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SAS-L archives – February 2004, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. %SYSFUNC, TRANWRD, and quoting

  2. +++++++ Make Money Giving Away FREE Satellite TV Systems!!

  3. .trn file
    • .trn file (16 lines)
      From: Ling Yun Chen <lchen@RHOWORLD.COM>
    • Re: .trn file (44 lines)
      From: Robert Burbidge <RBurbidge@PHD.CO.UK>
    • Re: .trn file (41 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <JackHamilton@FIRSTHEALTH.COM>
    • Re: .trn file (37 lines)
      From: Chakravarthy, Venky <Venky.Chakravarthy@PFIZER.COM>

  4. .trn file--thanks

  5. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (13 lines)
      From: Ian Whitlock <iw1junk@COMCAST.NET>

  6. AW: Clearing Log Window

  7. Adjusting column widths for proc report rtf output

  8. Attention Buffalo area SAS users

  9. Big output proc tabulate

  10. Binary Value Checking

  11. Binary check on a Return Code Field

  12. Buy Valium the Easy Way

  13. Buy Xanax Online from a US Pharmacy

  14. Buy Xanaxand Valium Online

  15. Calling stored procedure from SAS - Newbie

  16. Changing Oracle Passwords via SAS pass-through command

  17. Changing the order of variables on a SAS data set.

  18. Clearing Log Window

  19. CleveSUG Winter Meeting and Spring Training Announcement

  20. Comparing/Deleting common records in 2 datasets

  21. Confirm Your Information!

  22. Connect, Ent. Guide, and Integ. Tech.

  23. Consulting Opportunity

  24. Contract SAS positions in PA and DE

  25. Data Architect - Openings..!!!

  26. Dataset to Excel Question

  27. Date Informat missing (NEWBIE)

  28. Date on flat file field keeps turning up as 010100 (NEWBIE)

  29. Deleting ODS templates

  30. Do over!
    • Do over! (21 lines)
      From: Talbot Michael Katz <topkatz@MSN.COM>
    • Re: Do over! (7 lines)
      From: Peter Crawford2 <peter.crawford@BLUEYONDER.CO.UK>
    • Re: Do over! (44 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <JackHamilton@FIRSTHEALTH.COM>
    • Re: Do over! (43 lines)
      From: Mike Rhoads <RHOADSM1@WESTAT.COM>

  31. Don't Pay for PPV Movies! ^ vpinxocuuac

  32. Ebay Account Update

  33. Elementary Statistics Book

  34. Email marketing

  35. Ever wonder why Men stars feel....

  36. Extended selection in Table Viewer v8

  37. Fit Exponentialfunction with constant to Survivaldata

  38. Good article about SAS

  39. Great Macros
    • Great Macros (20 lines)


  41. HELP - SAS Supervisor

  42. Help needed with outputting..

  43. Help with Proc Means..

  44. Help-Looking for datasets to try out logistic regression

  45. How do I find the sum of mean values in a PROC TABULATE statement?

  46. How do I validate a newly-created model?

  47. How to recover source macro code from log file

  48. How to tell SET KEY= to repoint to the top of the subset?

  49. I"ncrease" * D'IC,K L*ENGT-H : xsxcngbzjf

  50. IV (2 stage least squares, 2SLS) estimation with panel data

  51. If first/if last one more time

  52. Integrating clinical database

  53. It's time to meet the new you!

  54. It's your life....


  56. Macro Execution in a Datastep

  57. Macro frustrations

  58. Macro problem

  59. Matchcode
    • Matchcode (30 lines)
      From: John Banslaben <john@ABSEILDIRECT.COM>
    • Re: Matchcode (45 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <ghellrieg@T-ONLINE.DE>
    • Re: Matchcode (60 lines)
      From: Sigurd Hermansen <HERMANS1@WESTAT.COM>
    • Re: Matchcode (86 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <JackHamilton@FIRSTHEALTH.COM>
    • Re: Matchcode (92 lines)
      From: Duck-Hye Yang <dyang@CHAPINHALL.ORG>
    • Re: Matchcode (106 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <JackHamilton@FIRSTHEALTH.COM>

  60. Memory size for output window

  61. Merging files that do not have the same number of rows

  62. Microsoft Excel Macro help!!!!!!

  63. Missing Visits data

  64. Newbie Question: How to determine the physical path of my init script

  65. Numeric to Character

  66. Numeric to Character (Thanks !!!)

  67. ODS Results display raw RTF...

  68. ODS pdf to print two tables on same page

  69. OT: Research
    • OT: Research (18 lines)
      From: Jules Bosch <Jules@BOSCHSYSTEMS.COM>

  70. OT: SUG authors using PowerPoint

  71. Ordering variables

  72. PROC PRINT sum question

  73. Persistent error in where statement...

  74. Pointer line control problem

  75. Printing character variables down the page

  76. Proc DBLOAD Append data to excel

  77. Proc Genmod - proportional odds model

  78. Question of Merging.

  79. RE : Elementary Statistics Book

  80. RE : RE : does a newsgroup SAS exist in french?

  81. RE : does a newsgroup SAS exist in french?

  82. Read SAS date from log/turning it into SAS datetime value

  83. Resolving Macro variable in Cards Stmt!

  84. Réf. : run a macro multiple times

  85. S00the your Anxiety Xanax and Valium Online

  86. SAS - user access to sas server

  87. SAS 2003 financial results etc.

  88. SAS Array logic problem

  89. SAS data manipulation Qn

  90. SAS macro
    • SAS macro (23 lines)
      From: June <spairz@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: SAS macro (35 lines)
      From: Don Stanley <don_stanley@PARADISE.NET.NZ>
    • Re: SAS macro (44 lines)
      From: DePuy, Venita <depuy001@DCRI.DUKE.EDU>
    • Re: SAS macro (60 lines)
      From: Don Stanley <don_stanley@PARADISE.NET.NZ>
    • Re: SAS macro (64 lines)
      From: Glenn Heagerty <gheagerty@EARTHLINK.NET>
    • Re: SAS macro (76 lines)
      From: Don Stanley <don_stanley@PARADISE.NET.NZ>
    • Re: SAS macro (107 lines)
      From: Glenn Heagerty <gheagerty@EARTHLINK.NET>

  91. SQL join with Mixed Data types (was RE: Help with Proc Means. .)

  92. SQL join with Mixed Data types (was RE: Help with Proc Means..)

  93. SQL outer join missing values

  94. SUGI 29 -- Early Bird Discount Deadline Extended!

  95. Senior SAS Programmer (Pharmaceuticals)

  96. Set print area in Excel via SAS

  97. Somewhat OT: Restrictive employment contracts

  98. Stopping a SAS/SHARE server - Help needed

  99. Switching between ISPF and SAS

  100. The weekend viagra

  101. Transpose Blockage

  102. Trend Analysis_Statistics Question

    • UNSUBSCRIBE (83 lines)
      From: John Banslaben <john@ABSEILDIRECT.COM>

  104. Using FSLETTER - Creating a catlog

  105. Valium Online at Unbelievable Prices

  106. Viagra that last all weekend

  107. Viewtable
    • Re: Viewtable (108 lines)
      From: Karlsen, Terje <terje.karlsen@SSB.NO>
    • Re: Viewtable (82 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <radevenz@IX.NETCOM.COM>

  108. Visualizing Career Paths

  109. Voting open for SAS-L awards

  110. What conditions cause 04 return code in MVS ?

  111. Word basic Commands

  112. Work directly with industry experts

  113. Writing to flat files on Unix

  114. You will never know if don't try it!

  115. Zero Inflated Poisson Models in SAS (repeated measures)

  116. [9.1] Maximum number of variables

  117. [9.1] Maximum number of variables, etc

  118. a question of count

  119. a question of macro


  121. book review: Carpenter's Complete Guide, 2e

  122. categorical response variables and NLMIXED

  123. client services

  124. does a newsgroup SAS exist in french?

  125. error asking for CLM from proc summary/means

  126. help with exponential smoothing

  127. how to trim within sql?

  128. how to use array to assign new value based on the known value of vars

  129. inferences CheapPharmacy similitude

  130. macro errors
    • macro errors (96 lines)
      From: Jamil Ibrahim <jibrahim@IR.UMSMED.EDU>
    • Re: macro errors (116 lines)
      From: Chang Y. Chung <chang_y_chung@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: macro errors (127 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <ghellrieg@T-ONLINE.DE>

  131. macro evaluation in data step

  132. macro headers

  133. macro quoting in parameter defaults

  134. memory & sort options SAS on Win2000

  135. only place to buy HGH with a money back gua,rantee - zvbtukbwhd

  136. preloadfmt doesn't work with nested formats?

  137. proc report:

  138. query PROC MIXED
    • query PROC MIXED (33 lines)
      From: Laughing Beggar <laughing_beggar@HOTMAIL.COM>

  139. rescue compiled macro

  140. rotating column headers in proc tabulate

  141. row selection

  142. run a macro multiple times

  143. sharing macros with remote session

  144. sorting data on mainframe

  145. specifying schema in DBMS access

  146. studying obs' influence in PROC MODEL

  147. subtracting one dataset from another

  148. subtracting one dataset from another - thanks!

  149. sum function

  150. sysscp and sysscpl

  151. system specs for (Linux) SAS server

  152. testing
    • testing (11 lines)
      From: rmengis@YCI.COM

  153. user options

  154. user options: Thanks

  155. using char datevalues in Proc Sql delete

  156. value increments in do loop not in set statement

  157. wanting to create variables with values in their name for cluster analysis

  158. wanting to create variables with values in their name for clusteranalysis

  159. web services

  160. weighting survey results
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