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SPSSX-L archives – September 2006

Table of contents:

  1. 'Forest-plots' or Error bar-charts in SPSS

  2. 'Forest-plots' or Errror bar-charts in SPSS

  3. 2nd order factor analysis

  4. 4 parameter logistics

  5. <No subject>

  6. =?us-ascii?Q?Re=3AProblems=20with=20CTABLES=20Macros?=

  7. AMOS question


  9. Add filles and pull apart a string

  10. Advice: Changing the direction of data entry?

  11. Age as a predictor of change of perceptions

  12. Algorithm for mixed model

  13. Analyzing Mult Response Tables

  14. Arithmetic with dates and macros

  15. Association between two nominal variables?

  16. Batch Import of text files

  17. Box plot graphs

  18. Broad matching to a look up table

  19. COUNT missing values

  20. Chi-square

  21. Clementine - validate CHAID model

  22. Comparing groups for more n more than 30

  23. Computing the median value of a group of variables

  24. Concurrent Segmentation

  25. Conjoint Analysis

  26. Converting SAS formats into SPSS value labels

  27. Converting time stored as a string to a date variable (TIME5)

  28. Converting time stored as a string variable to a date variable (TIME5)

  29. Correlation matrix of regression coefficients - Cox regression analysis

  30. Cost of using SPSS

  31. Count number of variables in list

  32. Cox-Regression with time-dependent covariate

  33. DEFINE - multiple variables

  34. Data Analysis using Microsoft Office Excel 2003

  35. Data dictionary in SPSS

  36. Data entry problem

  37. Defining variable measurement level via syntax

  38. Direct standardization

  39. Dot density graphics in Homals

  40. Dyslexic SPSS...

  41. EFA with binary variable

  42. Error codes

  43. Export SPSS text output

  44. FW: Fwd: Question about Create Command, DIFF subcommand...

  45. FW: Re: ROC

  46. FW: Re: Very basic question

  47. FW: SPSS 14 not recommended

  48. Factor analysis (oblique rotation) : pattern matrix loadings>1?

  49. Fisher's Exact Test

  50. Format for "PROCEDURE OUTPUT" file for "SURVIVAL" command.

  51. Frequency across the records

  52. Fw: Defining variable measurement level via syntax

  53. Fwd: Question about Create Command, DIFF subcommand...

  54. Help requested with bar graphs

  55. Help with Mahalanobis distance

  56. Help: SPSS Two-step Clustering or Hierarchical Clustering

  57. How to calculate the coefficient of variation

  58. How to compare percentages scores

  59. How to paste pivot cell text to excel using script?

  60. How to rename fields in Save Tranlaste using SQL

  61. INDEX specified character location

  62. Importance of Indep vars in Classification trees

  63. Interesting links (in my opinion)

  64. Interpretation of Detrended Normal Q-Q Plot

  65. LARGE output file to pdf

  66. Lambda Interpretation

  67. Learning to program in SPSS macros

  68. Loading data from Excel and putting it into a matrix.

  69. Logistic spline regression


  71. Mantel-Haenszel Chi-Square or Alternative Test

  72. Measures of agreement for individuals categories when the categories are ordinal

  73. Missing data script

  74. Missing values for education

  75. Moving varaibles using syntax

  76. Multi response graphs

  77. Multiple outputs, Python, and excel

  78. Nick J Turner/Person/DOJ is out of the office.

  79. Numerical Value variables needed to be combined into one new variable

  80. ODBC connection to Oracle

  81. ODBC service handle

  82. OT publisher needed

  83. OT: List adminstration II

  84. OT: list administration

  85. One-Sample non-parametric test

  86. One-sample non-parametric test

  87. Optimal Data Analysis

  88. Organizational Decision Making Position

  89. Out of the office

  90. OutPut from a table

  91. Output from a TABLE

  92. PHP and spssio32.dll

  93. Pair Mating

  94. Percentages of cases in one category

  95. Principal component analysis with clusters

  96. Problem with System Mechanic 6 conflict

  97. Problems with CTABLES Macros

  98. Query re authenticity of p-values for chi-square goodness of fit test

  99. Question - continuous covariates in repeated measures

  100. Question about Create Command, DIFF subcommand...

  101. ROC

  102. Renaming variables - noncontinuous

  103. SAS To SPSS Syntax help

  104. SAS formats ???

  105. SIMCA: When number of Variables far exceeds number of cases

  106. SPSS 14 network license log files

  107. SPSS 14 not recommended

  108. SPSS 15 is now available

  109. SPSS Books

  110. SPSS Problem

  111. SPSS algorithms

  112. SPSS to MR TABLES

  113. SPSSX-L Digest - 12 Sep 2006 to 13 Sep 2006 (#2006-253): computing chi-square from existing table data

  114. SQL

  115. Saving edited charts as syntax - Query

  116. School Pass rates

  117. Solutions - Re: Converting time stored as a string variable to a date variable (TIME5)

  118. Structural zeros in two repeated measures

  119. Syntax and pages

  120. Syntax error: weird propagation effect

  121. Syntax for converting string column to numeric column

  122. Syntax to Clean Data - Needs Help

  123. Syntax to Create X Cases

  124. Tables subcommand variable limit

  125. Testing Regression Model

  126. Three-way mixed design for intra-class correlation coefficients

  127. TwoStep cluster analysis

  128. Upgrade 14.0.x modules --> 15.0?

  129. Using Syntax to create a data cut-off point

  130. Using factor scores

  131. Using spss chart for 2 data file at the same time.!

  132. Using syntax and or GPL in SPSS 14 for features not retained in a template

  133. Varying Covariate in MANOVA

  134. Vector-valued functions

  135. Very basic question

  136. ZIP model

  137. [Fwd: Re: unsubscribe 2nd request]

  138. adding "T2" to variable names

  139. aggregating alpha factor?

  140. availability of XML workspaces

  141. calcs from two files

  142. calculations between rows

  143. calculations between rows solved

  144. change of perceptions

  145. changing SPSS graphs in Powerpoint?

  146. coefficient alpha

  147. computing chi-square from existing table data

  148. contrasts in repeated measures ANOVA

  149. creating categorical variables

  150. data type convert

  151. evaluation multicollineary in Cox regression

  152. filtering out cases

  153. format a variable?

  154. help needed for a data transformation

  155. help with syntax

  156. hospitals mortality rate

  157. importing SAS files

  158. macro - discrimination index (part-whole-corrected)

  159. manova repeated measures with varying covariates

  160. method to analyse ordinal and nominal variables

  161. missing values

  162. negotiating multiple data windows

  163. ordering output by variable by value lables rather than value

  164. problem with BPTO

  165. programmability extension

  166. propensity scoring

  167. quick question

  168. reading korean fonts in spss

  169. regression question

  170. regression with interaction of group variable

  171. renaming variables - deleting the first part of the name

  172. repeated measures with varying covariates

  173. restructuring data

  174. selecting most recent record

  175. small question

  176. sort cases memory problem

  177. splitting first and last name in one field

  178. spss dummy variable regression--urgent

  179. spss for windows 14.0 - student version

  180. stuggling with strings

  181. suggestions for a suitable modelling approach, please!

  182. syntax

  183. syntax editor

  184. syntax editor (run)

  185. syntax editor: ultraedit works!!

  186. t-score & z-score

  187. table format

  188. test

  189. test for normality

  190. to Canadian colleagues on the list

  191. undocumented syntax

  192. unsubscribe

  193. using ANY in select if

  194. variable type convert
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