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SAS-L archives – January 2004, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. ANN: eValid FT-150 Top Page Download Time Survey

  2. AW: AW: R^2 when running proc REG under /noint option: how interpreting the output?

  3. AW: R^2 when running proc REG under /noint option: how interpreting the output?

  4. Antidepressant Market Forecasts 2003 - 2008

  5. Array Question!
    • Array Question! (55 lines)
      From: Kirsty Lauderdale <kirsty.lauderdale@EUROPE.PPDI.COM>
    • Re: Array Question! (80 lines)
      From: Droogendyk, Harry <Harry.Droogendyk@CIBC.COM>

  6. Assign variables to a new variable based on variable names in SAS

  7. Assign variables to a new variable dynamically in SAS

  8. Assistance with macro please

  9. Automatic numeric/character type conversion: suggestions wanted for paper

  10. Blog or BB in SAS/Intrnet?

  11. Buy Valium Anxiety Reliever Pills Online

  12. Buy Xanax Online from a US Pharmacy

  13. CT: Job Posting: Biostatistician

  14. Combining different printouts in one

  15. Command to reattach columns from a Data Set Model to a Form Viewer?

  16. Compressing blanks out

  17. Computing Probabilities for Day of Week, Hour of Day, and Day*Hour

  18. Confirm Your Information!

  19. Coping values down a variable

  20. Counting the number of missing values in character variables

  21. Cox Regression

  22. Create vars. from from data values

  23. Customize Tools. Add Next Page button for REPORT window


  25. Dash Board

  26. Data view input vs output

  27. Director of Statistics - Specialist Statistical Consultant UK

  28. Excel date
    • Excel date (15 lines)
      From: Mai To <Mai.To@UTH.TMC.EDU>
    • Re: Excel date (27 lines)
      From: Laurel Copeland <Laurel.Copeland@MED.VA.GOV>
    • Re: Excel date (33 lines)
      From: Choate, Paul@DDS <pchoate@DDS.CA.GOV>


  30. FW: Announcement from SAS Education

  31. FW: Logistic Regression

  32. File has changed outside the editor

  33. Getting "moving" mean of variables in longitudinal data set

  34. Graphic drawing for tree decision

  35. Greplay side by side


  37. Having sleep trouble? No prescription required - Ambien, ...

  38. Help with Proc Summary??????

  39. Help yourself!
    • Help yourself! (19 lines)
      From: Angela Sanders <angela.sanders_wc@YAHOO.COM>
    • Help yourself! (19 lines)
      From: Chance J. Stratton <cstratton_zj@AOL.COM>

  40. How do i use sas for constructing weights in weighted least squares ?

  41. How to create Temporary data set?

  42. How to make them into macro vars?

  43. How to read in a file with various delimiters?

  44. I've made $9,000 sitting on my ass, you can too, its SO Easy you'd

  45. Ignore Case?
    • Re: Ignore Case? (63 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <Howard_Schreier@ITA.DOC.GOV>
    • Re: Ignore Case? (89 lines)
      From: Droogendyk, Harry <Harry.Droogendyk@CIBC.COM>

  46. Info regarding vigra

  47. Job Opening: Washington, D.C.

  48. Job opening: Washington, D.C.

  49. Jobs - SAS Programmers - Marlabs Inc.

  50. Jobs - SAS programmers - Midwest

  51. Jobs - Statistical/SAS Modelers - Midwest

  52. LaTeX SUGconf.sty Adobe font abbreviations

  53. Levitra Online - Next Day Delivery

  54. Linux and Windows partition

  55. Logistic Regression Question for our Statisticians

  56. MERGE confusion and disbelief

  57. Macros for recursive subroutine in data step

  58. Measure of Egocentricity

  59. Merging multiple datasets

  60. Missing in Standard Error in PROC NLMIXED ?

  61. Mixed model course

  62. Modulen under Unix?

  63. New PhD / MSC Statistician to join leading Pharmaceutical Company UK

  64. ODBC driver and ACCESS query

  65. ODS RTF BODYTITLE problem (update)

  66. OT - Little Birdies fyi

  67. OT: Adobe Acrobat on HP Unix?

  68. OT: Measure of Egocentricity

  69. One simple question about macro

  70. PROC GLM's "Class" statement (vs. using dummy coding for qual variables)

  71. PROC LIFEREG: Estimating Failure Time Distribution

  72. PROC PLAN m-chose-n

  73. PROC SQL and round-function

  74. Padding a column with space

  75. Panel data analysis -- proc mixed syntax

  76. Pharmacogenomics Statistician ( suit academic )

  77. Pre-SUGI training on ODS

  78. Prediction of Subsurface Elevations Across Faults

  79. Probabilistic Record Linkage using Fellegi-Sunter model

  80. Proc Import

  81. Proc Match, Proc Print, WHERE, and data cleaning

  82. Proc Report line highlighting

  83. Proc Tabulate

  84. Proc transpose vs proc means

  85. Question on first. and last.variable

  86. Questions on Percentiles

  87. Quit Smoking in Seven Days

  88. RE - Little Birdies fyi

  89. R^2 when running proc REG under /noint option: how interpreti ngthe output?

  90. R^2 when running proc REG under /noint option: how interpreting the output?

  91. R^2 when running proc REG under /noint option: how interpretingthe output?

  92. R^2 when running proc REG under /noint option: howinterpretingthe output?

  93. Reading Multiple Lines of Data per Observation

  94. Reading the data from the Internet

  95. Refill Your Prescription Online

  96. Refill your medication online!

  97. Refill your prescriptions here! No doctors visits!

  98. Regression
    • Regression (19 lines)
      From: Beckman, Anthony <Anthony_Beckman@URMC.ROCHESTER.EDU>
    • Re: Regression (38 lines)
      From: Paul R Swank <Paul.R.Swank@UTH.TMC.EDU>

  99. Regression question

  100. SAS Examples
    • SAS Examples (12 lines)
      From: H <hchadhany@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: SAS Examples (61 lines)
      From: Elmaache, Hamani <Hamani.Elmaache@CCRA-ADRC.GC.CA>
    • Re: SAS Examples (17 lines)
      From: Charles Patridge <charles_s_patridge@PRODIGY.NET>

  101. SAS Loop
    • SAS Loop (11 lines)
      From: RB_SASTER <rbrookler@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: SAS Loop (15 lines)
      From: Arthur Tabachneck <art297@NETSCAPE.NET>

  102. SAS Programmer : Major pharmaceutical company


  104. SAS Warehouse Administrator

  105. SAS reference

  106. SAS training in central NJ starting Jan 26

  107. SAS-L 2003 From

  108. SAS-L BOF at SUGI 29

  109. SAS/TOOLKIT: pass-through engine to postgres on Linux

    • SERIOUS MATTER (43 lines)
      From: mercy_inyang1 <mercy_inyang1@MOLDOVA.CC>

  111. SME Marketing for success $GCAUdGi


  113. SUGI 29 Hotels

  114. SUGI Reservations

  115. Savung edparms
    • Savung edparms (12 lines)
      From: Don Burklo <dwburklo@COPELAND-CORP.COM>
    • Re: Savung edparms (51 lines)
      From: Peter Crawford <peter@CRAWFORDSOFTWARE.DEMON.CO.UK>

  116. Select distinct / variable length bug? (proc sql)

  117. Sending email in SAS

  118. Simulation
    • Simulation (35 lines)
      From: James Algina <algina@UFL.EDU>

  119. Starting with SAS

  120. Starting with SAS, again

  121. Statistical Consultant : Genetics ( will take epidemiologist!)-UK

  122. TCP/IP & NetBIOS comparison?

  123. TRANSPOSE and Analysis of the Distribution

  124. Table Lookup Question

  125. Take control of your youth!

  126. The weekend viagra

  127. Tip: Correct Syntax For Embedding RTF Characters In PROC REPORT Output

  128. Tip: PROC REPORT Aligning Line statements with ODS HTML

  129. Try Our Diet Fitness Program

  130. Updated SAS Tool - ZipCoder

  131. Updating values of a field in Indexed dataset with values from other

  132. Updating values of a field in Indexed dataset with values fromother

  133. Viagra that last all weekend

  134. What informat to use for this date?

  135. Where can I find a sample datasets?

  136. Windows Batch to Launch Unix Sas

  137. Working with dates, part II

  138. [gotcha] %MACRO Statement having parameters documented with %* comment

  139. [howto] Read Yahoo stock quotes

  140. a question of macro variable

  141. altering the name of a table column

  142. assistance with professional association

  143. bad value
    • bad value (18 lines)
      From: William Kossack <kossackw@NJC.ORG>
    • Re: bad value (34 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <JackHamilton@FIRSTHEALTH.COM>
    • Re: bad value (52 lines)
      From: Bruce Johnson <bjohnson@SOLUCIENT.COM>
    • Re: bad value (36 lines)
      From: Droogendyk, Harry <Harry.Droogendyk@CIBC.COM>
    • Re: bad value (44 lines)
      From: William Kossack <kossackw@NJC.ORG>
    • Re: bad value (77 lines)
      From: Droogendyk, Harry <Harry.Droogendyk@CIBC.COM>
    • Re: bad value (63 lines)
      From: Choate, Paul@DDS <pchoate@DDS.CA.GOV>

  144. bad value how does compress work?

  145. best statistics book to review, before studying SAS LE?

  146. buy valium cheap - Diazepam is used to relieve anxiety, muscle spasms, and seizures.

  147. get bigger in ur pants

  148. hazard ratios and confidence intervals for Cox regression

  149. help system
    • Re: help system (48 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <Howard_Schreier@ITA.DOC.GOV>

  150. how to test difference in difference?

  151. keystroke execution via SAS

  152. linking to SAS-L web interface

  153. men need this patch

  154. name of dataset

  155. one simple question

  156. openldap v2.1.12 / sas spawner

  157. proc report rbreak label

  158. proc sql retrieving long integer

  159. protectspecialchars=off

  160. repeated measures

  161. satinit or got sas?

  162. save dataset contents as string

  163. simple problem

  164. sincerly request

  165. summing across observations

  166. the ultimate herbal patch for men
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