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SAS-L archives – November 2005, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. A SAS utility shell script

  2. Absence de Martin Roussel

  3. Absorb Two Fixed Effects

  4. Asymptotic standard error of Somers' D

  5. Code
    • Code (26 lines)
      From: Srna, Carol (C.) <csrna@FORD.COM>
    • Re: Code (64 lines)
      From: Michael S. Zdeb <msz03@HEALTH.STATE.NY.US>
    • Re: Code (73 lines)
      From: Terjeson, Mark (IM&R) <Mterjeson@RUSSELL.COM>
    • Re: Code (37 lines)
      From: Venita DePuy <depuy001@NOTES.DUKE.EDU>
    • Re: Code (97 lines)
      From: Srna, Carol (C.) <csrna@FORD.COM>

  6. Commiting SAS Output (FILE I/O on SAS Server)

  7. Concatenating data views

  8. Convert Short Extensions to Long for SAS 9

  9. Correlation Test with Ordinal Data

  10. Creating SAS Toolbar Shortcut

  11. Data Cleaning Books

  12. Data Cleaning Books (may be OT)

  13. Decoded variables

  14. Deleteing blank lines in proc report

  15. Divide Data Set While Compare

  16. Filter top 30 out of total, based on variable

  17. Fisher's Test

  18. Graph ODS help, watermark -- its resolved

  19. Help: proc mixed and LSD

  20. Hiding SAS Macro code

  21. How to assign weeks and days

  22. How to create a SAS transport

  23. How to generate interaction plot

  24. I want to replicate all the formatted variables in all the

  25. Influential observations

  26. Logistic regression

  27. Lots of free clinical reporting SAS macros


  29. Macro Resolution.

  30. Merging unequal observations

  31. Missing Value Imputation

  32. Multicollinearity

  33. Multiple output data sets based on summary statistics [single pass]

  34. No output destinations active

  35. OT: Google Earth and SAS

  36. On job SAS training opportunity.

  37. Outlook E-mail change from line

  38. PROC CORR filtering out non-significant correlations from the

  39. PROC CORR filtering out non-significant correlations from the output

  40. Predicted probability using logistic regression with random effects

  41. Print a small dataset to GIF file using GSLIDE

  42. RTFM
    • RTFM (17 lines)
      From: Tim Muir <tmuir@RDG.BOEHRINGER-INGELHEIM.COM>
    • Re: RTFM (35 lines)
      From: Talbot Michael Katz <topkatz@MSN.COM>
    • Re: RTFM (26 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J <rjf2@CDC.GOV>
    • Re: RTFM (42 lines)
      From: Frank Schiffel <dhssresearcher@NETSCAPE.NET>
    • Re: RTFM (47 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>
    • Re: RTFM (28 lines)
      From: Chang Chung <chang_y_chung@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: RTFM (19 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <rdevenezia@WILDBLUE.NET>
    • Re: RTFM (32 lines)
      From: Jim Groeneveld <jim1stat@YAHOO.CO.UK>

  43. Regression using different subsets of main data

  44. Remedial measures for Autocorrelation

  45. SAS EXPORT with EXCEL formulaes retained!!!

  46. SAS Jobs in Tampa
    • SAS Jobs in Tampa (18 lines)
      From: <jack.shoemaker@GMAIL.COM>

  47. Semi-parametric regression with SAS: mission impossible?

  48. Shouldl I Read the File Twice

  49. Single topic documented twice - SAS help

  50. Space omitted from substr()


  52. Warning Msg
    • Warning Msg (28 lines)
      From: nicole bibb <nicole.bibb@OTNNET.COM>
    • Re: Warning Msg (34 lines)
      From: SASsy :-) <sas__l@HOTMAIL.COM>

  53. bootstrapping (genetic data)

  54. calculating confidence intervals from proc logistic

  55. calculating confidence intervals in proc logistic

  56. converting character to date/time

  57. help with LAG function

  58. macro in macro remotely

  59. multiregression question

  60. proc freq
    • proc freq (26 lines)
      From: Zhonghe Li <zli@HSPH.HARVARD.EDU>
    • Re: proc freq (68 lines)
      From: Bob Abelson <Bob_Abelson@HGSI.COM>

  61. reading file
    • reading file (64 lines)
      From: Mayukh Dass <mayukh.dass@GMAIL.COM>

  62. removing ?formatted missing values

  63. second dataset should overwrite first dataset in merge??

  64. sorry,a stupid question about function

  65. vbars
    • vbars (33 lines)
      From: Arjen <a.benedictus@GMAIL.COM>

  66. why can I not run this code?NOTE: Module MAIN is undefined in
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