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SAS-L archives – February 2005, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "proc report" puzzle

  2. 2/15-2/22 Unofficial SAS Weblog Posts

  3. 2/23-2/28 Unofficial SAS Weblog Posts

  4. <No subject>

  5. <blank> [on numeric-to-character conversion]


  7. Abbreviated datasets

  8. Accessing dataset meta-data from with a datastep

  9. Adding OLE Link At Runtime

  10. Ah An Easier Way To Make Money

  11. Any way to suppress Warning when ODS output file not created?

  12. Associate Director, Biostatistics

  13. Avoiding file name collisions in macros

  14. BI server and add-in excel

  15. Bayesian classifier in SAS

  16. Calculate row differences

  17. Calling R from SAS

  18. Can ODS GRAPHICS use variable labels

  19. Carry-over residuals (for a newbie)

  20. Char to Num (original post missing subject line)

  21. Cluster analysis using Geographical data

  22. Comparing Dates across multiple SAS datasets

  23. Compound
    • Compound (60 lines)
      From: Thomas <tythong@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Compound (73 lines)
      From: Roger Lustig <trovato@VERIZON.NET>
    • Re: Compound (101 lines)
      From: Thomas <tythong@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Compound (165 lines)
      From: Nigel Pain <Nigel.Pain@SCOTLAND.GSI.GOV.UK>
    • Re: Compound (16 lines)
      From: Thomas <tythong@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Compound (98 lines)
      From: Nat Wooding <Nathaniel_Wooding@DOM.COM>
    • Re: Compound (131 lines)
      From: Roger Lustig <trovato@VERIZON.NET>

  24. Convert character date into SAS date

  25. Convert invalid date format

  26. Correlation Coefficient of 2 Random Variables

  27. Counting across variables

  28. Counting across variables query

  29. County and state name to FIPS code

  30. Create hbar chart by groups

  31. Creating a Hex Carriage Return and New Line Codes

  32. Creating dynamic Mainframe dataset using libname

  33. Database Modeler - Phoenix, AZ

  34. Dataset migration problem

  35. Director of Health Outcomes and Epidemiology

  36. Displaying special characters as subscript or superscript using Report

  37. Don't Believe Everything You Read

  38. ERROR: Write Access Violation In Task ( FREQ ]

  39. Estimates/contrasts in HLM (Proc Mixed)

  40. FIPS Codes
    • Re: FIPS Codes (51 lines)
      From: Michael S. Zdeb <msz03@HEALTH.STATE.NY.US>

  41. FIPS info
    • Re: FIPS info (57 lines)
      From: Bj Mattson <BMATTSON@ODH.OHIO.GOV>

  42. Find 'weird' characters in last name

  43. Fisher exact test taking ages

  44. Fwd: Cluster analysis using Geographical data


  46. Geo clustering

  47. Help needed on reading multiple files with conditional statement

  48. Help needed on renaming a variable while looping

  49. Help on comparing/observations and outputting the mean

  50. Help on sending commands

  51. Help with data structure for conditional logit

  52. Homework Exercise /Finance/Probability

  53. How do I get out of X commands back to SAS

  54. How to compare a macro variable with a certain value in a macro program?

  55. How to print without leave ?(SAS-AF under MVS)

  56. How to stop a running SAS program

  57. ISS/ISE
    • ISS/ISE (9 lines)
      From: Joan Zhao <hongzl@OPTONLINE.NET>

  58. Is there a sas code that can clean up ICD-9 codes?

  59. Issue TSO command from SAS

  60. Job Available at Toyota Financial Service: Portfolio Senior Risk Analyst -Henderson, AZ

  61. Jones and Whitlock (2002) and other conference papers

  62. Kind Assistance
    • Kind Assistance (35 lines)
      From: Stella Kabba <stella_kabba0001@HOTMAIL.COM>

  63. LAST DAY TO VOTE for annual SAS-L awards

  64. Logistic Regression: "quasi-complete separation"

  65. Managing a Data Group Department

  66. Metadata of compiled macros?

  67. Multilabel formats

  68. Multiple Imputation--Missing Data

  69. My Mother Is Worried

  70. NESARC data set - has anyone analyzed it, or does anyone want to?

  71. NJ SAS Users Group Meeting, This Firday, March 4th

  72. NLMIXED:Parameter and odds ratios as a data output (using by statement)

  73. New Books and Software for Scientists, Experts, Teachers and Students

  74. OT: Best of Hubble Slideshow

  75. OT: Creating SAS Format for Payout

  76. Outputting the frequency beside the dataset

  77. PRoc Tabulate and Ods

  78. Party Poker Million IV

  79. Perpetual Double Motion! Get Yours Today...FREE!!!

  80. Proc Genmod
    • Proc Genmod (46 lines)
      From: Angie <ancheelow@HOTMAIL.COM>

  81. Proc Tabulate

  82. Pros and Cons of SAS certification?

  83. Purging Data contents in a sas library

  84. Q: use mvar in SqlServer

  85. Question: What is the difference between index and sort?

  86. RE : Multilabel formats

  87. RE : PROC IML: BY statement

  88. Re-ordering columns in a data set

  89. Re-ording columns in a data set

  90. Read external file, .ab1

  91. Reading ASCI text file

  92. Reading records that are pointed to by other records

  93. Relative Importance of Explanatory Variables, Standardized Coefficients, STB option, etc.

  94. Remote liabrary error

  95. Repeated measure ANOVA

  96. Running SAS LE 2.0 on AMD Athlon 64 bit With Windows XP pro 32bit

  97. SAS Analyst opportunities for Pennsylvania-$59K to $85K

  98. SAS DDE
    • Re: SAS DDE (32 lines)
      From: Arthur Tabachneck <art297@NETSCAPE.NET>
    • Re: SAS DDE (43 lines)
      From: dadagbemi@YAHOO.COM
    • Re: SAS DDE (107 lines)
      From: Workman, Rob <Rob.Workman@CARBOMEDICS.COM>

  99. SAS Enterprise Guide Users Group (SEGUS)

  100. SAS Tip: Printing only a small number of records from a dataset

  101. SAS metadata Server

  102. SCL questions on ATTRN and VAR.. functions

  103. SESUG papers Was( Re: Jones and Whitlock (2002) and other conference papers)

  104. SUGI Hotel
    • SUGI Hotel (22 lines)
      From: toby dunn <tobydunn@HOTMAIL.COM>


  106. Scan files from multiple directories

  107. Showing standard errors for proc freq (CMH test)

  108. Standard Deviations from the Mean

  109. Statisticial Analyst - Phoenix, AZ

  110. Statistician - Part-time or Full-time - Work Remotely Option

  111. THANKS for Help on a grouping problem

  112. Test - Please Ignore

  113. The JDBC Adapter is not initialized properly

  114. The model of efficacy table

  115. Time dependent variable, exclude all covariate information

  116. Transform data to panel structure

  117. UNQUOTE function ?

  118. Using Colon Modifier in SQL Where Clause?

  119. V9 format
    • V9 format (36 lines)
      From: Stat <BillGates@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: V9 format (46 lines)
      From: Jack Hamilton <jfh@STANFORDALUMNI.ORG>
    • Re: V9 format (133 lines)
      From: toby dunn <tobydunn@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: V9 format (61 lines)
      From: Ravikumar. J <ravi_pune@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: V9 format (40 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J <RJF2@CDC.GOV>

  120. Value summation In Excel VB

  121. Vice President of Marketing Sciences opportunity


  123. What's the easiest way to get every value of a categorical va riable?

  124. What's the easiest way to get every value of a categorical variable?

  125. Where is the view for Goption?

  126. Will pay someone to write event code for me in Excel

  127. With non-risk and non-misgiving to gain cheap DVD famous movies! (Only 5 $)

  128. X command in Mainframe

  129. Your Commission_Statement

  130. comparing records

  131. comparing within-subject regressions across conditions

  132. conditional "line"s in a compute block?

  133. creating autoexec for documentation header

  134. cumulative incidence curve from survival curve

  135. dates in output window

  136. finite mixture models

  137. force line wrapping in SAS-L posts

  138. macro variable returning the directory of SAS file

  139. multiple conditions problem

  140. mySQL and SAS

  141. ods and keylabel in proc tabulate

  142. question about 'ad hoc report'

  143. repeated ranking

  144. rolling aggregation

  145. running speed for XML MAP

  146. select first choice question

  147. support vector machines

  148. three dimensional tables

  149. updating SQL server data using Proc SQL via ODBC

  150. use a directory a condition for a loop

  151. use mvar in SqlServer

  152. validating fields containing digits

  153. weight factor in GEE

  154. xloper to sas proc proto?
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