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SAS-L archives – April 2004, week 1

  1. %getzips (findzip =&fzip, out=z_&fzip);

  2. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (8 lines)
      From: F.J. Kelley <saslmnt@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
    • <No subject> (9 lines)
      From: F. J. Kelley <jkelley@UGA.EDU>

  3. AF-Frame help...


  5. Adding character to string

  6. Advert: - SONY Vaio.

  7. Advice for future research using SAS please

  8. Age doesnt matter.

  9. An Interesting Combinatorial Challenge

  10. Analysis of ordinal data

  11. Antigen found VIRUS= Netsky.Q@m (Norman,CA(Vet),CA(InoculateIT)) worm

  12. Append Question?

  13. Autoreply: "Re: Re: Thanks!"

  14. Big datasets precautions!!!!

  15. Buy Lortab Pain Pills Now US Doctors US Pharmacy Next Day Service

  16. Can I come?
    • Can I come? (33 lines)
      From: Claudette W. Galindo <c_w.galindosr@HOTMAIL.COM>

  17. Can any body helping out for the clear off my base sas exam

  18. Change an added Abbreviation in enhanced editor

  19. Comparison of independent correlation matrices

  20. Compiler bug? (was Re: Null Characters)

  21. Configuring a SAS partition on an IBM p690 -- memory allocation?

  22. Contrast statements in CATMOD

  23. Copying documents using SAS

  24. Creating a Format Library from a external file

  25. Creating and Using Oracle Stored Procedures

  26. Creating macro variables from a dataset

  27. DO Loop query? Visit number

  28. Deleting extra rows after an event occurs in a SAS data set.

  29. Duplicates & merge

  30. Eigenvectors of Canonical Discriminant Analysis

  31. Enlarge your Organ! ... Business Proposal

  32. Error Trapping?
    • Error Trapping? (14 lines)
      From: Bittner, Stephen <Stephen.Bittner@CAREMARK.COM>


  34. First and last record in the dataset?

  35. Followup to Printing CBT Screens from Pmenu

    • GOODDAY (94 lines)
      From: Mr. Wang Qin <wanqin@MAIL.BULGARIA.COM>

  37. General Question

  38. Get name of current frame from pmenu

  39. Gmap Block and Area

  40. Goodday Friend,

  41. HELLO.
    • HELLO. (70 lines)
      From: wang qin <wang1@702MAIL.CO.ZA>


  43. Help with date problem

  44. Help: %getzips (findzip =&fzip, out=z_&fzip);

  45. Help: why %do - %end within %do - %end does not get executed?

  46. Hey
    • Hey (45 lines)
      From: Wanda Tucker <ezra@YAHOO.COM>

  47. Hey!
    • Hey! (30 lines)
      From: Mariano Beard <marianobeard_mv@ARRAKIS.FR>
    • Hey! (31 lines)
      From: Tracy Brooks <t.brookspl@HOTMAIL.COM>

  48. How do I use a small font size with ODS Pdf?

  49. How to clustering the data variables instead of data points

  50. How to have macro variable the input value into the macro code

  51. I can watch
    • I can watch (31 lines)
      From: Saundra Higgins <higginstz@ADMIN.NLS.UK>

  52. I love ya
    • I love ya (30 lines)
      From: Pat Miles <p.mileswa@HOTMAIL.COM>

  53. I love you
    • I love you (36 lines)
      From: Rachel G. Dunham <r_dunhamiu@ABOOTH.DEMON.CO.UK>

  54. If/then statements

  55. Ill be there at night.

  56. Importing a csv file into UNIX

  57. Importing data from MS SQL server to SAS

  58. Internet Pharmacy - Smart Prices

  59. Is web Interface via working

  60. Just a test, ignore

  61. Last record in the dataset?

  62. Latex output

  63. Let's Talk.
    • Let's Talk. (110 lines)
      From: david brown <davidbrown1@CONTRACTOR.COM>

  64. Long lasting viagra

  65. Marketing for You

  66. Media For Sale


  68. Null Characters - was DO Loop Behavior with Increment of Zero

  69. ODS PDF Hyperlinking in SAS v8.2

  70. ODS Pdf: howto table alignment

  71. OT: Google job opportunity

  72. OT: SAS programmer/child pornographer

  73. OT: rant SUGI PowerPoint template

  74. Optimum performance

  75. Optimum performance (Too Long!)

  76. Output the discriminant probabilities

  77. PROC IML
    • Re: PROC IML (46 lines)
      From: Patrick Johnston <Patrick_Johnston@ABTASSOC.COM>

  78. PROC REPORT: wrapping of column values

  79. Pain Medicine Free shipping

  80. Pain Relief, limited supply available

  81. Pain Relievers Hydrocodone Lortab Norco

  82. Pass character string into dataset option (password) in a Macro

  83. Please come..
    • Please come.. (19 lines)
      From: Noe Mathews <mathews_rp@YAHOO.COM>
    • Please come.. (37 lines)
      From: Jerald Phillips <jphillipsoz@HOTMAIL.COM>

  84. Prescription Refill Reminders

  85. Problem with PROC EXPORT to ACCESS

  86. Problem with PROC EXPORT to ACCESS #2

  87. Problems with code

  88. Proc freq - format question

  89. Product info, experience, and pricing?

  90. Program for Shells/Mockups

  91. Proof!
    • Proof! (30 lines)
      From: Fredrick David <fredrick.davidre@AXIS.SE>

  92. Question about Dataset manipulation

  93. RE : Sas download

  94. RETAIN bug or feature while interleaving, was: RE: Duplicates & merge

  95. Refill your prescription now

  96. SAS & Tukey 4253H- twice method

  97. SAS & Tukey 4253H-twice

  98. SAS Connect via SSH

  99. SAS and what book on Java?

  100. SAS experience vs. Clinical trial experience

  101. SAS format export

  102. SAS updates
    • SAS updates (20 lines)
      From: Carlos Tadeu <ctsdias@CARPA.CIAGRI.USP.BR>

  103. SAS v9 marketing out in force

    • SIGNOFF SAS-L (11 lines)
      From: David Stone <david_p_stone@HOTMAIL.COM>

  105. Sas download
    • Sas download (12 lines)
      From: Eugene <esoroka@GTCINTERNET.COM>
    • Re: Sas download (37 lines)
      From: Patrice Bourdages <Patrice.Bourdages@IAAH.CA>
    • Re: Sas download (47 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <JackHamilton@FIRSTHEALTH.COM>

  106. Selecting Best Regression Equation using SAS

  107. Show me some love

  108. Standardized Coefficients in Proc Logistic

  109. Statistical Analysis with Latent Variables

  110. Strange format error report in log

  111. Stress testing SAS on an IBM p690 -- programs needed

  112. Summary: Eigenvectors of nested Canonical Discriminant Analysis

  113. Sweepstakes Lottery

    • TEST MESSAGE (12 lines)
      From: Angelo Grotticelli <Angelo.Grotticelli@TALBOTS.COM>

  115. Table / Listing diff???

  116. Table viewer key press event

  117. Talk is cheap...

  118. Test Post - please disregard

  119. Test, please ignore it

  120. Thank you for Help: %getzips (findzip =&fzip, out=z_&fzip);

  121. The weekend viagra



  124. Upgrade To 9.1 -- PROC REPORT and RTF ODS

  125. Upgrade to 9.1 -- PROC REPORT and ODS (not just RTF) (3)

  126. Upgrade to 9.1 -- PROC REPORT and ODS RTF (2)

  127. Upgrade to 9.1 -- PROC REPORT and ODS RTF (4)

  128. Upgrade to 9.1 -- PROC REPORT and ODS RTF (5)

  129. Use SQL procedure to get summary of many variables with conse cutive idices?

  130. Use SQL procedure to get summary of many variables with consecutive idices?

  131. Using "Justify" in ODS RTF Output (rather than left/right/center justify)

  132. Using "Justify" in ODS RTF Output (rather thanleft/right/center justify)

  133. Valium, Xanax, Prozac and More Free Prescription

  134. Very basic question: COMMAND LINE in enhanced editor not wanted

  135. Viagra that last all weekend


  137. What's wrong in this code---I think it is weird!

  138. When will you be back

  139. Who can I random sampling from each Zipcode with a percentage rate?

  140. Wild results in proc logistic

  141. Will they come?

  142. Will you be here?
    • Will you be here? (31 lines)
      From: Esmeralda Jenkins <esmeraldajenkins_ic@BELPSB.MINSK.BY>

  143. Windows Advanced Server and SAS 8.2

  144. You Know...
    • You Know... (30 lines)
      From: Terri Curran <tcurran_tq@CCOWZB.DE>

  145. You requested:
    • You requested: (30 lines)
      From: Darlene Cline <darleneclinedf@AOL.COM>

  146. [ANN] RASmacro open-source, free-software library

  147. bug in LOCF macro fixed

  148. convert a SAS output file to a WORD file?

  149. converting .sas file to .html

  150. date to week of year

  151. disposition table??? Example of ISS and ISE????

  152. formatting an external file

  153. give ur wife the plaesure she is lookin for

  154. how to pronounce LaTeX

  155. i need SAS code: Tests of Equality in survivor functions over Strata

  156. in defense of %nrbquote

  157. macro argumentr specification

  158. need help with ODS rtf output

  159. need some help

  160. proc MODEL and RANDOM EFFECTS

  161. proc probit and proc score

  162. question about %window

  163. question about CHAID and CART

  164. rant SUGI PowerPoint template

  165. read the multiline record

  166. soon to be?
    • soon to be? (31 lines)
      From: Arron Key <arron_keyre@BEE-TEAM.DEMON.CO.UK>

  167. sugper viagrga ' bcxgsxbptzu

  168. test post
    • test post (7 lines)
      From: F. J. Kelley <jkelley@UGA.EDU>

  169. tricky data extraction

  170. units in SAS (kriging)

  171. upgrade to 9.1 stories

  172. using Macro variables within proc sql

  173. wanna fu__k y0nug coleege g|rls? iterating ethnic

  174. what do you need
    • what do you need (34 lines)
      From: Jamie McAllister <jmcAllister_aq@ATHENA-T.DEMON.CO.UK>

  175. you are the women
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