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SAS-L archives – January 2006, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 12/31-1/16 Unofficial SAS Weblog Posts

  2. 3 methods to read from datafiles into a dataset

  3. <No subject>
    • <No subject> (9 lines)
      From: Mohamedshah, Yusuf <Yusuf.Mohamedshah@FHWA.DOT.GOV>

  4. A new group for statisticians has been formed. Request to join

  5. A way to control text offset from axis

  6. AR simulation

  7. AR simulationn

  8. AR(p) simulation program

  9. Any easier way to get standardized betas and regular betas

  10. Any easier way to get standardized betas and regular betas etc. in PROC GLM or PROC REG

  11. Any easier way to get standardized betas and regular betasetc. in PROC GLM or PROC REG

  12. Associate ExternalFileList model with fileref list

  13. CDISC
    • CDISC (19 lines)
      From: Jules Bosch <jbosch1@OPTONLINE.NET>
    • Re: CDISC (44 lines)
      From: Lex Jansen <spam@LEXJANSEN.COM>

  14. CFP: IMECS 2006 (International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists)

  15. CFP: The 2006 IAENG International Workshop on Scientific Computing and Computational Statistics


  17. CSV import issue

  18. Character vs. Numeric Keys

  19. Chart size issue

  20. Clinical Trial SAS Programming - 'TLGs'

  21. Confidence interval

  22. Creating Clones of data rows and back to Multivariate data

  23. Creating a random sample from a flat file

  24. DDE session not ready

  25. Data File with multiple instances

  26. Data Restructuring

  27. Delineating macro variables

  28. Diference between A - e and A -- E?

  29. Drill Down on Tables

  30. Easy SQL question

  31. Either/Or Matching

  32. Errors in SAS log not getting printed

  33. Excel to PowerPoint

  34. File Print and Put statement

  35. Formats
    • Formats (17 lines)
      From: Zai Saki <zaisaki@GMAIL.COM>

  36. GEE What happened to the SCALE Parameter??

  37. Getting active libref names into a dataset?

  38. Getting bracketed - Courtesy Proc SQL

  39. Gplot tuning

  40. Help me get my first Pharma Job....

  41. Help on discrete choice models

  42. Help with a SQL Join

  43. Help with missing data

  44. How do I remake my SAS button in UltraEdit?

  45. How do you do data monitoring?

  46. How to combine parameters estimates from logistic regression with nominal outcome variable using SAS v 9.1.3?

  47. How to delete a remote txt file after reading it and using it.

  48. How to see oupput in SAS?

  49. How to shorten a Char variable

  50. IDGROUP (what's up with that?)

  51. IML WAVIFT error

  52. IVEWARE transfer variable

  53. Importing Right to left language language from Excel to sas

  54. Input problem using S370 informat

  55. Is it possible to fish within an ASC-II file?

  56. Issue a message window if there is an error in the log

  57. Just using DATA STEP and getting the cumilative for the observations

  58. LOGISTIC model--I have this thought--What do you think

  59. Laboratory Unit conversion

  60. Laboratory unit conversion

  61. List DD names for concatenated files

  62. Loading to SQL Server via Proc Append

  63. Loop through data sets

  64. Macro do loop with discrete values

  65. Macro for importing CSV

  66. Macro to handle changing column names?

  67. Monte carlo on Flutter Prediction Process.

  68. Moving average

  69. Multivariate mult. reg

  70. Multivariate multiple regression PROC TRANSREG

  71. Need Help on NPV

  72. ODS HTML split character and non-breaking spaces

  73. ODS PDF label wrap...

  74. Ordering variables in data file

  75. Outputting Ljung-Box Q-stat by ID

  76. Over-comment would comment me out


  78. Paired t test?

  79. Plotting
    • Re: Plotting (71 lines)
      From: Michael Ni <Michael.Ni@COGNIGENCORP.COM>

  80. Problem in writing to EXCEL using DDE

  81. Problem with missing values in a date column

  82. Proc Datasets - Copy out without a libname

  83. Proc Import and Getnames

  84. Proc Mixed - Taking the first steps

  85. Proc SQL - Group in different color

  86. Proc SQL to Data Step

  87. Proc glm
    • Proc glm (8 lines)
      From: krithi <krithikasat@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Proc glm (38 lines)
      From: Peter Flom <flom@NDRI.ORG>
    • Re: Proc glm (26 lines)
      From: data _null_; <datanull@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Proc glm (40 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>
    • Re: Proc glm (11 lines)
      From: Edzard van Santen <evsanten@ACESAG.AUBURN.EDU>
    • Re: Proc glm (19 lines)
      From: Edzard van Santen <evsanten@ACESAG.AUBURN.EDU>
    • Re: Proc glm (159 lines)
      From: SUBSCRIBE SAS-L Krithika Sundaram <krithikasat@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Proc glm (18 lines)
      From: Paul Thompson <paul@WUBIOS.WUSTL.EDU>
    • Re: Proc glm (117 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>

  88. Proc glm - SS, DF, MS,Fvalue,Probf(calculation)

  89. Question on observations and the Data Step..

  90. Questions Re NOMs Data

  91. RSS Feeds from SAS?

  92. Ranking observations

  93. Reading large and complex XML

  94. Reading like-named files sequentially into a data set

  95. Remove format from analysis variable in proc report for summary rows

  96. Removing characters jusing the COMPRESS function

  97. Rename/reference variables dynamically?

  98. SAS 9 BI Developers

  99. SAS Data Step as prelude to logistic modeling

  100. SAS ETL studio - How to call ETL jobs from base/macro SAS

  101. SAS ETL- is Password Protection for files a problem?

  102. SAS EXCEL Formula O/P Question

  103. SAS Program.

  104. SAS SPD
    • SAS SPD (17 lines)
      From: Ankit <ankit_gangal79@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: SAS SPD (37 lines)
      From: Kamireddi, Srinivas <ksriniva@OXHP.COM>

  105. SAS V9 - Object and Connect Spawners

  106. SAS array question

  107. SAS date format question

  108. SAS program (about HLM)

  109. SAS vs. SQL Server

  110. SAS-L Digest - 19 Jan 2006 - Special issue (#2006-106)

  111. SASGRAPH proc gchart - removing white space

  112. SUGI 31 Hotels - Boycott

  113. SUGI 31 Hotels - Boycott/Girlcott

  114. Seeking a SAS programmer

  115. Self appearing Line in SAS enhanced editor

  116. Some Questions

  117. String Values getting truncated in Proc export of CSV

  118. Submissions to the FDA and SAS Var Lengths

  119. To Recover a deleted file from MVS Backup

  120. Tricky Libname Specification

  121. Unix Editors - continued

  122. Using Formats in SAS ETL studio

  123. Valid ZIP?
    • Valid ZIP? (47 lines)
      From: Dorfman, Paul <paul.dorfman@FCSO.COM>
    • Re: Valid ZIP? (14 lines)
      From: data _null_; <datanull@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Valid ZIP? (155 lines)
      From: Michael S. Zdeb <msz03@HEALTH.STATE.NY.US>
    • Re: Valid ZIP? (211 lines)
      From: Dorfman, Paul <Paul.Dorfman@FCSO.COM>
    • Re: Valid ZIP? (56 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>

  124. Vedr.: Just using DATA STEP and getting the cumilative for the observations

  125. Why PROC SQL does not make use of index created with NOMISS flag?

  126. Why does the Fisher exact test take so long?

  127. Why not use macros ?

  128. Why not use macros ? Answer to original post!

  129. Wilcoxon Signed Rank (Matched Pairs)

  130. Wildcard character in Proc Datasets

  131. Working days in months

  132. ZIP ?
    • Re: ZIP ? (22 lines)
      From: Laughing Beggar <laughing_beggar@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: ZIP ? (31 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <ghellrieg@T-ONLINE.DE>
    • Re: ZIP ? (67 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>
    • Re: ZIP ? (25 lines)
      From: ben.powell@CLA.CO.UK

  133. Zip ? Oompressing and extracting datasets and indexes

  134. a question

  135. algorithm with exponential deviates

  136. changing explorer view when using libname statement

  137. cmsg cancel <dqo9e6$uj7$>

  138. conveting SAS Proc mixed to R lme

  139. dynamic factor models

  140. explain complex function call in sas program

  141. format macro variables?

  142. fundamental JMP question

  143. get summary information using PROC SQL

  144. how to assign a NAME to a PROC GREPLAY TREPLAYed graph?

  145. ignore it !
    • ignore it ! (15 lines)
      From: Ogarrs Lowfster <ssru_345@YAHOO.COM>

  146. import csv file

  147. interpretation of fisher exact test and Chisq

  148. just checking

  149. justify with template

  150. linear regression using categoricals

  151. logistics
    • logistics (14 lines)
      From: kottamasu satish <satish_gpss@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: logistics (20 lines)
      From: shiling99@YAHOO.COM
    • Re: logistics (43 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>

  152. looking for ENAR partner

  153. need to turn data in one column into several rows

  154. panel id in greplay?

  155. proc logistic zero cells

  156. proc mianalyze and correlations

  157. proc transpose question

  158. reverse loop

  159. sas code longer than 960 characters

  160. strange behaviour of modulen("GetLastError")

  161. symbol for linebreaks

  162. trying to match on email address

  163. trying to output last 8 rows of each month

  164. unix editors

  165. using format in SQL

  166. zero cell in chisq
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