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SAS-L archives – November 2004, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 74045 Mining the Web: eigenVectors, Kriging, Inverse Distance

  2. :-)
    • :-) (12 lines)
      From: Tony Huang <thuang32_uwindsor@YAHOO.COM>

  3. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (8 lines)
      From: F.J. Kelley <saslmnt@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>

  4. A question about macro quote


  6. ANOVA Question.....



  9. Aggregation
    • Re: Aggregation (54 lines)
      From: Arthur Tabachneck <art297@NETSCAPE.NET>
    • Re: Aggregation (85 lines)
      From: Dunn, Toby <Toby.Dunn@TEA.STATE.TX.US>
    • Aggregation (43 lines)
      From: Rob <gofyself@WRONG.ADDRESS.COM>

  10. Any factor analysis expert here?

  11. Applying Neural Nets in SAS EM for continous target variable

  12. Array Problem

  13. As seen on Today Show - Rolex Replicas

  14. Assign a unique id

  15. Balanced ScoreCard / SAS Strategic Performance Mgmt

  16. British Lottery winning (Contact your claims agent)






  22. Changing values in Form Viewer Control by SCL

  23. Compare,highlight then add...?

  24. Confidential Transaction!

  25. Counting number of occurences of a pattern in a string

  26. Cragg Model and Heckman Models

  27. Create Multiple Excel Spreadsheets

  28. Creating Sql variables

  29. Date Question for Friday

  30. Dear Friend

  31. Do not settle for less than a ROLEX.

  32. EMiner crash very often

  33. Efficient Code - Help

  34. Enlarge your johnson

  35. Entering AR parameters in ARIMA forecasting


  37. FIRST. / LAST. Processing with Arrays

  38. FROM Mr.Frank Eze


  40. FW: A question about macro quote

  41. FW: Macro Problem?

  42. FW: Why I cannot get expected data format?

  43. Fw: "ERROR: Literal contains unmatched quote."

  44. GCSS - Greatest Common Sub-String

  45. GENMOD Procedure, GEE Negative Binomial, Positive log likelihood values

  46. Generate Dynamic Excel Worksheets from a PDS.

  47. Get V1codin no Prescription Directly

  48. Hausman test for random effect assumptions

  49. Help : Access to OLAP9 with .net Envirionement

  50. Help finding some papers

  51. Help with SQL Database Problem!!!

  52. Help with keeping observations, not variables

  53. Hey, dude, it's me ^_^ :P

  54. How to break out Patient Full Name into Last, First and Middl e Name (#2004-1504)

  55. How to break out Patient Full Name into Last, First and Middle Name

  56. How to break out Patient Full Name into Last, First and Middle Name (#2004-1504)

  57. How to create HTML using ODS???

  58. How to deal with the missing values in PROC CORR

  59. How to enumerate all the variable names in a data set?

  60. How to fill the blank cells in a data set with its preceding cell?

  61. How to import an excel file with several sheets to SAS

  62. How to make the array/matrix operation easy in SAS?

  63. How to multiply DataSets

  64. How to refer to any or all column variables of a data matrix?

  65. How to select two records per class variable?

  66. I found this great little site

  67. I found this great little site.

  68. Impress with your new Rolex

  69. Information
    • Information (10 lines)
      From: Jim Groeneveld <jim.groeneveld@VITATRON.COM>

  70. Italian Rolex Order.

  71. LIKE statement as a regular SAS expression???

  72. Last modified date of external file

  73. List all files in a folder that meet name and date conditions

  74. Logging the Log

  75. Logistic and Offset option

  76. Looking for Paper on available SAS functions, informats & for mats

  77. Looking for Paper on available SAS functions, informats & formats


  79. MANCOVA / Logistic

  80. Macro Problem?

  81. Mainframe and caps (was: A question about macro quote)

  82. Merging datasets and checking

  83. Mutual Benefits
    • Mutual Benefits (82 lines)
      From: Dr. Philip Gills <agaphy99@INDIATIMES.COM>

  84. NESUG 1988 paper: The SAS Supervisor by Henderson and Rabb

  85. NLMIXED: Ordered Probit with Random Effects

  86. Need Help with Array?

  87. Need to generate a data set of continuous dates

  88. Non-parametric analysis in clinical trials - Nightmare!


  90. Olumide
    • Olumide (59 lines)
      From: Mr. Olumide Mudashiru Abiola <olu77@GEMARI.OR.ID>

  91. Online Pharmacy -- Lowest Prices on ...

  92. Outliers
    • Re: Outliers (76 lines)
      From: Richard Ristow <wrristow@MINDSPRING.COM>
    • Re: Outliers (76 lines)
      From: Richard Ristow <wrristow@MINDSPRING.COM>
    • Re: Outliers (54 lines)
      From: Peter Flom <flom@NDRI.ORG>
    • Re: Outliers (48 lines)
      From: Lustig, Roger <roger.lustig@CITIGROUP.COM>
    • Outliers (34 lines)
      From: Adelina Gschwandtner <adelina.gschwandtner@UNIVIE.AC.AT>

  93. PC SAS on Linux with WINE

  94. Page x of y on output

  95. Parsing messing name strings - any ideas?

  96. Parsing messing name strings - any ideas? (1)

  97. Please I Need Your Response

  98. Price
    • Re: Price (63 lines)
      From: DePuy, Venita <depuy001@DCRI.DUKE.EDU>
    • Re: Price (53 lines)
      From: Nat Wooding <Nathaniel_Wooding@DOM.COM>
    • Price (10 lines)
      From: Roger D <roger61611@YAHOO.COM>

  99. Problem importing Excel

  100. Problems of high-dimensional discriminant analysis

  101. Proc Print Label question?

  102. Question: How does one move from SAS to Java?

  103. RE : EMiner crash very often

  104. RE : Random selection

  105. RV: Re: PC SAS on Linux with WINE

  106. Random selection

  107. Reading file from Mainframe

  108. Reminder: SAS(r) Trainign and Other Events in Honolulu start 11/29

  109. Rolex Datejust Watch

  110. Rolex Daytona Watch

  111. Rolex Sale
    • Rolex Sale (21 lines)
      From: Joan Ruiz <joan.ruizyf@AUTOBYTEL.CA>

  112. SAS - Clustering Methods - Clarifications

  113. SAS Enterprise Guide Users Group (SEGUS)

  114. SAS Help
    • Re: SAS Help (49 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <radevenz@IX.NETCOM.COM>
    • Re: SAS Help (89 lines)
      From: Lustig, Roger <roger.lustig@CITIGROUP.COM>
    • Re: SAS Help (77 lines)
      From: Dunn, Toby <Toby.Dunn@TEA.STATE.TX.US>
    • Re: SAS Help (57 lines)
      From: Beckman, Anthony <Anthony_Beckman@URMC.ROCHESTER.EDU>
    • Re: SAS Help (49 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <radevenz@IX.NETCOM.COM>
    • Re: SAS Help (93 lines)
      From: Patel, Rushi <Rushi.Patel@FHWA.DOT.GOV>
    • Re: SAS Help (44 lines)
      From: Dennis Diskin <diskin@SNET.NET>
    • Re: SAS Help (52 lines)
      From: Lustig, Roger <roger.lustig@CITIGROUP.COM>
    • SAS Help (33 lines)
      From: Prasad <prasad_prabhud@HOTMAIL.COM>

  115. SAS Int/Net production examples

  116. SAS Job Opportunity in East Bay, California (F/T: Permanent)

  117. SAS/ACCESS to OLE DB Configuration

  118. SAS/ETS forecasting How to do forecasting for 1000 data sets in a batch mode?

  119. SQL Server, T-SQL & Linking

  120. Scheduling in Base SAS

  121. Spec|al 0ffer, 15 f|ree pills and fr|ee shipping for \/lagra S0ft Tabs! linotype seventeen

  122. Update type merge thingy

  123. Urgent Please.

  124. Use of Variable With 21 Characters

  125. User-defined attributes for datasets?

  126. V1codin for sale, no prior prescription needed

  127. WANT THIS?B B B B B B B Cyclops nosing

  128. What's the easy way to refer to the member variables in a matrix?

  129. White adjusted Standard error

  130. Why I cannot get expected data format?

  131. Why would TRANWRD be faster than COMPRESS ?

  132. Why would you ever merge without a by variable (june post)

  133. William Wagenseller/US-NYC/PHARMA/SANOFI is out of the office.

  134. X12_ARIMA
    • Re: X12_ARIMA (36 lines)
      From: David L. Cassell <cassell.david@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV>
    • X12_ARIMA (15 lines)
      From: misattrubution <misattribution2003@YAHOO.COM>

  135. You will L0ve This Reichetz

  136. Your Prescription is Ready

  137. about data step vs proc sql

  138. an off-topic question -> model validation

  139. array for date

  140. basic question: need the class statement for binary variables?

  141. copy and running files

  142. counter for by groups

  143. date stamp

  144. gplot w/o graphics device

  145. how to do contrast with linear spline

  146. how to read *.sav directly without converting it to * .por file?

  147. how to read *.sav directly without converting it to *.por file?

  148. job opportunity in france

  149. lag1() question

  150. libname lib1 ' ';

  151. libref for "work" data sets (one level name): WORK vs USER vs User= option

  152. looking for WUSS12 paper

  153. macro problem

  154. model selection book

  155. more ODS problems

  156. online replica store

  157. partnership business

  158. points which deviate from a smooth curve

  159. problem with arguments

  160. proc format vs. merge

  161. proc mixed for unbalanced panel data

  162. proc report compute before style definition

  163. proc report in an external macro

  164. proc report into PDF

  165. pulsar algorithm?

  166. reducing processing time ..

  167. sas 9.1 not staying maximized

  168. searching a word

  169. styles and macro variables

  170. survey select

  171. tests of fixed effects

  172. the sisters are wearing Rolex

  173. using procs within do loops

  174. validation of SAS v9.1.3

  175. โอกาสสร้างรายได้เสริมด้วยการทำงานจากที่บ้าน
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