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SPSSX-L archives – August 2005

Table of contents:

  1. (no subject)

  2. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (135 lines)
      From: Peter Watson <>
    • <No subject> (22 lines)
      From: Brock Tibert <>
    • <No subject> (51 lines)
      From: Jatender mohal <>

  3. A command for selecting only complete cases (?)

  4. ANOVA or regression?



  7. AW: Finding a word in a string variable

  8. AW: String including IP addresses manipulation

  9. AW: Table with distribution and mean on the same row

  10. AW: selecting cases with specific word within a variable

  11. Access to SPSS

  12. Analysis titles

  13. Analyzing residual correlation matrices

  14. Ancova results interpretation

  15. Another way (Sax Basic)

  16. Answer Tree - CHAID - brackets and parentheses (2,3]

  17. Assigning New ID number when merging data from different files

  18. Association between a continuous variable and an ordinal variable

  19. Avoiding Sax Basic pop up "Select a pivot tabel before runing this script"

  20. Avoiding Sax Basic pop up "Select a pivot table before

  21. Bonferroni
    • Bonferroni (32 lines)
      From: Marco van de Ven <>
    • Re: Bonferroni (54 lines)
      From: Marc Scoppettone <mscoppettone@IAGR.NET>

  22. Bootstrapping and SPSS 14

  23. Bug in 12.0.2 crosstabs?


  25. Calculating CI from K-M

  26. Calling Syntax from Script

  27. Chow Test in SPSS revisited

  28. Colonoscopy
    • Colonoscopy (27 lines)
      From: Richard Ristow <>

  29. Combo variable syntax

  30. Comparing total sample %s with a different actual sample frequencies

  31. Complex samples logistic regression question

  32. Computations in !DO loops

  33. Computing Standard Errors

  34. Computing Statistics on Variables in a Custom Table

  35. Computing the number of rows and setting in MXLOOP

  36. Confidence intervals

  37. Converting SPSS value labels to SAS format

  38. Correlating Rankings to Satisfaction

  39. Counting instances within dates

  40. Cox regression - time dependendent covariates: revision

  41. Cox regression: SPSS plots: time dependent covariates

  42. Creating a Table that shows all Independent

  43. Creating a Table that shows all Independent Variables and the ir labels an...

  44. Creating a Table that shows all Independent Variables and their labels an...

  45. Creating a Table that shows all Independent Variables and their labels and Values

  46. Ctables
    • Ctables (17 lines)
      From: <>
    • Re: Ctables (72 lines)
      From: Post Man <>

  47. Ctables and page numbering or table of contents

  48. DO IF, missing values and transformations in general

  49. Data Checksum
    • Data Checksum (54 lines)
      From: Georg Maubach <Georg.Maubach@DPWNBC.NET>

  50. Data Conversion

  51. Data Validation

  52. Date calculations

  53. Date calculations (tiny translation error, ooops!)

  54. Display Label command

  55. Do I use the LAG function?

  56. Error in constructing a macro for matching.

  57. Excell time 8:46 becomes 8:45:99 in SPSS

  58. FW: Lost in Cox regression

  59. Facility for Writing to Excel Files

  60. Finding a word in a string variable

  61. Formula's CI amount/number/mean/median

  62. Fw: Insert Heading

  63. Grand Total in Ctables

  64. Graphical plotting of a Needs assessment study

  65. Graphing in SPSS

  66. Hanging During Report Preparation

  67. Help me about Power statistic

  68. Help with AMOS

  69. Help with SAS to SPSS syntax

  70. How do I define a path only once?

  71. IRT method
    • IRT method (13 lines)
      From: Fabienne Crettaz <Fabienne.CrettazVonRoten@UNIL.CH>

  72. Identifying codes in strings of variables

  73. Importing into SPSS from XML

  74. KaplanMeir
    • KaplanMeir (34 lines)
      From: Terry Reardon <>
    • Re: KaplanMeir (73 lines)
      From: Marta García-Granero <>

  75. Kendells W
    • Kendells W (29 lines)
      From: Ryan Mulligan <>
    • Re: Kendells W (50 lines)
      From: Art Kendall <>

  76. Labeling multiple visits of a single client

  77. Limitations on number of columns?

  78. Listing Activity Lables

  79. Listing the Possible Combinations in a Table

  80. Lmatrix in Ancova

  81. Logistic Regression Question

  82. Logistic Regression: Number of Iterations

  83. Looking across cases

  84. Lost in Cox regression

  85. MANOVA vs. Repeated Measures ANOVA

  86. Menu Editor Error Message

  87. Merging a group of files with unknown names in SPSS 14

  88. Missing Values
    • Missing Values (12 lines)
      From: Soeken, Karen L. <>

  89. More on NOMREG continuous IV erroneously treated as categorical?

  90. Multiple Posttest Measurments

  91. Multiple plots on a Graph

  92. NOMREG continuous IV erroneously treated as categorical?

  93. Neues SPSS Buch
    • Neues SPSS Buch (195 lines)
      From: CFG Schendera <>

  94. Nonparametric vs. Parametric

  95. OMS
    • OMS (117 lines)
      From: Sergio Balaban - Terra <>

  96. Old SPSS file
    • Old SPSS file (29 lines)
      From: Franson, Jessica Leigh <>

  97. Open file only if it exists

  98. Order of questions

  99. Output file format

  100. Passing a macro variable to a script

  101. Planet statistica(SPSS) Tetrachroric correlations and delta and Kappa settings

  102. Pooled Time-Series Analysis

  103. Price and Conjoint

  104. Quantitative Analytic Decision Tree

  105. Question re: Different MLE Convergence Criterion

  106. Quick K-M Question

  107. R: Script from syntax - error

  108. RES: film clip demo of TABLES

  109. Random number generators (was, re: Splitting file in half)

  110. Rank-Biserial Correlation Coefficient

  111. Received a Mac update

  112. Reference Category for Categorical Vars in NOMREG

  113. Repeated measures Manova and varying covariates

  114. Residual correlation graphs

  115. Resolving macro in the middle of an ADD Files

  116. Results strata and total

  117. Rép. : Re: Association between a co ntinuous variable and an ordinal variable

  118. SD of Changes

  119. SPSS 13 and Textsmart

  120. SPSS 14
    • SPSS 14 (132 lines)
      From: Weeks, Kyle <>

  121. SPSS crosstabs

  122. SPSS not correctly converting dataset to SAS

  123. SPSS truncating strings from Excel

  124. SPSS: Factorial design enquiry

  125. Saving Multiple Response definitions for future use.

  126. Saving page setup v. 12

  127. Scale Development

  128. Script from syntax - error

  129. Script or Syntax to Export Tables to Excel

  130. Set Command Error

  131. Set data cell widths in output table via script or syntax

  132. Speed if IF vs DO IF

  133. Splitting file in half using Select Cases Random Function

  134. Statistics from SPSS Twostep Cluster

  135. String including IP addresses manipulation

  136. Student T test

  137. Survey Design and Items Selection

  138. Syntax based output to Excel - Alignment

  139. Syntax for "Save as..."

  140. Syntax for selecting dates within the range of 120 to 30 days prior to today?



  143. Table with distribution and mean on the same row

  144. Tetrachroric and Delta and Kappa settings

  145. The SPSS Mac 11.0.4 patch released.

  146. Time Dependent Covariates - Cox Regression

  147. Unclear Texts

  148. Using SPSS Missing data analysis tools

  149. What's wrong with DO IF

  150. Within-subjects analysis of ranked preferences

  151. [BULK] Random number generators (was, re: Splitting file in half)

  152. [BULK] Splitting file in half using Select Cases Random Function

  153. [BULK] fixed-filed codes

  154. [Brock Tibert: 'last' date]

  155. about the behavior of INDEX function

  156. add files in macro

  157. bootstrapping?

  158. can the COSINE similarity of two matrices be calculated using SPSS?

  159. change numeric to string

  160. change order of cases

  161. chi-square test of goodness of fit in SPSS

  162. comparing rank-ordered means within a group

  163. computing centred means

  164. computing percentages based on variable sums

  165. control charts

  166. correction of syntax -& what is the being summed when the weight function is being used?

  167. correlation corrections without computing new variables

  168. data entry process

  169. data restructuring

  170. datestamp in output file name

  171. defining variables

  172. draw bar charts
    • draw bar charts (15 lines)
      From: waterleaf spss <>

  173. duplicate cases

  174. effect size form F and df

  175. error message - vector

  176. error: spsswin.tlb not found

  177. exclude missing value

  178. factor vs. covariate

  179. film clip demo of TABLES

  180. find and replace syntax

  181. fixed-filed codes

  182. fuzzy text matching

  183. general stats question

  184. grading tests with COUNT and SCORE

  185. graphing with two y-axes

  186. group a variable according to a binomial distribution

  187. group a variable according to a binominal distribution

  188. help on match merge?

  189. how to create a repetitive compute over a series of variables.

  190. how to run amos in spss

  191. is using the weight function the best means to compute an average across studies?

  192. item analysis and score analysis

  193. logistic regression with a correlation matrix as input

  194. logistic regression: lr, conditional and wald (backward or forward)

  195. looking across cases

  196. macro on freqs overall and by grouping var

  197. missing values in computed variables

  198. more details on general stats question

  199. more efficient syntax

  200. multicollinearity

  201. multinomial logistic regression

  202. multinomial logistic regression: cells and df

  203. multinomial vs. ordinal

  204. need help with counting variables

  205. partioning of string variable to distincet one

  206. plotting two-way interaction in logistic regression model

  207. printing date and time at top of output page

  208. problem to make correct output with igraph

  209. question about a macro

  210. question on syntax manipulation from confused SAS user trying to figure out SPSS

  211. question on syntax manipulation...

  212. reading in many text files using a script (help modifying an extant script)

  213. regression model vs crosstab

  214. reversing z scores

  215. scale development

  216. scale development and weghting

  217. searching for a resolution number

  218. selecting cases based on a time value (HH:MM:SS).

  219. selecting cases with specific word within a variable

  220. selecting valid cases only for various variables

  221. significance calculation for test statistics?

  222. solver in SPSS

  223. spss 12 crashing on Citrix

  224. spss maps
    • spss maps (19 lines)
      From: rahel kale <>

  225. string variable into numeric

  226. suggestion on methodology

  227. t distribution

  228. testing differences in proportions

  229. thanks - and another question

  230. tranforming variables

  231. transferring files between versions

  232. transform graphs

  233. transforming variables

  234. turning off field name caching w/database wizard

  235. unable to generate graphs in SPSS 13

  236. unsubscribe
    • unsubscribe (13 lines)
      From: Kimberly Ashburn <>
    • Re: unsubscribe (39 lines)
      From: Hector Maletta <>

  237. using AMD multicore processors with SPSS

  238. viewsav is a Real-Time Codebook for SPSS data files

  239. weighting with two weight variables

  240. which tests? M-W; K-W;

  241. zeros in predictors and categorical regression
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