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SAS-L archives – July 2004, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. $31446
    • $31446 (28 lines)
      From: t_gutierrez_yl@WORKSOP.CO.UK
    • $31446 (27 lines)
      From: k.barrettvo@ARCELIK.COM.TR

  2. $39757
    • $39757 (27 lines)
      From: smcDermott_sk@MAK.COM.AU

  3. $85145
    • $85145 (27 lines)
      From: odelltolbert_ue@TRAVELNET.COM.BR

  4. <No subject>

  5. Application tool for making Statistical Analysis and SAS programs has been updated

  6. Arnold Schwarzenegger Commits Suicide

  7. BANK
    • BANK (55 lines)
      From: Mr. Davis Yoga Paul <davispaul0@WEB-MAIL.COM.AR>

  8. Best product for non-tech SAS interface

  9. Binary Data in Raw Data Inputs

  10. Business Proposal



  13. Can SAS produce this type of output?

  14. Check for empty dataset

  15. Cialis is now 50% off ^ oknktrcr

  16. Clinical SAS Programming and Biostatistician Opportunities

  17. Combine discrete blocks by id

  18. Combining rows of a dataset

  19. Command to open a Remote SAS session

  20. Compustat Xpressfeed into SAS

  21. Copying label from one variable to another

  22. DEAR FRIENDTRY AND CALL ME +229 94 31 55.

  23. Data extraction from

  24. Data rearrangement; was Re: Help Please

  25. Decrease the process time of Proc cluster

  26. Detect and minus the first value >= certain values

  27. Do loop and macro

  28. Do loop and macro Part 2

  29. Doug Mcallaster/TPC/SA/HARCOURT is out of the office.

  30. Dump of all defined macro variables

  31. ERROR: A rename/delete/replace attempt is not allowed for a d ata set involved in a referential integrity constraint.

  32. ERROR: A rename/delete/replace attempt is not allowed for a data set involved in a referential integrity constraint.

  33. Email marketing

  34. Epi-Info Tutorials

  35. Excel Spreadsheets and formatting.

  36. Extracting some records from a file



  39. Factor analysis using SAS!

  40. GOOD DAY
    • GOOD DAY (65 lines)
      From: PRINCESS <ifeomaprincess201@YAHOO.CO.IN>

  41. Get data from DB2 OS/390 to PC-SAS

  42. Having trouble accessing SUGI29 proceedings

  43. Heckman Jaeger program?

  44. Help Please
    • Help Please (42 lines)
      From: David Fickbohm <DavidF@HOMEGAIN.COM>
    • Re: Help Please (90 lines)
      From: Dunn, Toby <Toby.Dunn@TEA.STATE.TX.US>
    • Re: Help Please (68 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <Howard_Schreier@ITA.DOC.GOV>
    • Re: Help Please (84 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <Howard_Schreier@ITA.DOC.GOV>

  45. Hey, dude, it's me ^_^ :P

  46. Hi there... CPUHXICMHF

  47. Home-Based Business...

  48. How could I randomly assign subjects to two group (unequal si zes) in SAS?

  49. How could I randomly assign subjects to two group (unequal sizes) in SAS?

  50. How to Reset the Values For the Rest of Members in an Array

  51. How to use RXPARSE in SQL


  53. Incorporate into SAS Meta Data stored in Oracle

  54. Input data to Proc logistic

  55. Integration-Communicating with PC SAS and Mainframe

  56. Intercept calculation in Fixed effects estimation

  57. Inverting bar graphs

  58. Investment advise/patnership

  59. Job Postings SAS Programmers NJ & NY

  60. Last. minus First.

  61. Leading zeros

  62. Length vs LRECL vs no LRECL

  63. Local MACRO VAR with code

  64. Local MACRO VAr
    • Local MACRO VAr (14 lines)
      From: Nicole Bibb <nicole.d.bibb@WELLSFARGO.COM>

  65. Lose up to 19% weight. A new weightloss is here.

  66. Lose your weight. New weightloss loses up to 19%.

  67. Macro Help
    • Macro Help (29 lines)
      From: Kitty Lee <kitty_lee04@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Macro Help (57 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <Howard_Schreier@ITA.DOC.GOV>
    • Macro Help (93 lines)
      From: Ian Whitlock <iw1junk@COMCAST.NET>

  68. Macro variable

  69. Mahalanobis distance

  70. Message could not be delivered

  71. Message from Brian Howard, Editor ABL

  72. Nested Genmod analysis

  73. ODS
    • ODS (38 lines)
      From: Bosch, Jules [PRDUS Non J&J] <JBosch1@PRDUS.JNJ.COM>
    • Re: ODS (78 lines)
      From: Dunn, Toby <Toby.Dunn@TEA.STATE.TX.US>

  74. ODS RTF question
    • ODS RTF question (37 lines)
      From: Schechter, Robert S <robert.schechter@ASTRAZENECA.COM>

  75. Ordering of ranges problem

  76. Osama Found Hanged

  77. Panel data question

  78. Parsing and comparing strings

  79. Position in a String

  80. Problem reading Excel data containing spaces w/ dde

  81. Proc Export to MS Access

  82. Proc Freq Weight Problem

  83. Proc Logistic, derivitive coefficients, and e to the B

  84. Proc MIXED hypothesis test

  85. Proc PLS / Regression equation

  86. Proc Report and Double Sided Printing

  87. Proc format - Character Values

  88. Proc format question

  89. Proc report and orientation=Landscape

  90. Proc report question on SAS-L

  91. Profile t plots / NLIN proc.

  92. Profitable Business


  94. Reasons to go to SAS 9

  95. Reshaping data

  96. Running Proc Freq

  97. SAS - Latent Class Analysis?

  98. SAS Connect or SAS Share or both

  99. SAS database row

  100. SAS to wake up remote host

  101. SAS user group New Delhi

  102. SAS via X server software & UNIX environment variables

  103. Sas-l conjure
    • Sas-l conjure (125 lines)
      From: Ashley-Robyn <BurkeLatishasdkx@SMOLEN.ELEKTRA.RU>

  104. Selling my SAS Manuals on E-Bay

  105. Several datasets, one program

  106. Socialism propaedeutics by Walter Williams

  107. Subtotals PROC TABULATE

  108. Suppress "empty" anchor-tag with ODS HTML

  109. Tabulation format

  110. Telephone Survey Conference

  111. The file has changed outside of the editor... No, it has not!

  112. Transpose or a better way

  113. Trying to check macro parameters for "

  114. UNIX file permissions for SAS data sets

  115. Upgrading from 6.12 to 9.1.n and incompatible programs

  116. View jobs running on SAS server


    • WITH REGARDS (60 lines)
      From: LINDSAY SMITH <lindsaysmith@TZAREVO.NET>

  119. Where to, from SAS/EIS?

  120. Why use SAS version 9?


  122. Yates correction to chi-square

  123. [ ]
    • [ ] (88 lines)
      From: JOHN AUDU <johnaudu@ECPLAZA.NET>

  124. a question import excel to SAS from the 6th row

  125. a simple proc report question

  126. a simple proc report question #2


  128. add in a value

  129. basic question

  130. breaking one variable in SAS

  131. bulk rename of variables; was: RE: Macro Help

  132. changing character dataset into numeric dataset?

  133. cluster issue
    • cluster issue (53 lines)
      From: Herman, David (NIH/NIMH) <hermand@MAIL.NIH.GOV>
    • Re: cluster issue (76 lines)
      From: sajeel manzoor <sajeelmanzoor@HOTMAIL.COM>

  134. code for exporting from unix system to Excel spreadsheet

  135. copy files with x copy

  136. correcting datasets, proc print

  137. data import
    • data import (94 lines)
      From: Herman, David (NIH/NIMH) <hermand@MAIL.NIH.GOV>

  138. dynamical creation of an attribute name

  139. freshest and B B h/a/r/d/e/s/t B B B y ' o ' u ' n ' g B B B p ' o ' r ' n! B B senseless lengthy

  140. freshest and B B h/a/r/d/e/s/t B B B y ' o ' u ' n ' g B B B p ' o ' r ' n! B B sluggish flaxen

  141. how to delete datt sets??

  142. how to increase the processing time for a proc cluster

  143. how to output a data set containing the coordinates for the contour lines?

  144. how to read data from the excel files?

  145. how to send email from SAS via Lotus Notes

  146. how to stop proc print newpage?

  147. how to use the number of observations for each individual

  148. html contents #byval processing


  150. inbox
    • inbox (38 lines)
      From: Merle Schmidt <LFANTOKLBMQPF@KURIR.NET>

  151. linking SAS datasets

  152. modeling
    • modeling (130 lines)
      From: June <spairz@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: modeling (146 lines)
      From: Paul R Swank <Paul.R.Swank@UTH.TMC.EDU>

  153. output to a file

  154. proc report header

  155. safety of nodupkey

  156. sas question about macro

  157. test, please ignore

  158. update dataset

  159. weight in stratified sample in logistic model

  160. what is the problem of using PROC IMPORT?
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