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SAS-L archives – July 2005, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. %syscall does not accept /

  2. A junior statistical analyst position with TV Guide in New York C ity

  3. An easy way to generate random numbers without replacement

  4. Any predictable shift in the seed also produces a random sequence?


  6. Basic SAS question

  7. Business Intelligence SAS Users Group (BISUG) newsletter

  8. C or JAVA, which works better with SAS

  9. Can somebody explain

  10. Cluster analysis in a geographical setting

  11. Constructing IN List values

  12. Create an Excel Table in SAS

  13. Create, append or delete datasets in macro

  14. Data Cleaning

  15. Determining version of catalog

  16. Estimating mean of variable having inflated ZEROS

  17. Exporting specific data to csv

  18. FW: Re: collapsing observations

  19. Fwd: Unbalanced designs (MIXED versus GLM)

  20. GENMOD: User specified correlation matrix

  21. GENMOD: standardized GEE parameter estimates ???

  22. Government SAS user groups?

  23. Help creating cohorts

  24. Help creating new variables

  25. Help in multivariate analysis

  26. How do I modify highlight color for FIND command?

  27. How do detect that I am processing the first of nth observation?

  28. How do you write really good code

  29. How to Create Excel Sheets based on the value of the variable

  30. How to get all last version records

  31. How to get the Last_order_date

  32. Importing a mysql dabase

  33. It must be Friday

  34. Jim Goodnight story on Harvard Business Review

  35. K-fold Cross Validation

  36. List of values for use in a IF-THEN DELETE-statement

  37. MD-Frederick: SAS/Unix Programmer Java Modeling Job # 1a1DC3

  38. Macro - Importing multiple datasets

  39. Merging datasets : Help

  40. More Optimal Proc SQL?

  41. Multiple ELSEs, was: Re: Retain and Basic SAS help

  42. Need to know methods to read from oracle/ db2 databases without using SAS/ACCESS Interface modules


  44. OT: IBM Officially Kills ....

  45. OT: It must be Friday

  46. On Key-Indexing

  47. Online XML Organizational Chart Service is available

  48. Ot: Re: MD-Frederick: SAS/Unix Programmer Java Modeling Job # 1a1DC3

  49. PROC ARIMA-Time Series

  50. PROC DATASETS and Sequential Libraries

  51. PROC DISCRIM - Wilks' lambda & Associated F test

  52. Percent format lost after exporting to excel

  53. Proc SQL monotonic function

  54. Proc surveyselect

  55. Q: Gaussian Random Variable Generator

  56. Q: SAS IntrNet - AppServer set up / config permissions

  57. Query on Deduping Data

  58. Quoting from the Thread [was: Re: combining data between different data sets]

  59. RE next of kin
    • RE next of kin (60 lines)
      From: stephen ayling <aylingoo3@HOTMAIL.COM>


  61. RETAIN statement and how SAS processes data

  62. RETAIN statement still not working

  63. SAS 9.1.3 Open Metadata interface

  64. SAS BI and Apache


  66. SAS Formats - converting SAS dataset into SPSS data

  67. SAS IntrNet - AppServer set up / config permissions

  68. SAS and Enterprise Miner

  69. SAS based DM software

  70. SAS macro and SAS Proc SQL

  71. SAS output excel format - remove leading quote/apostrophe from Excel data

  72. SAS/Connect: SAS Client/User access monitorin in SAS NT Server

  73. SAS/GRAPH box plot question


  75. SQL - why is Left Join 2x less efficient than Inner Join?

  76. Survival curves

  77. Temporary Variables in macro coding

  78. Thanks
    • Thanks (12 lines)
      From: Philip Nielsen <phrising@YAHOO.DK>

  79. To draw line graph

  80. Tricky format problem

  81. True type fonts on unix/SAS9.1

  82. Unbalanced designs (MIXED versus GLM)

  83. View Gives Different (Better?) Result

  84. Views and passes (was RE: Output last record of fantom by group)

  85. Whats wrong with the use of Macro variable

  86. When does RETAIN = reorder / retain?

  87. adv: SAS Scheduling - Getting the Most out of your Time and Resources

  88. another sampling question

  89. array or other

  90. can SQL do many-to-many merge

  91. can u submit and run separate steps in ultra-edit?

  92. change variable's position

  93. check if a string contains a list of substrings

  94. collapsing observations

  95. combining data between different data sets

  96. conditional format when combining datasets

  97. converting a SAS data set to a CSV file

  98. creating a legend box inside the graphics output area

  99. delete some pages of PDF report

  100. error in mvs

  101. formatted variable freq question

  102. formatting a percentage

  103. gchart subgroup order

  104. gettting out of the nested loop

  105. how to standardize coefficients (beta) in Proc GLM?

  106. job posting: Marketing Research Manager (telecommuting possible)

  107. log file
    • log file (30 lines)
      From: Nathan Broudo <Nathan.N.Broudo@HEALTHNET.COM>
    • Re: log file (59 lines)
      From: Ya Huang <ya.huang@AMYLIN.COM>

  108. nested macros definitions

  109. proc rank, ranks var assigment

  110. proc sql union problem

  111. proc summary classdata= option

  112. question with adding symbols

  113. quick data step

  114. quick data step--many thanks

  115. random simple sampling

  116. re SAS BI and Apache

  117. re ordering variables in dataset:

  118. regarding SAS seminar

  119. reverse by pair

  120. runs tests in SAS?

  121. scl OPEN("dynamic dataset name","IS");

  122. solving problems of rslotpole@COMCAST.NET

  123. superposing data series at different sampling frequencies

  124. survey variables distribution

  125. tabulate cumulative statistics

  126. test 12 please ignore

  127. test 13 please ignore

  128. test please ignore

  129. test please ignore --- 123

  130. transposing by two variables..

  131. url: survey methods resources

  132. using monotonic() function with unique keyword
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