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SAS-L archives – March 2006, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 3/15-3/27 Unofficial SAS Weblog Posts

  2. APPSRV error

  3. Adding a gif or logo to PDF report

  4. Advance Graph Control for VB 6.0 With formating Features

  5. Assign values to variables

  6. Call SCL From Web/Af

  7. Clinical Trail study-look for a mentor

  8. Combine 2 records into 1 record

  9. Comparison in IF clause

  10. Correlation between a binary variable and a categorical variable that is on an ordinal scale

  11. Create transport file from sas6.0 to sas 8.2

  12. Create trasport file from sas6.0 to sas 8.2

  13. Creating large numbers of 0/1 variables

  14. Data Extraction using PROC SQL

  15. Date/Time combination variable

  16. Deleting log notes when using PPS_WR

  17. EG Questions

  18. Efficiently counting things other than records, by several levels of aggregation

  19. FW: Free Distance SAS Training

  20. FW: Re: How to identify and delete empty datasets in an elegant

  21. FW: Re: How to identify and delete empty datasets in an elegant manner

  22. Find Perm. Datasets

  23. First. & Last.

  24. Forecasting future values with PROC ARIMA

  25. Free Distance SAS Training

  26. Free SAS Testing Tool: FUTS

  27. Free computer training & placement

  28. Frequency Problem

  29. GVSUG (Genesee Valley SAS Users Group) Spring Meeting

  30. Graphs on anODS PDF file

  31. Hello everybody

  32. Help on macro looping

  33. How to change carriage returns to semicolon

  34. How to create a "%picture" macro?

  35. How to customize graphic diagram?

  36. How to identify and delete empty datasets in an elegant manner

  37. How to identify and delete empty datasets in an elegant manner(fwd)

  38. How to write an Utlity Macro

  39. Import MS Access data to SAS

  40. Improving lift of a model

  41. JAVA error message

  42. LIKE in an IN Operation

  43. Left Justify a value in text export.

  44. Line length for program code (proc sql)

  45. Macro Question

  46. Matching Macros?? Do they exist?

  47. Merge many datasets using macro

  48. Merging 2 datasets

  49. Multilabel Formats Presentation Now Available from Sierra Info Services web site


  51. Need help - Proc Transpose?

  52. New & Updated User Group Presentations Available for Free Download as PDFs

  53. New Books and Software in Maple and statistics

  54. Newton-Raphson Maximization

  55. OT: Gartner Research

  56. Opening Zip Files Over a Network Share


  58. Page border with Proc Report and Gchart

  59. Posting Stats from SAS-L BOF

  60. Problem with scope of macro variables

  61. Proc Export or Put for file without headers?

  62. Proc Mixed (again)

  63. Proc SQL Connnect: How to Retrieve Username and password from registry

  64. Proc SQL sample table?

  65. Proc reg

  66. Proc template "Styles"

  67. Q: Evaluation of conditional expressions

  68. Q: Name range list SAS doc errors

  69. Qualitative Analysis Methods in SAS

  70. Read a variable from Right to Left

  71. Recode multiple variable into one variable

  72. Regarding PUT _ALL_

  73. Reminder, SAS-L BOF at SUGI

  74. Retrive Unicode character code table to SAS dataset

  75. Roland's SAS macros

  76. Running the C or java code generated by C*score

  77. SAS Job websites WAS(Re: SAS jobs for freshers in US

  78. SAS Programmers in Seattle up to $90/hr

  79. SAS Progrme for Pharmacokinetics Parameter

  80. SAS jobs for freshers in US

  81. SAS programming role UK

  82. SAS viewer v9 not fully compatible

  83. SAS-L BOF

  84. SAS/GRAPH: alignment of graphs for ODS html output

  85. SAS/IntrNet, ASP.Net and Security

  86. SCL Programs Execute Just Fine Without a SAS/AF License And This is an important Feature That Should be Stressed in Any Discussions About SAS Component Language.

  87. SCL requires SAS/AF

  88. SIMULATION: results output in an external file & automate the program run

  89. SMTP Authentication Protocol in SAS

  90. Selecting specific values from tables

  91. Significance testing using Proc PLS

  92. Single quoting a macro variable resolution for pass through to Oracle.

  93. Specifying a residual correlation matrix

  94. Sql case statements

  95. Statistical Question--PROC LOGISTIC

  96. Stuart Maxwell test in SAS

  97. Sub-query Retrives multiple records ???

  98. Summing variables

  99. Suppressing log

  100. UNIX Shell script for SAS HELP!!!

  101. Understanding How Macro Processor Works

  102. Unix Date/Time Stamp

  103. Using Estimation Results to do simulation

  104. Using PROC SQL to create a rolling count by unit

  105. What does the PROC VARCLUS statement do?

  106. Where NOT Null

  107. a dataset merging question TIA

  108. about quit statment

  109. attach macro variable to name

  110. begdate = input(start, ??date9.) ?

  111. binary outcome, crossed random effects, AND marginal model?

  112. book: Freakonomics

  113. can I write scl code into catalog using put statement in data step?

  114. collinearity

  115. compute average measure

  116. convert the format of sas data sets

  117. customizing the enhanced editor

  118. dedupkey

  119. how do you use data set labels?


  121. importing dates from MSAccess

  122. inputting data

  123. logistic regression for longitudinal data (thanks for any comments.)

  124. mailing address standardization w/ SAS

  125. multivariate time series

  126. name of a variable -part of an array- needed as string

  127. preferred term for heteroskedasity

  128. replicating a table structure

  129. routine, and subroutine

  130. subarray summation

  131. submitclear

  132. sum of vars in tabulate

  133. title in plots=matrix from proc corr

  134. title not printing

  135. transpose help
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