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SAS-L archives – February 2004, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. %label: passing variables rather than literals for &COLOR and &STYLE macro parameters

  2. + Suspended (tty input)

  3. <No subject>

  4. =?GB2312?B?t6fDxaGiscOhosPct+KhosH3wb+8xqGi0sfG99LHse3Q0NK1s6fJzNTGvK8=?=




  8. A Question about DO Loops

  9. Agent-Based Modeling with SAS

  10. An SQL Question

  11. Any experience ?

  12. Application for making Statistical Analysis Plan and SAS programs

  13. Buy Vicodin Online

  14. Cheap V.icodin Online

  15. Combining two data sets based on a KEY

  16. Compressing (Zipping) SAS as being exported to a TXT dataset

  17. Confused - position order of variables in a SAS data set

  18. Convert source program columns...

  19. Counter

  20. DDE problem: SAS to Excel

  21. Data Step Modify. Performance on Largish tables ?

  22. Data Step vs. Proc sql

  23. Dropping the macro variable from the Where clause when not selected...

  24. FW: Heads or tails - statisticians flip out

  25. FW: SAS Institute TS: New Hot Fixes for SAS 9.1

  26. FW: SUGI 29 -- Early Bird Discount Deadline Extended!

  27. February 26, 2004 HASUG Quarterly Meeting

  28. Floating point storage of missing values

  29. GPLOT and HTML

  30. Greetings

  31. Help needed with outputting.

  32. How to display slash '/' in PROC REPORT?

  33. How to tell SET KEY= to repoint to the top of the su bset?

  34. How to tell SET KEY= to repoint to the top of the subset?

  35. Importing Excel file using URL engine ?

  36. It's to good to pass up!


  38. Job posting for SAS-L

  39. Long lasting viagra

  40. MS Access DDE Selectively Quotes Strings

  41. Macro problem

  42. Merge two datasets

  43. Merging two datsets (repost)

  44. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Administration Training on 21 CD-ROMs

  45. Movies of Seminars Available for Download

  46. Multi-Line SAS/Graph Annotate Labels

  47. Multinomial Logit using proc nlp


  49. NLMIXED_Problem with 2 Codes

  50. Need a change?

  51. Need access to SAS on MVS

  52. Neural Network Macro

  53. New Vacancy in UK; Move into Management of Clinical Statistics

  54. ODS HTML

  55. OT - Default Keyboard Shortcuts for Enhanced Editor

  56. OT: Fascinating, Tick-Tock

  57. OT: Heads or tails - statisticians flip out

  58. OT: LaTeX: TUG membership renewal for 2004

  59. Object Orientation vs. Procedural languages

  60. Order Vicodin Online Anytime

  61. Output CGM to Word

  62. PROC SORT by date



  65. Performance with long char variables

  66. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!! How to rewrite using MACRO?????

  67. Poisson - Nlmixed

  68. Proc MDC with intercepts

  69. Proc REPORT, suppress new page when by processing

  70. Proc Report Qn.

  71. RE : Data Step Modify. Performance on Largish tables ?

  72. RE : Dropping the macro variable from the Where clause when not selected...

  73. RE : Merge two datasets

  74. RE : RE : merging two datsets

  75. RE : merging two datsets

  76. RE : removing '1/2' from address

  77. RE : removing zero from "0416 Main St"

  78. RESOLVED : Counter

  79. Range checking question

  80. Reading data having space

  81. Retrieving ERROR Messages as text

  82. Revisiting Page X of Y

  83. SAS capabilities for performing syntax checking on data definitio n language

  84. SAS experts abound

  85. SDS
    • SDS (18 lines)

  86. Seeking P/T SAS Programmer UPenn, Philadelphia

  87. Short term contract opportunity, Philadelphia

  88. Slightly off topic:Needed a SAS programmer

  89. Somewhat OT: Restrictive employment contracts

  90. Stop Cravings! Switch OFF Hunger! ACHIEVE Permanent Weight Loss!

  91. Success or failure

  92. Super Viagra is here * nqtjpqbplz

  93. THANKS

  94. Test post

  95. Test post 2

  96. Trendline Equation - what is it?

  97. Updated: Testing SAS Programs, A Key to Part 11 Compliance

  98. VASUG meeting announcement

  99. Viewtable

  100. Voting open for SAS-L awards

  101. ZI_NOR NLMIXED_Problem with 2 Codes

  102. candidature poste fixe


  104. concatenating str from multiple macro call

  105. data step still running error

  106. exact CMH

  107. extract data from text field

  108. fixed effects ordered logistic regression

  109. get bigger in ur pants

  110. hazard rate modeling: attrition behavior of customers having a car insurance contract

  111. macro parameter foolishness

  112. mail-to-news gateway back up

  113. merging two datsets

  114. multivariate mixed model

  115. need help with cleaning up address

  116. pound sign causes macro problems in Version 9.1

  117. problems indexing

  118. proc template, rtf problem

  119. removing '1/2' from address

  120. removing zero from "0416 Main St"

  121. suggest: remove # from macro %eval IN was: pound sign causes macro problems in Version 9.1

  122. sugper viagrga curricula circulatory

  123. survival analysis macros: frailty and em-algorithmus, left truncation

  124. survival analysis: left truncation

  125. test gateway

  126. tip macro IN v9.1 test

  127. tip macro IN was: pound sign causes macro problems in Version 9.1

  128. unsubscribe

  129. width of symbols in proc gplot
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