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SAS-L archives – November 2003, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. .JMP data?
    • .JMP data? (21 lines)
      From: Alex Chavez <alex@DIVIDE0.NET>
    • Re: .JMP data? (32 lines)
      From: Alex Chavez <alex@DIVIDE0.NET>

  2. 2_QAQR britney_spears_still_the_sexiest 2_QAQR4G

  3. A SAS/GRAPH question

  4. Agggregating Paried Variables - Help Needed

  5. Analising Unix work space utilisation

  6. Automated Oracle query from SAS

  7. Boost Your Car's Gas Mileage 27%+.....armina

  8. Boost Your Car's Gas Mileage 27%+.....fidelia

  9. Calculating Confidence Intervals for Correlation

  10. Complex cascading problem

  11. Condos in Canada @ 75 cents on the US Dollar!

  12. Cross-Table with MS Query via ODBC

  13. Emarketing to success !iRGJYh$GRAJS`Cg(4iGB!RC5ER4`*T'CX!

  14. Endocrine Disease Treatments 2002-2007 - 2nd Annual Edition

  15. Evaluating Enterprise Guide

  16. Exact Poisson Or Negative Binomial Regression

  17. Exact logistic



  20. Filevar And Name With Embedded Spaces Or Special Characters

  21. Formatting the TEXT element i ODS

  22. Formula
    • Formula (54 lines)
      From: Microstructure <randistan69@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Formula (94 lines)
      From: Choate, Paul@DDS <pchoate@DDS.CA.GOV>
    • Re: Formula (76 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <Howard_Schreier@ITA.DOC.GOV>
    • Re: Formula (109 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <Howard_Schreier@ITA.DOC.GOV>

  23. GEEs and heterogeneous variance - covariance


  25. Gplots
    • Gplots (15 lines)
      From: Yanal <fake@BYU.EDU>

  26. HASUG Flash Newsletter and MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT

  27. Help with Retain..

  28. Help with SAS Access to SQL Server setup

  29. Help: a PROC GPLOT question

  30. Help? Pick up the every first record in 5 minutes intervals every day.

  31. How does SAS treat missing value in data mining?

  32. How to remove output headers?

  33. INVESTORS: Blue-Chip, Stock-Trading System---77% Return---Automated...caprice

  34. JMP and Statistica

  35. Java Interface IResultPackage

  36. Leading 5 spaces in subject line on SAS-L

  37. Learned Something New about WHERE

  38. Log likelihood in proc genmod

  39. MACRO/PROGRAM to conduct a canonical correspondence analysis

  40. Macro in FILENAME?

  41. Macro scope
    • Macro scope (11 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <radevenz@IX.NETCOM.COM>
    • Re: Macro scope (25 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. (PHPPO) <rjf2@CDC.GOV>

  42. Mina Groman/OH/CheckFree is out of the office.

  43. NLMIXED questions

  44. NLMIXED ref
    • NLMIXED ref (18 lines)
      From: Enrique Pouget <pouget@NDRI.ORG>

  45. New Vacancy; Move into Management of Clinical Statistics

  46. New Vacancy; Recruitment Consultant

  47. Newbie needs help--Any suggestions on where to learn SAS?

  48. Newbies questions (simple)

  49. Newey-West standard errors

  50. Nonlinear models -

  51. November British Columbia SAS User Group One-day Conference

  52. ODS, PDF and page breaks

  53. OLE to Excel.... performance problems in larger tables

  54. OT: Unzipping Zip Files

  55. OT: please do a virus scan...again

  56. Open an lst file in the Output Window

  57. PDS (copy and delete members in the PDS)

  58. PDS (copy and delete members in the PDS) - sorry wrong list

  59. PROC GLM CLDIFF option vs Repeated Measures

  60. PROC REPORT is currently executing....

  61. Picture statement and informats

  62. Plotting bar charts for 2 variables on the same axes

  63. Printing blank lines in log???

  64. Problem with ODS RTF copying into new Word doc

  65. Problem with infile

  66. Proc GPLOT question, elaborated

  67. Proc Reg Error
    • Proc Reg Error (28 lines)
      From: Jeffrey Cohen <jcohen@AESSUCCESS.ORG>

  68. Proc Sort nodup with many variables

  69. Purchasing SAS books in Pasadena/Los Angeles Area - Today

  70. Purchasing SAS books in Pasadena/Los Angeles Area -Today

  71. Purchasing SAS books in Pasadena/Los Angeles Area-Today

  72. QDET: Questionnaire Development Evaluation and Testing Methods

  73. Question-Tranpose and Arrays

  74. RFC: Set operations with delimited macro variables

  75. Reading SAS data into SPSS Clementine

  76. Restoring a SAS library after killing it with PROC DATASETS

  77. Retain statment

  78. SAS Opportinities in India?

  79. SAS formula problem

  80. SAS languages

  81. SAS time problem and formula problem

  82. SAS-L Digest - 4 Nov 2003 - Special issue (#2003-1395)

  83. SAS-Sybase issue

  84. SAS/EIS
    • SAS/EIS (31 lines)
      From: Mike Swift <mswift@AESSUCCESS.ORG>
    • Re: SAS/EIS (96 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <radevenz@IX.NETCOM.COM>

  85. Sample Size/Power repeated measures logistic regression

  86. Scan Array for matches

  87. Scoring Question

  88. Solving linear equations with SAS

  89. Syntax question (Newbe)

  90. THANK YOU -- Re: Filevar And Name With Embedded Spaces Or Special Characters

  91. The New Official SAS User Group in Chicago.

  92. Transforming data

  93. Trying to match imperfect license IDs

  94. URL Programming

  95. US Stock Market: AZAA - Military Aircraft Related Stock...chi

  96. Understanding Macros

  97. Unzipping Zip Files


  99. Windows Directory Utility

  100. Yet another "rename" query

  101. [L>u\8 ChristinaAguilera at her hotest [L>u\8vQ

  102. _temporary_ variables

  103. a PROC GPLOT question

  104. a final challenge

  105. a question of SAS LOG MESSAGE

  106. automate RTF->PDF

  107. change variable attributes

  108. confidence interval

  109. datatime
    • datatime (22 lines)
      From: Ying Hu <yhu@MAIL.NIH.GOV>
    • Re: datatime (28 lines)
      From: Droogendyk, Harry <Harry.Droogendyk@CIBC.COM>
    • Re: datatime (40 lines)
      From: Jekabsons, Janis <Janis.Jekabsons@DRESDNER-BANK.COM>
    • Re: datatime (53 lines)
      From: Schechter, Robert S <robert.schechter@ASTRAZENECA.COM>

  110. double click a sas dataset with permanent format library prob lem

  111. double click a sas dataset with permanent format library problem

  112. dynamic query

  113. embedding TimesNewRoman in PDF

  114. how to paste command to the command line in UNIX display mode?

  115. how to remove one of legends in graph?

  116. if 0 then?
    • if 0 then? (51 lines)
      From: Igor Kurbeko <ikurbeko@ATHEROGENICS.COM>
    • Re: if 0 then? (64 lines)
      From: Droogendyk, Harry <Harry.Droogendyk@CIBC.COM>
    • Re: if 0 then? (82 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <JackHamilton@FIRSTHEALTH.COM>
    • Re: if 0 then? (93 lines)
      From: Paul Dorfman <paul_dorfman@HOTMAIL.COM>

  117. importing .xls 2002 on V8 PC

  118. jop opening at Georgia State

  119. multinomial conditional logit with random effects

  120. output cleared at the wrong moment

  121. outputting residuals in a 2SLS model

  122. problem with LENGHT statement

  123. problem with catalog

  124. sasware ballot 2004 is on line

  125. setting the default directory in SAS code

  126. suggest pagination

  127. superANOVA

  128. tip: v8 to v9 Proc Migrate

  129. using subselect to expel records

  130. why SAS ?
    • Re: why SAS ? (35 lines)
      From: Zalek Bloom <ZalekBloom@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: why SAS ? (38 lines)
      From: --== vonn ==-- <vonnurem@MSN.COM>
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