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SAS-L archives – January 2004, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Extra" variable created in array

  2. $$$ Im at a loss for words THIS WORKS $$$

  3. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (9 lines)
      From: F. J. Kelley <jkelley@UGA.EDU>

  4. AW: Appropraiteness of PROC GENMOD

  5. AW: Error - [isoliert]

  6. Annoucement: German SAS book at Oldenbourg - Deutsches SAS Buch bei Oldenbourg

  7. Anybody have a fix for PROC DBLOAD bug?

  8. Appropraiteness of PROC GENMOD

  9. Big endian help

  10. Buisness days between two dates.

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  15. Can I have a wildcard in the middle?

  16. Challenging Data Parsing Program - Multiple records crammed i nto one

  17. Challenging Data Parsing Program - Multiple records crammed into one

  18. Checking the record length of a file

  19. Compare Valium Prices Online

  20. Compare these three methods

  21. Convert all characters to lower case

  22. Correlatoin of Geologic Horizons (was Re: Appropraiteness of PROC GENMOD)

  23. Customize Tools. Add Next Page button for REPORT window

  24. DB2 date and SAS date

  25. DM, SAS Windows, Pmenu Via The Command Line

  26. Data Type mismatch SAS Numeric variable and DB2 column integer

  27. Date format...still

  28. Dates from Excel

  29. Don't be left out!

  30. Dropping variables in a macro

  31. Elapsed Days, Hours, and Minutes

  32. Excel date
    • Re: Excel date (190 lines)
      From: Choate, Paul@DDS <pchoate@DDS.CA.GOV>

  33. Extracting Data

  34. Extracting Data #2

  35. FORMAT Time Problem

  36. Frequency of ranges


  38. Getting rid of the trailing blanks

  39. Greplay side by side

  40. Help: factor analysis in survey data

  41. Holding output across the datasteps using put and trailing @

  42. How do I get info about targetdevice ?

  43. How to build the three-line linear model using "Proc nlin"?

  44. How to convert SAS file to .v5x file?

  45. How to rename variables.

  46. How to rename variables.(update)

  47. I don't receive e-mail from SAS-L. Reply Please

  48. Interleaving Observations

  49. It's your body....

  50. Kin-Cohort Study

  51. LUG: GASUG: Greater Atlanta SAS User Meeting Tu February 3rd

  52. La chance de votre vie

  53. Leaving Do loop in %Do

  54. List input question

  55. Macro cards to text file / put ?

  56. Macro to save/restore options

  57. Merge Question: Fuzzy merge / SQL? - Interesting situation

  58. Merging question: Fuzzy merge, SQL, or data step

  59. Multinomial logistic regression - hypothesis testing

  60. Multiple histogram

  61. New Job : Clinical Statistician needed to join large Pharmaceutical Company (ALL BACKGROUNDS CONSIDERED)

  62. New Job: Junior Statistician - will take medical statistician or trainee- UK near London

  63. ODBC driver and ACCESS query

  64. ODS Excel Special Formats

  65. ODS/rtf + gchart bombs when runs in batch?

  66. OS/3390 pds directory block's

  67. OS/3390 pds directory blocks

  68. OT: SAS-L Subscriber in FL

  69. OT: Terminal emulation keyboard mapping with the IBM 122 Key keyboard

  70. Online Seminar: Longitudinal Research: Present Status and Future Prospects by Judith Singer & John Willett

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  74. PHREG contrast statement?

  75. Plz Help Me
    • Plz Help Me (17 lines)
      From: Yerramsetty, Naveen Kumar (Cognizant) <ynaveen@CHN.COGNIZANT.COM>
    • Re: Plz Help Me (40 lines)
      From: Bruce Johnson <bjohnson@SOLUCIENT.COM>

  76. Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED

  77. Print a format from a format library

  78. Question about Merge .. Fuzzy match /SQL?

  79. Question about converting data from vertical to horizontal

  80. Questions about PROC MIXED

  81. RE : a question of End SAS macro


  83. Reading Multiple Lines of Data per Observation

  84. Reading a lot of text from Excel

  85. Reading foreign files

  86. SAS Connect resource hog? Advice.

  87. SAS Performance

  88. SAS Programming and Analysis Positions

  89. SAS-L 2003 From

  90. SAS-L IRC Channel

  91. SAS-L Subscriber in FL

  92. SKIPMISS with STDM1: how can I make it work?

  93. Sample log files

  94. Separating Data in Excel by Commas

  95. Server to Server SAS Migration

  96. Should I use MACRO on this?

  97. Sizing a processor for SAS

  98. Solve equation numerically.

  99. Summarizing in Proc Report

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  101. Survey weights?

  102. Take control of your youth!

  103. Tip: Writing RTF Commands To Use WORD Styles To Streamline Table Of Contents Creation

  104. Updating SAS table with lookup value - partial key Join?

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  106. Variance Component 0 in split-plot using Proc Mixed.

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  108. WARNING: Units were not specified

  109. Writing to (in) HTML

  110. Zero inflated poisson model

  111. a question of End SAS macro

  112. a question on counting

  113. a simple question( needed to resolve urgently...Please help)

  114. average 3 adjacent values

  115. bait
    • bait (8 lines)
      From: shark@FLOTSAM.CA

  116. build a model with only the significant factors and interacti ons

  117. build a model with only the significant factors and interactions

  118. build a model with only the significant factors andinteractions

  119. build a model with only the significant factorsandinteractions

  120. buy Xanax and Valium prior rx needed

  121. compute _row_ in proc report to merge rows

  122. confidence interval for a quotient of two means

  123. convert integer to string in select query

  124. count & count(distinct)

  125. custom format attributes?

  126. help: count non-missing values?

  127. horizontal ticks in UNIVARIATE HISTOGRAM

  128. how-to stop datasteps if nobs=0 in macro

  129. linking to SAS-L web interface

  130. macro - product

  131. master/detail form viewer and table viewer

  132. multi-threaded or not?

  133. nested ANOVA and F ratio calculation

  134. non-trended multiplicative seasonality

  135. ods question
    • ods question (59 lines)
      From: Kirsty Lauderdale <kirsty.lauderdale@EUROPE.PPDI.COM>
    • Re: ods question (96 lines)
      From: Andre Wielki <wielki@INED.FR>

  136. ods rtf: adding border to a specific row

  137. page number?
    • page number? (21 lines)
      From: kazem zendehdel <kazemzendehdel@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: page number? (39 lines)
      From: Choate, Paul@DDS <pchoate@DDS.CA.GOV>

  138. proc SORT - create variables during execution?

  139. proc report summing an across variable

  140. protectspecialchars=off

  141. putting logo on SAS/GRAPH output

  142. repeated measures analysis of variance

  143. they used to be the only ones.

  144. wide table from proc report to pdf
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