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CONCH-L archives – December 2004, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. Age Rings in Freshwater Mollusks

  2. Age of Charonia tritonis

  3. Conch shell blowing - anyone?

  4. Evolution
    • Evolution (61 lines)
      From: John Wolff <jpwolff1@VERIZON.NET>

  5. Glen Deuel COA website

  6. Hermit House Hunting or "A Tale of Two Shells"

  7. Hope for coral reefs?

  8. ICZN Code
    • ICZN Code (34 lines)
      From: Paolo G. Albano <broderipi@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: ICZN Code (39 lines)
      From: Jordan Star <Murex1Man@CS.COM>
    • Re: ICZN Code (67 lines)
      From: Bob Dayle <makuabob@COWRYS.ORG>
    • Re: ICZN Code (110 lines)
      From: Wiggers <fwiggers@YAHOO.COM>

  9. Kids' Section on COA website

  10. Large African Mollusk Poses Threat ...

  11. Mole crabs

  12. New York mystery terrestrial

  13. New shell images.

  14. New to the list

  15. Old Collections

  16. RV: Age Rings in Freshwater Mollusks

  17. Space Coast Shell Festival

  18. Strombus goliath

  19. Thomas Say

  20. UNITAS newsletter - out now!

  21. a variety of drill holes in shells

  22. a variety of drill holes in shells - octopod borings

  23. auction
    • Re: auction (50 lines)
      From: Kathryn Goguen <kgoguen@VOYAGER.NET>

  24. drill holes
    • drill holes (17 lines)
      From: Jack Donner <jackrenee@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: drill holes (36 lines)
      From: bivalve <bivalve@MAIL.DAVIDSON.ALUMLINK.COM>

  25. extracting Illyanassa obsoleta

  26. molluscs invading North America: what about Littorina littorea?

  27. oldest known collection manipulated shells

  28. once again: cleaning

  29. save a snail
    • save a snail (165 lines)
      From: Ken Hotopp <khotopp@HEREINTOWN.NET>

  30. shelf standards

  31. terebra argus

  32. { SPAM 1 }::the dog ate my operculum
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