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SAS-L archives – January 2005, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 1/21-1/24 Unofficial SAS Weblog Posts

  2. <No subject>

  3. ANN - Tiberius V2.8 now released


  5. Abuse of statistics, was: Re: Proc CORR running out of memory

  6. Accessing SAS Web Site today

  7. Accessing an Oracle table (or view) with a $-sign in its name

  8. Adding number of users to SAS Management console

  9. Agent Needed
    • Agent Needed (25 lines)
      From: lpil <liu.peijin22@LAPOSTE.NET>

  10. Arithmetic to select prospects based on model scores

  11. Basic SAS questions

  12. Calling all Appdev Studio people: How to redirect output to a ComboBox

  13. Can SAS do this special Kalman Filter forecasting?

  14. Can ods create a pivot table?

  15. Combination of bar chart and line series chart

  16. Creating variables in NLMIXED

  17. DDE excel ACTIVATE command --> error : DDE session not ready and I/O error

  18. Data preparation for attrition model

  19. Datastep _n_ question

  20. Delivery Protection ScanMail has blocked your mail due to a mail policy.

  21. Documenation recommendation

  22. Does any one know how to make SAS to PPT working?

  23. Easiest way to make sure 2 sas programs (2 files) are the sam e?

  24. Easiest way to make sure 2 sas programs (2 files) are the same?

  25. Enquiry / Hotel or Real Estate

  26. Equivalent of _n_ in PROC SQL?

  27. Estimate odds ratio in proc NLMIXED

  28. Excel to SAS, general questions

  29. Exporting a dataset and formats - how ?

  30. FW: Re: Help on SAS Programming

  31. Fisher vs. Chi-Square CPU time?

  32. Flying high with SAS

  33. Format Picture round option

  34. Friday humor
    • Re: Friday humor (21 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <radevenz@IX.NETCOM.COM>

  35. Genetic algorithm

  36. Get titles printed for "empty" chart.

  37. Good Excel file interfacing?


  39. Have you heard the GOOD NEWS?

  40. Help on SAS Programming

  41. Help on greplay

  42. Hierarchical cluster analysis vs Twostep cluster analysis in SPSS with dicotomized data

  43. How to check if a format exists?

  44. How to check if a format exists?]

  45. How to classified a series of observation ?

  46. How to generate a report like this...

  47. How to generate a report like this...(Revised)

  48. How to print a .RTF file. Problem with - filename cmds dde 'Winword|System'

  49. How to protect excel worksheet using SAS

  50. How to use composite key to generate surrogate keys in SAS V9 ETL Studio?

  51. Intraclass Correlation ?

  52. Job Posting: SAS 9 Consultants needed!

  53. Joining tables

  54. LUG: Greater Atlanta SAS Users Group meeting January 27, 2005

  55. Leading blanks in ODS RTF

  56. Logistic Regession and Power

  57. Looking for something equivalent to RTRIM

  58. Macro to read a flat file into SAS from a DB2 DDL?

  59. Macros in Excel

  60. Min & Max with character variables

  61. Missing values misconverted to zero by FTP

  62. NESTED procedure interpretation

  63. NLMIXED binary versus binomial

  64. Need distributor-Necesitamos distribuidores

  65. New job: Statistical SAS Modelling in London

  66. ODS and Classlev in Proc Tabulate

  67. ODS error in IML

  68. OT for a Friday: A new-to-me Firefox feature

  69. OT for a Friday: A new-to-me Google Feature

  70. OT: Friday humor

  71. OT: Misc.
    • OT: Misc. (21 lines)
      From: Bosch, Jules <>

  72. OT: SUGI30 Powerpoint template

  73. OT: book review

  74. Observing bit representation of SAS numbers

  75. PDSlist for z/OS


  77. PROC MIANALYZE and CLASS variables

  78. Page Breaks

  79. Password protect a large number of files

  80. Please help me crack this code...

  81. Problem getting XML output from proc freq

  82. Proc CORR running out of memory

  83. Proc SQL Anomoly When Using Case Statements

  84. Proc report ODS RTF

  85. Project 2005

  86. Q: PDSlist for z/OS

  87. RE : simple gui with SAS

  88. Random Sample from a SQL Server Database

  89. Reading a Tab Delimited File

  90. Reading missing flat file variable and returning length of this variable per record

  91. Reason to use missing instead of zero.

  92. Recode, was: Re: SAVE to a new dataset with formatted values ??

  93. Remote execution needed

  94. Rename multiple variables

  95. Right-Click Menu in Explorer -- SOLUTION FOUND

  96. SAS -> Excel trick

  97. SAS ETS/STAT -Forecasting question

  98. SAS Enterprise Guide Users Group

  99. SAS Enterprise Miner

  100. SAS Intrnet question, passing macro variables to SAS.

  101. SAS Merge
    • SAS Merge (26 lines)
      From: Amrita Singh <AmritaS2@AOL.COM>
    • Re: SAS Merge (59 lines)
      From: toby dunn <tobydunn@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS Merge (42 lines)
      From: Smith, Curtis, Mr, DCAA <Curtis.Smith@DCAA.MIL>
    • Re: SAS Merge (64 lines)
      From: David L. Cassell <cassell.david@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV>
    • Re: SAS Merge (20 lines)
      From: Amrita Singh <amritas2@AOL.COM>
    • Re: SAS Merge (47 lines)
      From: toby dunn <tobydunn@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS Merge (47 lines)
      From: Larry Bertolini <bertolini.1@OSU.EDU>
    • Re: SAS Merge (37 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <radevenz@IX.NETCOM.COM>

  102. SAS USERS GROUP in India?

  103. SAS V9 ability to produce csv on mainframe

  104. SAS Windows App

  105. SAS neural
    • SAS neural (15 lines)
      From: SUBSCRIBE SAS-L Lokesh <lokesh.nagar@IITB.AC.IN>

  106. SAS to Excel to PPT

  107. SAS to PPT


  109. SAS/Insight included?

  110. SAS/IntrNet and macro questions



  113. Scanover problem

  114. Seeking a sql solution

  115. Sending a page or text message from SAS

  116. Simple Way to Remove Records from a Master Data Set

  117. Stat Question--number continuous nominal categorical etc.

  118. Statistical question -- compare two columns for statistical difference

  119. Submitting multiple SAS programs at once

  120. Summing across records

  121. TIP: List format data from SAS Explorer

  122. TOP SECRET.

  123. Tabulate to an output data set

  124. Urgent vacancy (actuary / statistician) with large Financial institution based in London

  125. Use of put function

  126. Using htmSQL in a batch SAS job

  127. Using wait=no to solve time out problems

  128. Utility to scan string variables for non-printable characters ?

  129. Utility to scan string variables for non-printable characters?

  130. V8 to V9 conversion?

  131. Want macro to "return" result of PROC SQL ... INTO

  132. What test to use ? a pair-wise data of nested design


  134. about PROC DELETE

  135. an appeal
    • an appeal (63 lines)
      From: harrison <harri_m2001@YAHOO.CO.UK>

  136. compare every observation in the data set to the rest of them

  137. converting from character to number

  138. duplicated ID to remove

  139. error message after a merger

  140. extracting numerals from a character field.

  141. geomean questions.

  142. hello
    • hello (35 lines)
      From: mike bell <mikebell@MAIL.RU>

  143. hinge analysis

  144. how to create a new dataset deduct from a old data set

  145. how to implement covariance structure in proc mixed?

  146. how to seperate characters from words

  147. matching firms with size and book to market

  148. migration from os/390 to server

  149. need help on data recode

  150. numeric variables

  151. picture format, rounding

  152. picture formats

  153. pointer moved to the next line by default

  154. possible in one step?

  155. proc sql, non-exclusive lock

  156. proc surveyfreq

  157. programming question do loop

  158. read text file into sas dataset

  159. reading PGP encrypted files-w/SAS

  160. reading part of a ms word document into SAS

  161. recommendation engine

  162. return count in proc sql as macro variable

  163. sas inter/net --html issue

  164. simple gui with SAS

  165. tip: ListMcat: List Macros in Catalogs

  166. unusual procs

  167. updating database in oracle

  168. use of except all in SAS

  169. writing nested formats
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