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SAS-L archives – August 2004, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. AF catalogs


  3. Accented characters in SAS/Graph annotate text?

  4. Arrange X-Axis Order

  5. Biostatistics JOB: PA and MI



  8. Calculating a "special median" value in SAS

  9. Can proc sql read raw data from a big text file?

  10. Central NJ Base SAS course - act now !

  11. Comparison between two datasets

  12. Condition on warning flag?

  13. Conserving cpu & real time in datasteps involving large datas ets

  14. Conserving cpu & real time in datasteps involving large datasets

  15. Creating a notsorted date format

  16. Creating dataset

  17. Customised reader friendly SAS output

  18. DB2 Connection

  19. DDE and mso-number-format:\@

  20. Difficulties Migrating to SAS 9.1x Due to an HTML Issue

  21. Encrypt=yes--what algorithm?

  22. Encryption in SAS v9

  23. Fisher's exact??

  24. Footnote wrapping in ODS PRINTER

  25. Fridays SAS GURU Quiz

  26. From: DR PAUL OSAGIE.

  27. Geschäftliches Angebot


  29. Help for Loading BIG Table from Teradata

  30. Help for Loading BIG Table from Teradata!

  31. Help with input (again, sorry!)

  32. How do I figure the lrecl for an IBM file given a UNIX layout

  33. How do I make a SAS enhanced editor template

  34. How to determine a var with largest length among identical vars

  35. Importing Excel Dates in V9 and V8

  36. Imputation
    • Re: Imputation (138 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <Howard_Schreier@ITA.DOC.GOV>

  37. Is there a PROC procedure to check the distribution of data?

  38. Iteratively calling a macro

    • LISTBOXES (21 lines)
      From: Annapurna Ravi <stdaxr25@SHSU.EDU>

  40. Look back a year for a specific client

  41. Looking for advise on reducing run time of a SAS application

  42. Macro executes both 'if' & 'else' conditions

  43. Make $472
    • Make $472 (30 lines)
      From: imogene_bergerda@PRIMUS.COM.AU

  44. Multivariate nonparametric regression methods

  45. NESUG 2004 Early Registration Extended to September 12!

  46. New To This Group .. Help .. SAS-L FAQ

  47. New To This Group..Help

  48. OT: using SPSS on mainframe?

  49. Outputting 7 SAS datasets to 1 tape in one pass

  50. Pass parameter between records of a dataset

  51. Pattern in residual plot when using GLIMMIX/PROC MIXED

  52. Philosophical SAS Question

  53. Print datasets by batch with macro

  54. Problem for Surveyselect

  55. Programmer pay rates in the US

  56. Pure Fun - Word Puzzle in SAS

  57. RE Sort all dataset in a library

  58. REQ: e-book SAS

  59. Random Sampling

  60. Randomly choose a variable value

  61. Reshaping Data with Proc Transpose?

  62. Rolling twelve months

  63. SAS Mapping: ZIP-Code of Germany

  64. SAS contract part time position in PA

  65. SPDS vs SAN
    • SPDS vs SAN (17 lines)
      From: Wing Tsui <wingsze_tsui@HOTMAIL.COM>

  66. SYSGET Invalid argument

  67. Set up 400 Oracle tables through ODBC, efficiently

  68. Soonest Reply!!!!

  69. Sort all dataset in a library

  70. Statistician/Researcher/SAS Consultant starts record label and aspires to Pop Stardom

  71. Stored Process Server v9.

  72. UNIX.
    • UNIX. (12 lines)
      From: James <james.chiu@BELLSOUTH.COM>
    • Re: UNIX. (44 lines)
      From: Bruce Johnson <bjohnson@SOLUCIENT.COM>


  74. URL access method

  75. Unencrypted code submitted using SAS/Connect?

  76. Up/Download a Macro Pgm

  77. V9 ODS PDF How to underline title?

  78. Vertical to Horizontal w/SQL - Genius or Madness?

  79. Want to lose up to 19% weight. Try Adipren!

  80. Where will the SUGI after San Francisco be?

  81. Within subjects repeated

  82. YOU HAVE WON!!!

  83. case control matching with replacement

  84. e-book sas
    • e-book sas (16 lines)
      From: cousseke <cousseke@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: e-book sas (26 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <radevenz@IX.NETCOM.COM>

  85. easy way to strip formats & create new vars with formatted values?

  86. equal sign

  87. how to fix a dislocation in a certain record of a file

  88. if,esle-if statment question

  89. lead function

  90. list removal
    • list removal (57 lines)
      From: Herman, David (NIH/NIMH) <hermand@MAIL.NIH.GOV>

  91. please read and respond

  92. test
    • test (7 lines)
      From: Lex Jansen <spam@LEXJANSEN.COM>

  93. unix command-line interactive SAS questions

  94. what is =: ?
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