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SAS-L archives – November 2004, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. A post hoc adjustment

  2. A post hoc adjustment. Thanks

  3. A question about macro quote

  4. A strange macro / do loop call symput probelm

  5. Annotate
    • Annotate (37 lines)
      From: Tom Hide <tom.hide@GSA-UK.COM>
    • Re: Annotate (157 lines)
      From: Chang Y. Chung <chang_y_chung@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Annotate (79 lines)
      From: Huang, Ya <yhuang@AMYLIN.COM>
    • Re: Annotate (74 lines)
      From: Winston Henry Groenewald <Groenewaldwh@UKZN.AC.ZA>

  6. Any factor analysis expert here?

  7. BASUG on Tuesday, November 30th



    • CONTACT YOUR AGENT (28 lines)
      From: EL_GORDO LOTTO <lottryinternational2004_5@STARSPATH.COM>

  11. Calculation of weighted std error of mean

  12. Cancel message titled: subsetting then doing t-test?

  13. Case and Control Matching

  14. Changing colors of UNIVARIATE graphs

  15. Cheap Cia`lis soft`tabs Online

  16. Compare means

  17. Compare,highlight then add...?

  18. Congratulation
    • Congratulation (62 lines)
      From: lottery Coordinator <johnbentley@NATIONWIDELOTTOUK.COM>
    • Congratulation (62 lines)
      From: lottery Coordinator <johnbentley@NATIONWIDELOTTOUK.COM>

  19. Could I left join three tables in PROC SQL?

  20. DATA STEP question - first and last, I think

  21. DATA step q: variable has name of variable to use for value

  22. Dorfman DOW paper available?

  23. Down and dirty Britney Spears

  24. Dynamic Inventory Tracking

  25. ERROR: Inovcation of unresolved module RAND

  26. Entering AR parameters in ARIMA forecasting

  27. Exact one-way goodness of fit test?

  28. Executing Excel macros from SAS

  29. FTP insight needed

  30. Financial Stability

  31. Folks this is an easy SAS question

  32. Formats and Macros

  33. Formatting EXCEL via PROC EXPORT?

  34. Fw: "ERROR: Literal contains unmatched quote."

  35. GCSS - Greatest Common Sub-String


  37. GRAPH/SAS to Excel

  38. Graphs of Functions

  39. Greedy match with by processing (relist with problem mockup)

  40. Help creating a family

  41. Hot fixes
    • Hot fixes (13 lines)
      From: ben.powell@CLA.CO.UK

  42. How are you.
    • How are you. (91 lines)
      From: Mr wangqin <wangproject50@TISCALI.NO>

  43. How to Suppress Variable Name in proc gplot.

  44. How to deal with the missing values in PROC CORR

  45. How to determine ........

  46. I wish you all a great Thanksgiving!!!

  47. IML question
    • IML question (69 lines)
      From: Sergi Vives <sergi@STAT.BERKELEY.EDU>


  49. Incremental counter

  50. Interpreting PROC LOGISTIC output: Odds Ratio Estimates

  51. Is "space" and "missing" same?

  52. Is vb transportable to unix/ibm? (was RE: Re: SAS VS. 'Visual Basic')

  53. LUG: Greater Atlanta SAS Users Group meeting - January 27th 2005.

  54. Learning SAS

  55. Linking Access 2000 to SAS 8.1

  56. Looking for Paper on available SAS functions, informats & for mats

  57. Looking for SAS users/users group in Hong Kong

  58. Macro Problem?

  59. Macro for multiple responses variables?

  60. Macro to create multiple dates from numeric fields in one dat a set

  61. Macro to create multiple dates from numeric fields in one data set

  62. Mainframe and caps (was: A question about macro quote)

  63. Multiple Instance of Spawner


  65. New details

  66. New job:Epidemiology Database Analyst- Near London UK

  67. Newbie needs your help!

  68. ODS RTF question

  69. OT Bit Buckets (was RE: Mainframe and caps (was: A question a bout macro quote))

  70. OT Bit Buckets (was RE: Mainframe and caps (was: A question about macro quote))

  71. Only 15 minutes is all you need before hot night of love! dilatory signor

  72. Out of Office AutoReply: A Response

  73. Out of Office AutoReply: Information

  74. Outest and predicted values


    • PROC MIXED (24 lines)
      From: Allan Joseph Medwick <medwick@DOLPHIN.UPENN.EDU>

  77. Parsing messing name strings - any ideas?

  78. Problem with %scatmat

  79. Proc Datasets Copy - Keeping dates the same

  80. Programming help: selecting observations

  81. Quantile Regression-Economists

  82. Quarterly Statement Notice

  83. Question: How does one move from SAS to Java?

  84. RE : SAS sample code needed

  85. RE : Whither SAS/AF?

  86. RE : meaning of +(-1)?

  87. Reading file from Mainframe

  88. Reference Materials

  89. Review of how proc report builds a report

  90. SAS Developer - San Francisco, CA

  91. SAS Function

  92. SAS ODS Question: How to increase output column width???

  93. SAS VS. 'Visual Basic'

  94. SAS and OMR survey

  95. SAS job in San Antonio, TX

  96. SAS sample code needed

  97. SAS to XLS limitation

  98. SQL obs= analog


  100. Searching date patterns in strings; was: Re: SAS Function

  101. Selecting referece category affects DF in hazard model???

  102. Smallest SAS pgm?

  103. Smallest SAS program?

  104. TRANSPOSE proc automatically deletes the row/column with miss ing values?

  105. TRANSPOSE proc automatically deletes the row/column with missing values?

  106. Thanks! Re: A strange macro / do loop call symput probelm

  107. This is better then Viagra

  108. This is what your girlfriend desires, don't make her wait! persona councilwomen


  110. Verticle axis without decimal

  111. Visual Basic vs. SAS AF


  113. We Se|ls Vallium Vn2cpv

  114. Weighted means & standard deviations stdev

  115. Whither SAS/AF?
    • Whither SAS/AF? (22 lines)
      From: Talbot Michael Katz <topkatz@MSN.COM>
    • Whither SAS/AF? (38 lines)

  116. Why macro thinks DIM function is a character operator?

  117. Why my date names were cut short after using IMPORT proc

  118. Why would you ever merge without a by variable (june post)

  119. XANAAX $75, C1ALiiS $96, AMBIEEN $72, \/IC0D11N, \/AL1UUM $75, \/1AGRRA $85 actually married does put

  120. array
    • array (31 lines)
      From: Robert <deps_bear@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: array (43 lines)
      From: Keith J. Brown <kjb@NORTHCAROLINA.EDU>
    • Re: array (58 lines)
      From: Dunn, Toby <Toby.Dunn@TEA.STATE.TX.US>
    • Re: array (62 lines)
      From: Harry Droogendyk <harry.droogendyk@RBC.COM>
    • Re: array (37 lines)
      From: LWn <lars.wahlgren.pleasenospam@STAT.LU.SE>
    • Re: array (60 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <radevenz@IX.NETCOM.COM>

  121. array for date

  122. autocall libraries

  123. commissariat dais

  124. font size probelm

  125. from SAS to MS Access without Proc Export

  126. gchart subgroup but with respect of chronology!

  127. generalize greedy match algorithm to include by-groups

  128. hospital contacts, cardiology, radiology, & physician's 7,000 hospitals, 25,000 nursing homes and 400,000 doctors.

  129. how to estimate difference of difference in a spline model

  130. how to generate multiple html files from a single data set

  131. how to get marginal effects by using proc genmod

  132. how to get marginal effects by using proc genmod -> actually interpretation of logistic results

  133. job offers sas crm specialists

  134. meaning of +(-1)?

  135. merging unsorted data sets

  136. more questions about hausman test

  137. no putput in pdf

  138. once to explain it,

  139. partial key join in sql

  140. payment-level dataset into person-level dataset

  141. probit/logit model inplement in proc model

  142. problem creating a new count variable using macro

  143. proc forms question

  144. proc freq
    • proc freq (54 lines)
      From: Mayukh Dass <dass@UGA.EDU>
    • Re: proc freq (82 lines)
      From: Dunn, Toby <Toby.Dunn@TEA.STATE.TX.US>
    • Re: proc freq (67 lines)
      From: Dennis Diskin <diskin@SNET.NET>

  145. proc sql - id

  146. random partitions

  147. record merging

  148. remove
    • remove (10 lines)
      From: Matt Brown <matt_angelo_brown@USA.NET>
    • Re: remove (25 lines)
      From: F. J. Kelley <jkelley@UGA.EDU>

  149. sas datetime

  150. sas-l
    • sas-l (25 lines)
      From: Jules Bosch <Jules@BOSCHSYSTEMS.COM>
    • Re: sas-l (56 lines)
      From: Dennis Diskin <diskin@SNET.NET>
    • Re: sas-l (50 lines)
      From: Dunn, Toby <Toby.Dunn@TEA.STATE.TX.US>
    • Re: sas-l (45 lines)
      From: Peter Crawford <peter.crawford@BLUEYONDER.CO.UK>

  151. sas-l - Solved

  152. scope of macro variables

  153. splitting the log

  154. stop the premature isshh

  155. styles and macro variables

  156. subsetting then doing t-test?

  157. survey select

  158. transpose in a non-usual way

  159. use LaTeX for your SUGI paper

  160. variables in a macro

  161. 性娃娃熱線
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