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SAS-L archives – August 2003, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. $$$ PayPal $$$ (by patrick stephens

  2. .. The debt shortcut company! Read This!09fkdjsanm

  3. 45443-343556

  4. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (18 lines)
      From: Tony Tang <hztangli@YAHOO.COM>
    • <No subject> (44 lines)
      From: Krishna Dandamudi <krishna_db@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • <No subject> (38 lines)
      From: Kevin Myers <WHMyers@CABLEONE.NET>
    • <No subject> (53 lines)
      From: Gerstle, John <yzg9@CDC.GOV>

  5. AS v9 install problem - OS/390

  6. Add one var to a large flat file

  7. Antwort: merge by produces missing values

  8. As the worm turns

  9. BODYTITLE NOT WORKING. (Re: ODS RTF: ... A workaround)

  10. BODYTITLE NOT WORKING. (Re: ODS RTF: ... Another workaround?? )

  11. BODYTITLE NOT WORKING. (Re: ODS RTF: ... Another workaround??)

  12. BODYTITLE NOT WORKING. (Re: ODS RTF: combining headers/footer s with body of text?)

  13. BODYTITLE NOT WORKING. (Re: ODS RTF: combining headers/footers with body of text?)

  14. Ban SQL - it's evil !!

  15. Big data set summary report

  16. Blaster Virus

  17. Bootstrapping a linear growth curve model

  18. Bug in GPlot?

  19. CI and multinomial table

  20. Chow Test
    • Chow Test (20 lines)
      From: Ahmed El-Masry <elmasry10@HOTMAIL.COM>

  21. Comparing Scores From Two Predictive Models_Stat Question

  22. Computing points for plots in regression

  23. Concatenate string records using proc sql

  24. Date Conversion From Character Data

  25. Define an array with previously existing variables?

  26. Designs and Redesign your site for Low Price

  27. Differences between SAS views and SQL views

  28. Excel DDE PUT problems

  29. FW: Non standard character

  30. FW: Strange Error

  31. Get MAX index value efficiently

  32. Getting size of file

  33. HELLO
    • HELLO (28 lines)
      From: Barrister Abraham Agu (LLB). <aagu@HOTMAIL.COM>


  35. HTML & Excel report using ODS on Mainframe

  36. Help
    • Help (71 lines)
      From: betty cook <blcook02@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Help (131 lines)
      From: Prasad S Ravi <prasad.s.ravi@HOUSEHOLD.COM>
    • Re: Help (78 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <Howard_Schreier@ITA.DOC.GOV>

  37. Help with PROC MIXED for repeated measures analysis with time-dependent covariate

  38. Help: how to compare two decaying curves?

  39. How to add a password for SAS data

  40. How to change the value of a character variable.

  41. How to get current time on SAS Procedure output


  43. Is there a way to carry entire macros over to the local sessi on from a remote session?

  44. Is there a way to carry entire macros over to the local session from a remote session?

  45. Job Posting in Utah

  46. List of infrequently seen or undocumented options, commands, format, functions, etc.

  47. Looking for a SAS job in FL

  48. MAPI Vs SMTP
    • Re: MAPI Vs SMTP (50 lines)
      From: Michael L. Davis <michael@BASSETTCONSULTING.COM>

  49. MAPI Vs SMTP- Please igonore the last e-mail

  50. MAPI vs SMTP
    • MAPI vs SMTP (21 lines)
      From: ma015 b8234 <ma015b8234@BLUEYONDER.CO.UK>

    • MINERAL OFFER (37 lines)

  52. MVS allocation of ODS PDF file

  53. MWSUG - 14th Annual Conference! Register now!

  54. Macro Notes
    • Macro Notes (102 lines)
      From: Leonora cru <ldelacru1995@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Macro Notes (144 lines)
      From: Ian Whitlock <WHITLOI1@WESTAT.COM>
    • Re: Macro Notes (169 lines)
      From: Leonora cru <ldelacru1995@YAHOO.COM>

  55. Macro to Import SAS dataset into multiple Excel Sheets using a by group

  56. Macro variables not resolving

  57. Macro variables not resolving (but resolved now)

  58. Merging Files with different Date format

  59. Messy codes and still don't get what I need

  60. Mixed 2 factor ANOVA

  61. Needed: SAS/Connect for SUN Solaris 4

  62. New magnetic Ink! - Get a FREE HP printer!

  63. Non standard character

  64. Nonparametric Multiple comparisons

  65. Norton AntiVirus failed to scan an attachment in a message you se nt.

  66. ODS HTML question...

  67. ODS RTF: combining headers/footers with body of text?

  68. ODS: duplicate data set name

  69. OT: As the worm turns

  70. OT: Friday Enjoyment - Nova Scotia Pictures

  71. OT: Friday Humor
    • OT: Friday Humor (68 lines)
      From: Bosch, Jules [PRDUS Non J&J] <JBosch1@PRDUS.JNJ.COM>

  72. Obtaining Current Paper Size Dimensions

  73. Overallmean vs F Mean


  75. Paper to access RDBMS

  76. PaperSize Error

  77. Primate Programming

  78. Proc Contents gives OBSERVATIONS: .

  79. Question about RETAIN

  80. Question: PROC GLM - How does PROC GLM handle missing values?

  81. R-Square per variable

  82. Reading Phone Switch Data

  83. Reading Sample Credit Files

  84. Reading non windows standard control chars

  85. Reading some lines in a .csv dataset

  86. Report error: 'No default action for the rept data type'

  87. SAS 8.2 and SYBASE 12

  88. SAS and DB2 UDB 8.1 -- New user needs help

  89. SAS and Excel

  90. SAS slow performance problems on Solaris 8 Unix

  91. SAS to MS Word help

  92. SAS v9 install problem - OS/390

  93. SAS/Graph Image Resolution

  94. Save and Load Macro Variable Values

  95. Shell to communicate with Mainframe

  96. Strange Error
    • Re: Strange Error (26 lines)
      From: Goldman, Brad (AT-Atlanta) <Brad.Goldman@AUTOTRADER.COM>

  97. Texts on Probit regression

  98. Tool to best fit a two-term exponential?

  99. Traversing of a .txt-file and identifying occurences of a string.

  100. Traversing of a .txt-file and identifying occurrences of a string.

  101. Tukey with lsmeans and slice

  102. Twilight Zone: Array Implict or Explicit

    • UNSCUBSCRIBE (14 lines)
      From: Jan Lee <jan.lee@WACHOVIA.COM>

  104. Using Call Define in Proc Report to Format entire line

  105. VERY URGENT REPLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Version 9.1 release date?

  107. Warm Heart
    • Warm Heart (51 lines)
      From: Hajia Maryam Abacha <maraba234@ANFMAIL.COM>

  108. We think Debt Sucks. Read this.mi9odfs

  109. Why do two infiles of same file read only once ?

  110. Your kind assistance

  111. adding count of occurences of value of X to data set

  112. caculate total

  113. calculate total

  114. complex denominators in Proc Tabulate

  115. concatenating variables

  116. consulting in europe

  117. contrast statements and proc GLM code problem

  118. e-mail log files with embedded HTML

  119. emailsys smtp

  120. estimation problem in GENMOD

  121. estimation problem in PROC GENMOD

  122. exact log rank test p-values and proc multtest--questions

  123. fileref() ,fileexit()....

  124. from few to many, input/output question

  125. gplot and date axis

  126. help defend your PC against new viruses

  127. help on fileref()/fexist()....

  128. hi
    • Re: hi (26 lines)
      From: bjordan@EMAIL.COM

  129. how does Insert in Proc Sql work from a datastep

  130. how to generate PDF file from SAS output

  131. importing flat files of unknown variables

  132. invoke a REXX exec in the data step on MVS OS390 system.

  133. job: Programmer/Analyst Job in HIV Research

  134. length of character string

  135. loading 500 flat files in a loop

  136. log-likelihood of path models

  137. merge by produces missing values

  138. merge two datasets

  139. most trusted antivirus solution

  140. multinomial probit

  141. multivariate probit

  142. proc dbf not in sas9?

  143. proc gchart and sas9

  144. proc pdf not in sas9?

  145. questions on datetime

  146. refernece line in GPLOT

  147. shifting variables for selected rows

  148. strange result from in:

  149. test - please ignore

  150. time. as 00:01:01

  151. unit root with structural break

  152. unuseful hot fix (problems with SAS v.8.2 help on WinXP)


  154. what should I add to my web site

  155. whats up.. ;-)
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