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SAS-L archives – December 2003, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 'Tis the season: Autoresponder (O-o-O) messages

  2. Bad %IF condition

  3. CR/LF in AF
    • CR/LF in AF (31 lines)
      From: Becker, Eckhard [IAW-06] <EBecker@VHV.DE>
    • Re: CR/LF in AF (47 lines)
      From: Randy Herbison <RandyHerbison@WESTAT.COM>

  4. Check it out!!

  5. Computing Probabilities for Day of Week, Hour of Day, and Day*Hour

  6. Covariate (Proc GLM) Troubleshooting Question- Test of homogeneity of slopes problem

  7. Domain Error
    • Domain Error (27 lines)
      From: Bruce Johnson <bjohnson@SOLUCIENT.COM>
    • Re: Domain Error (30 lines)
      From: David L. Cassell <cassell.david@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV>

  8. Error occured in "proc mianalyze" used after %glimmix macro

  9. FW: Data Mining Contest, $1500 Grand Prize, Please forward to stu dents and professors. This is the only article in this thread View:

  10. GENNUM
    • GENNUM (23 lines)
      From: Kevin Roland Viel <kviel@EMORY.EDU>
    • Re: GENNUM (41 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. (PHPPO) <rjf2@CDC.GOV>
    • Re: GENNUM (67 lines)
      From: Droogendyk, Harry <Harry.Droogendyk@CIBC.COM>
    • Re: GENNUM (33 lines)
      From: David L. Cassell <cassell.david@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV>
    • Re: GENNUM (28 lines)
      From: Kevin Roland Viel <kviel@EMORY.EDU>


  12. How does SAS deal with continuous quantitative attributes' association

  13. How to SUM a Range of Variables in PROC MEANS

  14. How to unsubscribe

  15. Kim Truett/PH/Novartis is out of the office.

  16. Launch new sas instance to run macro


  18. Methodological question

  19. New software for computer +M?7laGCl$MAARcKAh

  20. OLE DB vs. ODBC issue

  21. OT - Friday afternoon funny - SIlver cars full text

  22. OT - for those of you who like multiple choice tests (puzzle)

  23. Out of memory: Happy Holidays

  24. PROC GMAP | specifying colors | choro

  25. PROC LOGISTIC parameter estimates

  26. Problem Using %STR function to add special characters to a string

  27. Proc Autoreg Question

  28. Proc Autoreg question

  29. Proc Datasets

  30. Proc Freq/Cochran-Mantell-Haenszel

  31. Proc Lifetest plot

  32. Proc Tabulate and chisq test

  33. Proc Transpose

  34. REPORT: build URL using GROUP and ACROSS variables

  35. Remove me from SAS email list ASAP

  36. SAS-L Panel / About Unanswered Questions

  37. SAS-L Panel / Coping with the High Volume

  38. SAS-L Panel / FAQ

  39. SAS-L Panel / Increasing Awareness of SAS-L

  40. SAS-L Panel / Kind and Gentle, or Not

  41. SAS-L Panel / Offline Responses

  42. SAS-L Panel / Quality of Postings

  43. SAS-L Panel / SAS-L Archives

  44. SAS-L Panel / SAS-L as a Resource for Learning

  45. SAS-L Panel / SAS-L vs. SAS Institute Tech Support

  46. SAS-L Panel / Subject Lines

  47. SAS-L Panel Discussion at NESUG 2003

  48. SUGI 29 Focus Groups

  49. SUGI 29 focus groups

  50. SV: Does a system command (x 'cat file1.dat file2.dat > file1_2.dat') work in a sas program file???

  51. Seasonal Greetings

  52. Shakira getting dirty with dildo

  53. Stepwise Poisson Regression

  54. TCP/IP Error
    • TCP/IP Error (16 lines)
      From: Frank Mwaniki <fmwan@AOL.COM>
    • Re: TCP/IP Error (46 lines)
      From: Michael L. Davis <michael@BASSETTCONSULTING.COM>

    • UNSUBSCRIBE (10 lines)
      From: Ahmed El-Masry <elmasry10@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: UNSUBSCRIBE (26 lines)
      From: F. J. Kelley <jkelley@UGA.EDU>

  56. Updated SAS Tool - Cataloger (BETA)

  57. Using RETAIN to reorder with a Name Prefix list (colon specifica tion)

  58. VB, FB, Input, @

  59. Views and engines problem

  60. bug in proc import?

  61. called macros

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  64. data format change question

  65. footnotes without the word footnote in them

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  68. free paris hilton footage

  69. gluing single quote to mvar contents using %LET

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  71. help on renaming variables in SAS

  72. hi
    • hi (32 lines)
      From: Timothy Holland <timothyholland_rm@CONNECTFREE.CO.UK>

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  74. named pipes in IML

  75. ods number of reports per page

  76. reading perinatal mortality data (was "sas question")

  77. sas question

  78. string/date manipulation

  79. this just releassed paris hilton sex video free site

  80. tip Base SAS Templates ready for viewing

  81. unsubscribe
    • Re: unsubscribe (10 lines)
      From: Zhang, Jianying <Jianying.Zhang@UMASSMED.EDU>

  82. watch p4ris h1lt0n for free

  83. why 3 weeks from database release to final reports?
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