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SAS-L archives – January 2003, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. (광고)☆2003년 컴맹탈출에서 자격증취득까지!☆

  2. (광고)☆무료마술동영상보기☆

  3. (광고)쇼핑몰 구축 + 도매가 물품 공급 + 배송까지 한방에

  4. (광고)안전한 대출을 전화 한통화로...수수료없음

  5. (성인광고).동영상 흥분지수 100%..

  6. 12 Common Programming Mistakes

  7. 1만원 무조건 즉시 지급, 전품목 30% 할인 <19+>

  8. 90% of women say size does matter (gvkpc)

  9. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (14 lines)
      From: Frederick (Bill) Rankin <RANKIN@OLIN.WUSTL.EDU>
    • <No subject> (22 lines)
      From: Liu, Guoyi <LiuG@NJC.ORG>

  10. <성인광고>벗기는 고스톱!!

  11. =?ks_c_5601-1987?B?o6ixpLDto6kxMzo1OCDEq7Xluvogtqe5rr+hILDtuc4guLnB0j8g?= =?ks_c_5601-1987?B?sO25zrOhISEgZmkgKL3Fv+u60reuwNogMTAwJSC068Piuea5/Sk=?=

  12. A new "proc report"

  13. A perfect solution for : How to provent re-entry when a SAS f ile will be included for multiple times

  14. Advertising question

  15. Analysing clustered binary response experimental data

  16. Announcing Availability As Statistician/Analyst/SAS Programmer

  17. Antwort: Re: tip filename SASAUTOS

  18. Attention: All gadget lovers

  19. Attn: Do you have an AntiVirus for the 'NET?

  20. C:\share\TBIN\SubjectLine.txt

  21. Can you do this in one step?

  22. Changing the default action for SAS in Windows 2000(operating system related, not programming)

  23. Clean your PC properly (6 aw29 zu)

  24. Clinical SAS Openings / CA, PA, NJ, MA

  25. DATAFIX vs. 2.31

  26. DB2 woes
    • DB2 woes (454 lines)
      From: Sterling Price <Sterling.Price@WAL-MART.COM>
    • Re: DB2 woes (538 lines)
      From: Jeff Voeller <c-jeff.voeller@WCOM.COM>

  27. Date from text

  28. Dates from text and daily to hourly data

  29. December Commission Run

  30. Deleting line items in financial data

  31. Elegant first and last obs needed

  32. Error with call system command:

  33. Excel formatting Q

  34. Excel to SAS corollary functions/syntax list

  35. Exporting to excel

  36. Factor analysis question

  37. Free macros for Clinical programmers

  38. Fwd: Re: How to output previous spaces of value of variable in pdf file ( trouble with ODS PRINTER PDF output)?

  39. Fwd: Re: unique units vs. observations

  40. GMap-- Help
    • GMap-- Help (27 lines)
      From: Jishnu <jishguha@YAHOO.COM>

  41. GSI Team2003 - Welcome!

  42. Generate the derived data sets for the statistical analyses

  43. Greetings..
    • Greetings.. (23 lines)
      From: Kumar <kushal96@YAHOO.COM>

  44. Help on mass e-mailing with SAS

  45. Help with creating global macro variables

  46. How can I return the first date?

  47. How do I put _all_ without rubbish variables?

  48. How to control line break in ods printer pdf file?

  49. How to open SAS7bcat file

  50. How to output previous spaces of value of variable in pdf file ( trouble with ODS PRINTER PDF output)?

  51. How to use environment variable as SAS variable

  52. How would you like to create your own DVD library? acovf

  53. Hyperthreading?

  54. Identifying repeated patterns in different groups

  55. Indexing SAS datasets

  56. Information for

  57. Insert EXCEL fields into SAS code

  58. Interest rates lowest they have been in 18 months! htgxdcq h nfcu

  59. Interpretation

  60. Invoking SAS using the Sun Grid Engine

  61. Is your CV your weakest link?

  62. Job Question...

  63. Job Vacancy SAS Programmer - South East UK

  64. Job opening
    • Job opening (28 lines)
      From: David Huffer <david.huffer@CSOSA.GOV>

  65. Lack of modern SAS Community

  66. Lack of modern SAS Community forum

  67. Lonely & Bored Housewives Looking For Fun

    • METATEXT (16 lines)
      From: Alvin Igonia <aigonia@CA.IBM.COM>

  69. Need help
    • Need help (38 lines)
      From: Ralph <rpk0524@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Need help (42 lines)
      From: Roland <roland@RASHLEIGH-BERRY.FSNET.CO.UK>
    • Re: Need help (98 lines)
      From: Mark Terjeson <mark.terjeson@NWCSR.COM>
    • Re: Need help (82 lines)
      From: Huang, Ya <yhuang@AMYLIN.COM>

  70. New Job CRM Analysts (SAS/statistics): UK

  71. New Job Vacancy - SAS/Financial based in UK

  72. ODS HTML: change 'NAME=body' in frame set page into something else

  73. ODS tagset question

  74. OT: Outlook email sort by subject line?

  75. Onlinedoc search w W2k IE5.50

  76. Option noxwait works, kinda - revisited - Xcopy and Long Filenames

  77. PROC LIFEREG interpretation

  78. PROC REPORT question

  79. Passing Macros through SAS IntrNet #2

  80. Power calculations of proc mixed repeated measure type data via

  81. Power calculations of proc mixed repeated measure type data via simulation

  82. Proc Report / Template

  83. Proc Report and Call Define

  84. Protect your PC from investigations (61f4b1)

  85. Q: Identifying repeated patterns in different groups

  86. Removing spaces in the put statement

  87. SAS Graph newbie

  88. SAS Programmers-Clinical Trials need for West Coast Consulting

  89. SAS Technology Report for 1/7/03

  90. SAS Viewer Save Problem

  91. SAS programming jobs in UK

  92. SAS testing if any from a list of strings is in a source string (match in scan)

  93. SAS to Excel
    • SAS to Excel (37 lines)
      From: Paula M. Adkins <PAdkins@CHECKFREE.COM>
    • Re: SAS to Excel (39 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. (PHPPO) <rjf2@CDC.GOV>

  94. SAS-L Digest - 29 Dec 2002 to 30 Dec 2002 (#2002-1836)

  95. SAS/Intrnet
    • SAS/Intrnet (12 lines)
      From: Myles Powers <myles.powers@CSC.COM>

  96. STOCK ALERT - TWLO Subscriber # 99610




  100. SUGI28-Hotel Room in Seattle

  101. Sas data validation

  102. Sell my SAS Learning Edition

  103. Splitting up a Variable with Consecutive Delimiters

  104. Splitting up a character Variable to Numeric Values

  105. Spring Break Travel Specials

  106. Statistical learning and data mining course

  107. Strengthen the immune system dr

  108. Suppress warnings

  109. Suppress warnings addt'l info

  110. TRUSTEE
    • TRUSTEE (68 lines)
      From: Mrs Mariam M Seseseko <maryseko2@EPATRA.COM>

  111. Testing
    • Re: Testing (13 lines)
      From: Yan Lee <cmg3452003@YAHOO.CO.UK>

  112. Text to Date

  113. Tired Of Your High Mortgage Rate - REFINANCE TODAY... fdmvwjs xy xzgtqi

  114. Tukey's table

  115. URL bug? (Was: read Cold Fusion using URL access method?)

  116. Without using macro, is it possible?

  117. You need to check out the low interest rates

  118. [광고] 방돔광장입니다!!!

  119. adding variable to an existing SAS library...

  120. altering obs from other obs

  121. appending a dataset

  122. decode base64 character string

  123. defining label mixing quoted and unquoted

  124. downloaded data set from CMS-SAS to PC-SAS?

  125. drop variables with common prefix

  126. filename shares on network (collisions?)

  127. forecasting geographic data

  128. guaranteed refurbished semiconductor manufacturing equipment

  129. help
    • help (36 lines)
      From: Zhonghe Li <zli@HSPH.HARVARD.EDU>
    • Re: help (93 lines)
      From: Prasad S Ravi <prasad.s.ravi@HOUSEHOLD.COM>

  130. how can a batch sas program excecute another program in a separate process in both windows and unix environment?

  131. how can a batch sas program excecute another program in aseparate process in both windows and unix environment?

  132. how to read Missing Values using s370fpd on Unix

  133. need another graph lesson

  134. new macro %fixvars added

  135. new macro %sasindex added

  136. new macro %splitmac added

  137. new macro %splitvar added

  138. new version of %remove added

  139. new years pics

  140. no more DBMS/Analyst... alternatives?

  141. phillips perron unit root test for timeseries

  142. proc report (ods/rtf)

  143. questionnaire

  144. random effect estimate in PROC MIXED

  145. reassign the WORK library

  146. sas-l be forever young

  147. sas-l turn back time during the holiday season

  148. seeking the way or software that converts pdf file to word format file

  149. separate ':' delimited filed (was no subject)

  150. specify length in Proc SQL?

  151. the order of variables shown in a table

  152. tip filename SASAUTOS

  153. uncertainty principle is untenable

  154. unique units vs. observations

  155. what does this mean?

  156. 가면도 없고, 연출도 없고. 오직 생방송입니다. vagwb

  157. 뚝섬엘송빌라분양(광고)

  158. 마음이 우울할땐 허브와 함께 하세요~[광고]

  159. 오빠,주말에 같이 데이트해요* ^^*

  160. 오빠~ 주말에 한번 만나요.
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