

  113. cancel listserv

  114. classification rules in ordinal logistic regression model

  115. data set compression en masse

  116. debug mask in SAS/Internet

  117. deleting a blank row in proc report

  118. export graphs to ms-word

  119. factor analysis: calculate factor scores?

  120. gotta watch the compression

  121. hypergeometric distribution

  122. iCARD Gift Card
    • iCARD Gift Card (21 lines)
      From: David B. Treat <igdentireword@MAIL2WORLD.COM>

  123. macro design and policy

  124. macro to generate new variables

  125. modeling continuous time in PROC MIXED

  126. multidimensional array?

  127. new vaxis macro
    • new vaxis macro (118 lines)
      From: roland.rashleigh-berry <roland.rashleigh-berry@NTLWORLD.COM>
    • Re: new vaxis macro (145 lines)
      From: roland.rashleigh-berry <roland.rashleigh-berry@NTLWORLD.COM>

  128. once again about renaming MS Excel worksheets

  129. please Help: OLE Object not registered (repose)

  130. problem in proc report.

  131. problem in strings.

  132. proc nlmixed: at least one element of the (projected) gradient

  133. proc plan
    • proc plan (28 lines)
      From: Gregory Kotler <gregoryk@MOLECULARSTAGING.COM>
    • proc plan (81 lines)
      From: john.hixon@KODAK.COM

  134. proc report width=

  135. reading a pdf file

  136. reading very wide tab-delimited textfile

  137. reordering data set PDV gotcha

  138. scoring a dataset in proc logistic

  139. test for Joe
    • test for Joe (10 lines)
      From: Droogendyk, Harry <Harry.Droogendyk@CIBC.COM>

  140. test significant difference between 2 relative risks

  141. tip macro function CLOCK V2

  142. tip macro function CLOCK V2 debugging

  143. tip macro function SymChk

  144. tonight's plans

  145. v6.09e-v8.2 printing differences

  146. variable specification within a var statement

  147. 공짜로 복권 긁고, 공짜로 영화보고.. 후회?? 절대없음.. 클릭해 보세여.. ^^ [이.벤.트.광.고]

  148. 무료 영어샘플 배송!! CRAZY ENGLISH 2천만이 열광한 바로 그 4개월간의 기적같은 영어학습법.(어학광고)

  149. 야무비 600메가 드려염..

  150. 여자의 조개속살 깊이까지....

  151. 연락좀해 오빠

  152. 오빠~ 우리 같이 놀러가요!

  153. 인라인스케이트를 무료로 드립니다. [광 고]

  154. 환급신청하세요, 교통분담금

  155. 洸땍,멕醵,갛홍寮샙100M던堵츰寧쾨怜矜150禱
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