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SAS-L archives – September 2005, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "S-PLUS / R: Complementing and Extending Statistical Computing for SAS Users

  2. 101 tricks in classification

  3. AF Table Viewer Object: How can I set Text Orientation for column label

  4. ASP
    • ASP (55 lines)
      From: Jerry L Diebal <jdiebal@GMAIL.COM>

  5. Acceptance and Unit Testing of SAS Programs(Fit, Fitnesse, and xUnit)

  6. Best way to change names each year

  7. Binarization for Neural Network

  8. Bivariate Zero-Inflated Poisson Regression Model

  9. Business Intelligence SAS Users Group (BISUG) newsletter

  10. COMPARE 2 Files

  11. Career Opportunities at Aetna in Blue Bell,PA

  12. Cluster methodology

  13. Cluster node for classification purpose

  14. Cluster trim parameter

  15. Comparing 2 columns from 2 different datasets

  16. Confidence limits for age adjusted rate

  17. Consolidate plots into one single file

  18. Contrast, SLICE and GLM

  19. Control groups (GLM)

  20. Convert SAS code to S-Plus

  21. Course***R/Splus Programming course***6 locations Nationwide / October 2005

  22. Create Flat Files

  23. DCL command problem in SAS 8.2 , Open VMS

  24. Difference in difference approach/picewise linear regression

  25. EG 3
    • EG 3 (32 lines)
      From: Doug <queanbeyan@HOTMAIL.COM>

  26. Edit SAS dataset with ASP Page

  27. Employment Opportunity

  28. FONTS ? (name of default font using gplot cgmof97L ?)

  29. FORMAT stumper

  30. FW: diaglog box in SAS

  31. Fold functions?

  32. Fw: Suppressing DOS Window "pop-ups"

  33. GENMOD vs. SURVEYLOGISTIC, round 1

  34. GLM: CLASS and reference group

  35. GLM: CLASS versus WHERE

  36. GPLOT image filename

  37. Gasoline Pricing

  38. Genmod - Criteria For Assessing Fit

  39. HCSUS Data Analysis !!

  40. Help in data structure

  41. How to input data from different column for different rows

  42. How to passing macro parameter while holding the SQL iteration.


  44. ISPF models under MVS

  45. Import .csv into SAS

  46. Imputation

  47. James-Stein shrinkage estimates

  48. Job Title: Contract Programmer with SAS® Web Report Studio - Berkshire (UK)

  49. Job Title: Insight Analyst / SAS® PROGRAMMER (UK)

  50. Job openings at the College Board (please apply online, no emails)

  51. LS-means : non-est

  52. MDC, nested logit, weights

  53. MS update breaks SAS System help

  54. Macro Or Loop? (Both?)

  55. Masking macro references from executing in the local environment

  56. Monte Carlo Markov Chains

  57. Multiple group Sem with proc calis

  58. Multiple input files

  59. NESUG 2005 Proceedings

  60. NLMIXED hypothesis test: x1 = x2 = x3

  61. NLMIXED warning/error

  62. Need help with quadratic programming

  63. Need to dump catalog slist entries

  64. Need to dump slist contents

  65. Negative Binomial - Conf Int for Predicted Count

  66. New Free Downloads

  67. Non-estimable contrasts in proc mixed

  68. ODS Window Title

  69. ODS markup tagset - define an event based on variable name

  70. ODS to EXCEL Multiple Sheets

  71. OT: Dunnett's test in R?

  72. OT: OpEd: Who we are

  73. OT: hardware

  74. OT: text editor: vim

  75. OTish: Searching the archives

  76. OpEd: Who we are

  77. Outputting multiple SAS files to multiple worksheets - how to label the worksheets separately

  78. PPD Job Opportunities.

  79. PROC GLM - weighting participants by no. of subgroups

  80. PROC SQL ERROR: Correlated reference to column #TEMA655 is not contained within a subquery

  81. Perform regression recursively

  82. Pet Peeves [was: Create Flat Files]

  83. Pharemaceutical Extra c hance

  84. Pharqmaceutical New of fr

  85. Pls help with this small macro

  86. Poem (as if it were Friday)

  87. Proc Logistic, why are the main effects identical for 2 populatio n subsets?

  88. Proc Logistic,why are the main effects identical for 2 populatio n subsets?

  89. Proc Surveyreg vs. SUDAAN

  90. Proc summary

  91. Putting TODAY() in header or footnote

  92. Q: "proc lifetest" and using different symbols for graphics output

  93. Queation on Looping with PROC GCHART

  94. Random code generator

  95. Ratcliff/Obershelp

  96. Read a certain number of lines from Excel into SAS

  97. Reading Excel file with multiple worksheets

  98. Reading in EBCDIC

  99. Reading multiple files from a unix server from a PC .

  100. Regarding resetlogs option

  101. Remote VPN Mainframe Connection on Mac OS

  102. Removing Date/Time from Output

  103. Repeated Analysis

  104. Repeated measures analysis

  105. Replicates in Clusters - PROC MIXED?

  106. SAS BI server and MS ActiveDirectory?

  107. SAS Consultant (Production Support) position

  108. SAS DDE to MS-Word

  109. SAS Date Question

  110. SAS Payment Risk Help

  111. SAS Programmer with Medicare/Medicaid Claims Experience Job Posting

  112. SAS Risk Management Module

  113. SAS YearCutoff

  114. SAS in a production environment

  115. SAS, DB2 and the SUBSTR function

  116. SAS-L Digest - 16 Sep 2005 - Special issue (#2005-1342)

  117. SAS9 assessment paper?

  118. SASGRAPH flotsam

  119. SCL reading screen variable field properties

  120. SQL question - thanks!

  121. Sas 9 e-docs for a laptop user?

  122. Saturday night PROC FORMAT stumper

  123. Scheduled Task Could not start

  124. Selecting last 10 rows from a dataset

  125. Set restriction to output data

  126. So it's come to this ...

  127. Software Suggestion

  128. Solution: Re: Saturday night PROC FORMAT stumper

  129. Spherical cluster

  130. Testing and adjusting a file

  131. Thank you Talbot, MC, and Arthur Tabachneck a million :-) Re: help on translating Talbot Michael Katz's "discontinue a test code"

  132. Time is running out (make your hotel reservations today - SESUG '05)

  133. Transpose help!

  134. Using an "&" as "AND", not to identify a macro

  135. What's the Best Way to do this?

  136. Why does proc nlp cannot find the MLE estimate?

  137. Why does the footnote get a line break?

  138. Win server config (was Re: recommendations for SAS PC configuration)

  139. Windows to Unix..

  140. XML output grouping?

  141. add an index column

  142. any workshop on nlmixed, glimmix?

  143. blanks in legend

  144. creating a directory on a windows PC using SAS with special characters

  145. creating macro variable containing list of variables IN QUOTES

  146. dde on unix platform?

  147. diaglog box in SAS

  148. elliptical clusters

  149. filedialog return code

  150. getting combinations of rows of two different datasets

  151. hardware
    • Re: hardware (48 lines)
      From: Phil Rack <philrack@MINEQUEST.COM>

  152. help on how to discontinue a test? thanks :-)

  153. help on translating Talbot Michael Katz's "discontinue a test code"

  154. highlist low & high residuals in a scatter plots

  155. how to create Excel spreadsheet with multiple sheets

  156. huge sql join, fast way to sample first?

  157. iterative Do loop: index starting at zero gets error???

  158. lead function

  159. merging

  160. modeling overdispersion

  161. need to calculate median not sure how to do it

  162. odd variable names

  163. ods graphics error- read access violation

  164. ods-pdf file
    • ods-pdf file (15 lines)
      From: Greg Curson <gscsrc@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • ods-pdf file (15 lines)
      From: Greg Curson <gscsrc@HOTMAIL.COM>

  165. ods-pdf proc print sub-heading

  166. percentiles
    • percentiles (23 lines)
      From: Miguel de la Hoz <miguel_hoz@YAHOO.ES>
    • Re: percentiles (38 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>

  167. plot
    • plot (33 lines)
      From: Luisa Abreu <lugrilo@PREDIALNET.COM.BR>
    • Re: plot (29 lines)
      From: Tim Muir <tmuir@RDG.BOEHRINGER-INGELHEIM.COM>

  168. plots of y / x in one graph

  169. pre-pending zeros

  170. problem resolving macro variables

  171. proc import with comma delimited files

  172. proc mixed -- shall I include time variable?

  173. proc sql path = " ???" question

  174. random code generator

  175. random number generator

  176. reading a spreadsheet with many worksheets

  177. recommendations for SAS PC configuration

  178. remove any string from a numeric field

  179. sql query problem: joining on a string within a string

  180. standarize a database

  181. suggestions for computer spec

  182. survival analyses terms - English => French translation

  183. use macro varible in condition

  184. use multiple tagsets in XML?
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