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SPSSX-L archives – May 2005

Table of contents:

  1. "Merge Variables"

  2. $date system variable

  3. 'Control' Variables

  4. 256 variable limit seems not to apply in openoffice

  5. :SAV
    • :SAV (13 lines)
      From: cristiano <>
    • Re: :SAV (30 lines)
      From: Spousta Jan <JSpousta@CSAS.CZ>
    • Re: :SAV (32 lines)
      From: Jack Rotman <>
    • Re: :SAV (49 lines)
      From: Hector Maletta <>
    • Re: :SAV (56 lines)
      From: Art Kendall <Art@DRKENDALL.ORG>
    • Re: :SAV (64 lines)
      From: cristiano <>

  6. ANCOVA Question - Resolved

  7. ARIMA model+Transfer function question

  8. AW: Corresponding list processing in macros

  9. AW: FW: adding notes to output files

  10. AW: Macro for merging files (add cases)

  11. AW: OMS
    • AW: OMS (35 lines)
      From: Georg Maubach <>

  12. AW: Re: matrix-operation: nearest neighbour

  13. AW: Re: save spss-file as packed ebcdic-datafile

  14. AW: Suggestion on Macro Library System

  15. AW: Value labels in tables

  16. AW: export data to EXCEL

  17. Abnormal behaviour

  18. Add leading zeros

  19. Adding all Excel files from same directory

  20. Adding all Excel files from same directory into one SPSS file

  21. All Possible Orders

  22. Ang. Trimming email address to show domain only

  23. Ang. Vertical to Flat File

  24. Appropriateness of HLM?

  25. Autocorrelation in SPSS

  26. Best practice for data merges?

  27. Bland-Altman Correlations

  28. Box Plot Count Labels

  29. C.I for proportion

  30. CTABLES and OMS

  31. Canonical Correlation in SPSS13

  32. Capping or Not Capping

  33. Categorized "No Answer" in SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys

  34. Center X-Axis Numbers on Histogram

  35. Change font of var and axis label

  36. Chart Problem: Jave error after applying Templates in Verion 12.0

  37. Cluster Analysis on Factor Scores

  38. Cochran Armitage
    • Cochran Armitage (8 lines)
      From: Miyoshi, Thomas <>

  39. Compute Command

  40. Converting number of days since a start date to actual date and computing number of days between two intervals

  41. Corresponding list processing in macros

  42. Counting parts of a string variable

  43. Covariance element constrains in mixed models

  44. Creating a Global Index

  45. Ctables script
    • Ctables script (35 lines)
      From: Arthur Aguirre <arthur.aguirre@INCEPTA-MI.COM>

  46. Ctables script - Second Attempt (Programming Consultants Please Review)

  47. DON'T put a lot of events in a VECTOR!

  48. Data Restructure "with a couple of twists"

  49. Data Restructure "with a couple of twists" Take Two

  50. Data manipulation

  51. Date Arithmetic ... Calculate number of Elapsed months

  52. Date recode problem

  53. Developing formative measures and Likert scale!

  54. Deviation contrasts

  55. Disappearing titles and subtitles

  56. Discriminant analysis

  57. Discriminant functions

  58. Displaying frequencies for two or more variables in the same table

  59. Draftsman Scatter plots in SPSS

  60. Duplicate cases as multiple variable values?

  61. Employees Performance

  62. Empty parameter values

  63. Entering values by matching IDs.

  64. Error Reporting in SPSS 12+ using OMS

  65. Estimating parameters for breaks of data

  66. Excel times into SPSS

  67. FW: Adding all Excel files from same directory into one SPSS file

  68. FW: Draftsman Scatter plots in SPSS

  69. FW: Re: opening spss files in access

  70. Factor Analysis -- never done before and need help

  71. Factorial Experiment, Repeated mesures, HELP

  72. Find string in another string

  73. Finding the lowest value in a group of variables

  74. Folder creator!

  75. Forcing y-axis values

  76. Formatting Multiple Rows All at Once in CTABLES

  77. Freedman's paper
    • Freedman's paper (28 lines)
      From: Marta García-Granero <>

  78. Functional Transformations

  79. Functionality Re: SPSS as database

  80. Fwd: Re: Mauchly's Test - Question

  81. GLM from old to new data

  82. Generalized Procrustes Analysis

  83. Generating syntax files while running menu commands...

  84. Hash algorithm?

  85. Help
    • Help (10 lines)
      From: Stenney8@AOL.COM
    • Re: Help (23 lines)
      From: David Greenberg <>

  86. Help with intervals.

  87. Help with syntax

  88. Hierarchical Liinear Modelling

  89. Hierarchical linear (and non-linear) modeling.

  90. How N-fold Validation Works in Modeling

  91. How SPSS computes percentiles

  92. How to declare 00:00:00

  93. How to interrupt a loop?

  94. Hyperthreading

  95. ICC(1) & ICC(2)


  97. Imputation logic with EM

  98. In search of a statistical procedure.

  99. Installation of SPSS 13.0 Error

  100. Is it possible to run Survival Analysis in SPSS with weighted data?

  101. Kappa for more than two raters


  103. Log-Linear Models and Plot of Logged Odds

  104. Logistic Regression 's Question

  105. Logistic analysis for high prevalence?

  106. Looking for people with more than one ID

  107. MANOVA, effect size, Confidence Interval, and Macro

  108. Mac SPSS help file broken

  109. Macro for merging files (add cases)

  110. Macro help needed

  111. Macro question, !BREAK

  112. Macrohelp
    • Macrohelp (47 lines)
      From: Magnus Källhager <>
    • Re: Macrohelp (68 lines)
      From: Raynald Levesque <>

  113. Matching
    • Re: Matching (214 lines)
      From: Keith Starborn <>
    • Re: Matching (169 lines)
      From: Tim Dale <tim99dale@YAHOO.CO.UK>
    • Re: Matching (213 lines)
      From: Marks, Jim <>

  114. Matching Pairs

  115. Matching values between different vectors

  116. Mauchly's Test - Question

  117. Measuremente error (Bland & Altman method)

  118. Measuremente error (Bland & Altman method) small error

  119. More on total at bottom of table

  120. Nesting Variables in MANOVA

  121. New guy thoughts

  122. ODBC
    • ODBC (29 lines)
      From: Fabien Couprie <fcouprie@GOLDEN-EYES.COM>

  123. OMS
    • OMS (19 lines)
      From: Jan Winchell <>
    • Re: OMS (33 lines)
      From: Peck, Jon <>

  124. Ordinal Regression and SPSS Specific References

  125. Out of Office Responses

  126. Pivot tables to Microsoft Word

  127. Please remove me from listserv (plea to the list owner)

  128. Poisson regression

  129. Problem with listserv????

  130. Problems Opening SPSS in Tiger

  131. Programming Problem - Combinations

  132. Programming Problem – Combinations

  133. Question on Testing Slope

  134. R2 in multiple regression specific to one variable

  135. Recall: Re: [SPSSX-L] $date system variable

  136. Recent versions of SPSS omit line markers from line-graph legends?

  137. Recode problem

  138. Regression Coefficients - Extreme Flip

  139. Remove hyphens -- Thank you!

  140. Removing a hypten from a caseid

  141. Repeated Measures Post-Hocs

  142. Replacing Blanks by Underscores

  143. Residuals Re: Discriminant functions


  145. SPSS Cached Data files

  146. SPSS Data Management Book

  147. SPSS Developer's Guide


  149. SPSS Re-coding in a factorial experiment


  151. SPSS Scripting

  152. SPSS to Power Point-Juan

  153. SPSS to excel

  154. SPSS users in India, New Delhi!

  155. Sample Size Calculator for Logistic Regression

  156. Sax Basic
    • Sax Basic (15 lines)
      From: Juris Breidaks <>
    • Re: Sax Basic (39 lines)
      From: Peck, Jon <>

  157. Select cases
    • Select cases (14 lines)
      From: Chelminski, Iwona <>
    • Re: Select cases (35 lines)
      From: Trudy Poon <>

  158. Shapiro-Wilk test macro for Excel

  159. Some thoughts on instant statisticians

  160. Split or N-fold

  161. Stepwise, not always a wise step

  162. Suggestion on Macro Library System

  163. Syntax to select records

  164. Teaching SPSS (Little OT)

  165. Testing Difference in Means for 30 cases

  166. Textpad Syn-File

  167. Theresa Ditton/OME/Vertexinc is out of the office.

  168. Time Series Analysis

  169. Time of work

  170. Tobit and Heteroskedasticity

  171. Tr: Re: multivariate MR

  172. Transformed factorial experiment data

  173. Transformed full factorial design

  174. Trimming email address to show domain only

  175. Unique IDs.

  176. Unique case in Data Entry

  177. Using MS PowerPoint API by SPSS SaxBasic Script

  178. Using MS Powerpoint API by SPSS SaxBasic Script

  179. VALUES instead of LABELS written to XLS files using SAVE TRANSLATE

  180. Value Labels

  181. Value labels in tables

  182. Vertical to Flat File

  183. WG: CONCERTO Macro Library System (Initial Release)

  184. WG: Re: Replacing Blanks by Underscores

  185. WG: Re: [SPSSX-L] adding notes to output files

  186. WG: Re: editing or reading spss variable definitions in other applications?

  187. Weighting cases with SPSS using multiple background variables

  188. Which SPSS13 Command?

  189. [BULK] Categorized "No Answer" in SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys

  190. [BULK] Mac SPSS help file broken

  191. [BULK] Re: Poisson regression


  193. [BULK] SPSS Developer's Guide

  194. a syntax question

  195. adaptation of survival analysis (to pseudo panel data)

  196. adding notes to output files

  197. assigning group mean to indiv. cases

  198. book references please

  199. canonical correlation

  200. changing data points & marker colour in a profile plot

  201. clarification
    • clarification (25 lines)
      From: Scott C. Roesch <>

  202. clicking to syntax?

  203. comparing regression - MVA?

  204. comparison between ANOVA and Kruskal-wallis test

  205. complex sampling design

  206. counting IDs question

  207. creating new file by matching on external list

  208. crossover experiment analysis with spss

  209. data set for practising

  210. discriminant analysis question

  211. dropping lowest score

  212. editing or reading spss variable definitions in other applications?

  213. email output through syntax?

  214. examining differences in interaction

  215. excel military time to spss

  216. export data to EXCEL

  217. export spss to sas

  218. fixed effects in mixed models - SPSS Grad Pack 13.0

  219. follow up to "if" statement question

  220. further clarifications regarding means-end-analysis

  221. how to trim a string variable at the end

  222. if statement help

  223. importing data with scientific notation

  224. instant statisticians?

  225. interpreting quadratic interaction effect in GLM

  226. latest version of spss

  227. lg10 versus ln

  228. logistic regression question

  229. matrix-operation: nearest neighbour

  230. means-end-analysis with SPSS?

  231. more questions about weighted means

  232. multivariate MR

  233. old posts to the list

  234. opening spss files in access

  235. partial omega-squared

  236. printout of results coach

  237. problems with export in sas

  238. qual & quant software WAS--> Re: Functionality Re: SPSS as database

  239. query about cluster analysis of multiple response data

  240. question on a complex split-plot design

  241. random item modification

  242. random item modification/art

  243. random item modification/gene/jim/art

  244. re CNN was, Re: [BULK] Re: Some thoughts on instant statisticians

  245. regression betas

  246. regression betas (the dangers of careless use of STEPWISE)

  247. remote-connection to mainframe (host?) with spss

  248. remove me from listserv

  249. reverse numeric values

  250. right trim string of variable length?

  251. running syntax from TextPad

  252. running syntax from TextPad - from Word too!

  253. save spss-file as packed ebcdic-datafile

  254. select cases problem

  255. selecting cases for quartile comparison

  256. spss 11.0.2 and macos 10.3.9

  257. survival analysis question

  258. the dangers of stepwise regression

  259. the length of each test substring for INDEX

  260. the length of each test substring for the INDEX or RINDEX function is greater than the length of the string to be searched - error message

  261. total at bottom of table

  262. two data view
    • two data view (32 lines)
      From: Omar Farook <>
    • Re: two data view (28 lines)
      From: Frederic Villamayor <>

  263. v11.0.3 for Mac - no shift/cmd keys

  264. v11.0.3 for Mac - no shift/cmd keys - FIXED!

  265. weight command

  266. wish list
    • Re: wish list (32 lines)
      From: Michael Healy <>

  267. within-subject / between-subject question

  268. zero determinant
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