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SAS-L archives – December 2003, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "ERROR: Read Access Violation In Task ( APPEND ] Exception"

  2. %Flatfile Macro - SUGI 21

  3. ,solve an embarrassing problem ;" xbiiquhfnhc

  4. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (9 lines)
      From: F. J. Kelley <jkelley@UGA.EDU>

  5. ANN: Financial Times FT-150 WebSite Survey

  6. Annoying SAS Note

  7. Antwort: [SAS-L] reading from a data file into a dataset

  8. Ativan.n Xanax.x Valium.m Vicodin.n xntwsmoj sbxfe

  9. Backwards do loop

  10. Binomial var >1 ? still problem

  11. CSV file into SAS data set

  12. Colors in the SAS 8.2 for Windows Enhanced Editor

  13. Computing Probabilities for Day of Week, Hour of Day, and Day *Hour

  14. Computing Probabilities for Day of Week, Hour of Day, and Day*Hour

  15. Contract SAS programmer - Washington DC

  16. Creating SAS dataset on tape on OS/390

  17. Creating new variables

  18. Directory contents from within SAS/IntrNet

  19. Does Proc Import automatically sort input

  20. Does a system command (x 'cat file1.dat file2.dat > file1_2.d at') work in a sas program file???

  21. Does a system command (x 'cat file1.dat file2.dat > file1_2.dat') work in a sas program file???

  22. FAQ how to ListServ

  23. FAQ how to search ListServ

  24. FAQ tis the season to be Out of Office

  25. FW: bar code output from SAS

  26. Fontsize in ODS PDF produced Output

  27. GASUG: February 3rd 2004

  28. Good Unix-based search engine?

  29. Graph annotate

  30. Heart/ Cardiovascular Disease Report

  31. Help with Error Message

  32. Help with merge or combine

  33. Horizontal Ruler between two titles (ODS PDF)

  34. How do I retrieve the owner name of a dataset ?

  35. How does SAS deal with continuous quantitative attributes' association

  36. How to test whether differences from several distributions are equal

  37. Incidence Density Calculations in SAS

  38. Is there a SAS Proc to solve the equation of the following type: a*(x-b)=ln(x/b)?

  39. Is this the end of HRT - BRAND NEW Industry report

  40. Job - Contract SAS / AIX Developer - Phoenix, AZ

  41. John Bentley/A&O/FirstUnion is out of the office.

  42. Junior SAS/Sql Programmer

  43. Launch new sas instance to run macro

  44. Learning SAS, not free but reasonable

  45. MASSACHUSETTS - Entry Level / Junior Programmer

  46. Managed Care Analytics Position in Pharma

  47. Mergeing multiple datasets

  48. Methodological question

  49. Modifying styles using ODS escapechar= option

  50. Multiple lines per subject

  51. NLMIXED model unstable?

  52. Need a book hint for learning SAS

  53. Non-linear models

  54. OT - Friday afternoon funny

  55. OT - Friday afternoon funny - SIlver cars full text

  56. OT - for those of you who like multiple choice tests (puzzle)

  57. OT: List Server

  58. OT: SAS-L Emails are duplicating in Outlook

  59. Over Looked Base SAS Procedures

  60. P-value outpted in PRC Model

  61. PROC GMAP | specifying colors | choro

  62. Passing a ds of filenames into macro

  63. Permutation problem

  64. Permutation problem - MerryXmas

  65. Proc Expand??

  66. Q relating to use of PROC MIXED to implement panel data model w/ AR(1)error.

  67. Question about Permanent Datasets

  68. Questions of Association node in Enterprise Miner

  69. SAS Internet Resources: Tutorials, Papers, Groups, Downloads, etc .

  70. SAS Syntax Editor

  71. SAS V. 9 Connectivity to ORACLE Data Warehouse

  72. SAS program as Telnet Client (newbie)

  73. SAS server hardware upgrade

  74. SAS-L Digest - 18 Dec 2003 - Special issue (#2003-1574)

  75. SAS-L: unsubscribe out-of-office vacation

  76. SAS/EIS multidimensional report

  77. SCL control after %filesrv

  78. SCL delete objects / garbage collection

  79. SESUG proceedings

    • Re: SYNCSORT (52 lines)
      From: David L. Cassell <cassell.david@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV>

  81. Season's Greetings from SESUG

  82. Semi-OT: format .csv or .htm, import to excel, retain leading zeros

  83. Statistical question - Category data comparisons

  84. Time Interval Aggregation to an Event

  85. Transpose/Arrays

    • UNSUBSCRIBE (16 lines)
      From: Nagakumar Sridhar <nsridhar@ATHEROGENICS.COM>

  87. VB, FB, Input, @


  89. Warning about BY processing for views in version 9.0 (long)

  90. XP+v9 cancel submit, where log echo?

  91. XP, IE 6, Java and SAS' OnlineDocs --- where do I go now?

  92. Your dic_k is small? This is for you!

  93. [ANN] DATA Step hash macros

  94. [PUZZLE] Find the sums

  95. correlation matrix

  96. couple of OS/390 ODS questions

  97. data display and collection

  98. data transformation

  99. database preparation

  100. diagnostic plots for mixed models

  101. direct and indirect standardization

  102. double covariate structure: or is it?

  103. function for quartile flags (cut points)

  104. help on renaming variables in SAS

  105. how do i learn sas for free?!?

  106. htmSQL: Examples that work

  107. justify = on/off (ODS) (NOT JUST = c|l|r)

  108. learning SAS for free

  109. multiple imputation

  110. ods rtf with no observations

  111. parameter passing from HTML page

  112. path to executing file

  113. proc SQL query optimization?

  114. proc logistic odds ratio output

  115. proc mixed and proc mianalyze

  116. proc report line statement

  117. proc report vjust=Middle

  118. proc sylk
    • proc sylk (60 lines)
      From: Chang Y. Chung <chang_y_chung@HOTMAIL.COM>

  119. question on input data for proc mianalyze

  120. question on output dataset from "proc logistic" with "by" statement

  121. reading from a data file into a dataset

  122. remove from mailing list

  123. repeating the same random selection?

  124. rtf proc report compute _after_

  125. sampling with random point access

  126. sum for proc report

  127. test - please ignore

  128. test-ignore
    • test-ignore (9 lines)
      From: Shawn Edney <Edney.Shawn@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV>

  129. this is test
    • this is test (8 lines)
      From: ½Å¼ºÃ¶ <shin508@COMPUZ.COM>
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