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SAS-L archives – March 2003, week 4

  1. "Dumbing Down" vs. "Simplifying"

  2. "ERROR: Invalid page number XXXX"

  3. %cmpres and %sysfun

  4. (광고) (주)한세 I.D. 에서 알려드립니다.

  5. (광고)우수소호창업아이템금상 - 인터넷의 초보도 쇼핑몰 운영

  6. (성인광고) 짜릿한 성생활을 위한 간단한 방법

  7. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (37 lines)
      From: Dr. Olaf Kruse <olaf.kruse@VST-GMBH.DE>
    • <No subject> (42 lines)
      From: sam scott <samscott3@SHUF.COM>
    • <No subject> (49 lines)
      From: harrykan2002@THEMAIL.COM
    • <No subject> (54 lines)
      From: stefanipitts@UOL.COM.AR

  8. =?Big5?B?r3Wquq6ls9+nQaRGXl4=?=

  9. A Message from N.E.Mastorakis

  10. A SAS Beginner - Best Books?

  11. A macro question

  12. AF: Column width in table viewers

  13. AW: Add a new libref into exsiting sasautos library - 1 more thin g

  14. AW: Add a new libref into exsiting sasautos library ?

  15. AW: Cimport on Mainframe

  16. AW: How to read MVS flat frile from PC SAS8.1

  17. AW: help with an occurs in Proc Sql

  18. Add a new libref into exsiting sasautos library ?

  19. Aggregating according to grid coordinates

  20. Angle Function

  21. Angle Function (SAS Tracking Number us5839336)

  22. Assigning LIBREF in CONFIG file

  23. Baby Boomers to GenX 9355Mvad8-687RHBy578-19

  24. Business Proposal.

  25. CFP: WI 2003 & IAT 2003

  26. Calculating subsetted mean using SQL?

  27. Can SAS Do the Blyth-Still-Casella Exact Confidence Interval Method?

  28. Check to see if Data Set is empty

  29. Cimport on Mainframe

  30. Classic Mistake

  31. Classic Mistake v6 to v8

  32. Conditionally Running a SAS program

  33. Convert rows to columns

  34. Create an Id for group of variables

  35. Creating PDF Reports in SAS

  36. Creating Tables

  37. Danger of Revolutionary Networks qtt

  38. Data step question

  39. Determine the file creation date

  40. Directory for Access 97 database?

  41. Echoing Datalines/Cards to Log

  42. End of file with cards4 statement

  43. FC부부-교환 섹-스

  44. FW: A macro question

  45. Format a numeric field as a date

  46. Functions and multi-dim array references

  47. Fwd: Re: [SAS-L] SAS Enterprise Guide for Windows

  48. Generating new SAS data set

  49. Getting SQL Server Data into SAS

  50. Graph Output File

  51. HELP
    • HELP (400 lines)
      From: betty cook <blcook02@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: HELP (165 lines)
      From: Farrer, Andrew C <Andrew.Farrer@CIBC.COM>
    • HELP (654 lines)
      From: betty cook <blcook02@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: HELP (712 lines)
      From: Robert Virgile <virgile@RCN.COM>

    • HELP A WIDOW (55 lines)
      From: MRS. KOBI DUMBA <kdumba@HKNETMAIL.COM>

  53. HTML tags and ODS

  54. Hash on two variables - big datasets, small disk space.

  55. Help Inputting Data

  56. Help with extra column in tabulate

  57. Help with making SQL/Data Step More Efficient

  58. How to Compare Pearson Correlations

  59. How to find duplicate observations in a dataset

  60. IML vs Datastep comparisons

  61. Information

  62. Job Opening at

  63. Kevin Muzzy/BETANOTES is out of the office.

  64. Limiting BY observations

  65. Long Variable Name Bug in Proc Syslin?

  66. Looking to add new sources of revenue quickly?

  67. Macro to conditionally run a SAS program

  68. Macroes and dataset

  69. Maybe an easy question

  70. More details and questions re IML vs. datastep

  71. Multiple bars in HBAR

  72. Multiple bars in SAS Graph

  73. Multiple processes hitting a single SAS data set

  74. New Help with Linguistic Problem

  75. Nonparametric interval-censored failure time test

  76. ODS with Page Breaks & Page Orientation

  77. OLE - Insert Object

  78. OLE-DB connection syntax (ODBC connection to MS SQL Server)

  79. PROC FREQ Question

  80. PROC REPORT - line advances for last column containing data


  82. Passing a string (variable) to an TSO command?

  83. Pivot Table in SAS

  84. Plot the confidence interval in the SAS/GRAPH

  85. Private.
    • Private. (18 lines)
      From: COLE MOYO <colemoyo60@MMAIL.COM>

  86. Probability Proportional to Size sampling

  87. Project Management for a Ranomization Clinical Trial in Tri-State area

  88. Protecting a table column in 6.12

  89. Q: Splitting text put to log

  90. QKM그만하고 올라와

  91. Ret: Macroes and dataset

  92. SAS Beginner

  93. SAS Bowl at SUGI - YOU are invited here TOO !!!

  94. SAS Contractor NJ/PA Opportunities Now

  95. SAS Enterprise Guide for Windows

  96. SAS Opportunity

  97. SAS Views: SAS Basics

  98. SAS and ArcView
    • SAS and ArcView (17 lines)
      From: Kiwan Lee <leekw@ASSETS.WHARTON.UPENN.EDU>

  99. SAS code for Hansen test for Parameter Instability

  100. SAS jobs in the Southeast?

  101. SAS online-tutorial - pharmaceutical company

  102. SAS-L BOF at SUGI - YOU are invited!

  103. SAS-editor supporting automatic code indent

    • SEVERE ERROR (13 lines)
      From: Edward Gano <Edward_Gano@AHM.HONDA.COM>
    • Re: SEVERE ERROR (28 lines)
      From: Farrer, Andrew C <Andrew.Farrer@CIBC.COM>
    • Re: SEVERE ERROR (40 lines)
      From: SAS User <sasuser@GUILDENSTERN.DYNDNS.ORG>

  105. SQL of proc FREQ

  106. SUGI 28 still a GO !!!

  107. SUGI 28 still a GO !!! fluff

  108. SUGI Paper Lists :

  109. SUGI? weather!

  110. Sorting Polygon Boundary Segments

  111. Splitting text put to log

  112. Statistics Modeler Columbus OH

  113. Still Need Help with Linguistic Problem

  114. Striping file name from long dir name

  115. Sum
    • Re: Sum (83 lines)
      From: Ian Whitlock <WHITLOI1@WESTAT.COM>

  116. Testing the global null hypothesis

  117. The Brad Jesness Psychology Con-Man FAQ 5.5 - Updated 3/25/03

  118. Tile map
    • Tile map (18 lines)
      From: sasuser@PROGRAMMER.NET

  119. Transposing the data

  120. Transposing the data (proc report version)

  121. UNIX time vs. SAS time


  123. Urgent Assistance

  124. Urgent formatting problem

  125. Use variable twice in PROC REPORT

  126. WI 2003 & IAT 2003 -- EXTENDED Submission Deadline

  127. Why is SQL taking so long to pull nobs?

  128. Why is SQL taking so long to pull nobs? diff v8 v9

  129. Why is SQL taking so long to pull nobs? v8 to v9

  130. Writing estimate statements

  131. YOU Are In Total Command

  132. [ 광 고 ] 피터래빗 쇼핑몰 100일 기념 이벤트

  133. [광고] [초대장] 방문하셔서 귀하의 현재와 미래를 보시기 바랍니다.

  134. [광고] 당뇨병으로 고생하시는 분을 위하여.

  135. [광고] 무좀탈출 행복시작!!!!!

  136. [광고]남여고급수제화를 저렴함가격에 판매합니다.

  137. a "PUT" question

  138. determine the combination of 4 number by their sum ?

  139. disappearing values on my y axis

  140. disappearing values on my y-axis

  141. e-mail log files?

  142. equivalent to Dateadd(seconds,var,'1 Jan 1970')

  143. good day
    • good day (53 lines)
      From: johnsonabdull <johnsonabdull@VOILA.FR>

  144. help with an occurs in Proc Sql

  145. hot fix 82BB16, 82BB32, 82BX04: Call Execute() generates trun cated code...

  146. hot fix 82BB16, 82BB32, 82BX04: Call Execute() generates truncated code...

  147. how to get rid of borders around footnote?

  148. insert char into a char variable

  149. jobs: SAS- clinical research Northern NJ - Recruiter

  150. making SAS faster

  151. moving multiple files w/ upload procedure

  152. output set from proc contents applied to another data set

  153. performance tuning on IBM AIX

  154. predicting model lift

  155. proc dowload - probably easy

  156. quotation marks and resolving macro vars

  157. reading date values

  158. reorder data set ?

  159. replication of latin squares

  160. sas to vba in excel

  161. sas-l Start on your summer look now

  162. save
    • save (34 lines)
      From: Elisabeth <ttjrb@PORTUGALMAIL.COM>

  163. save plots in unix

  164. two samples kolmogrov-smirnov test

  165. (광고) 모든 LP 50%로 할인공급... 1,000원부터 시작@

  166. 쬋ぞ툯{쫇값악었ㄳ쪨데⒀|┳@ψ쫚쨠@짦뜀 ??

  167. Оㅀ샀┭즙`촑㉩샀업Ŧ.......

  168. 큫뇬쬋짽ㅐㄷ@ず짩Ν........

  169. 억울한 사연좀 들어주십시요

  170. 친구야, 여자친구 소개해주마~

  171. 후회하지않을 DVD소개
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