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SAS-L archives – January 2007, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. %DS2CSV vs proc export

  2. 10060: WSAETIMEDOUT vs Log Size

  3. 32 bits and 2 GB RAM

  4. Additive Regression Models using splines

  5. Adjusting for Cluster Design Effect Question - Please Help

  6. Aggregate Function In SAS?

  7. Aggregation Function In SAS?

  8. Anova F test of multiple group means

  9. Any better way to simplify this code

  10. Bar Chart again

  11. Bar Graph
    • Bar Graph (17 lines)
      From: <nirad.p@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Bar Graph (59 lines)
      From: Johnson, David <David.Johnson@CBA.COM.AU>

  12. Best Geographic Maps Software?

  13. Box plots and outlier spacing; Help!

  14. Calculating the area between a curve and a straight line

  15. Can't fit unstructured covariance. Why?

  16. Capturing PID (or a Unique Qualifier) in Batch on Windows

  17. Comparison of Logistic regression coefficients

  18. Coppying diagrams in Enterprise Miner 4.3

  19. Could not find solution as you have suggested

  20. Counting number of variables

  21. Data Mining Documentation

  22. Data restructuring

  23. Development Processes of the Consummate SAS Developer

  24. ERROR: Rename... Losing data sets from network drives

  25. Excel into SAS

  26. FW: Set problem

  27. Fitting a spline with GLIMMIX

  28. Fwd: Re: Updating data from a distance table


  30. HTML Drilldown to a portion of PROC PRINT

  31. Help! ODS HTML

  32. Helping resolving macro string with single qoutes

  33. Hidden characters?

  34. Homogeneity of Variance

  35. How to calculate average leads by day

  36. How to change order of variable in SAS dataset

  37. How to compare subsequent values in a column?

  38. How to make SAS dataset password protected

  39. I need help with a MOVING AVERAGE (weighted)

  40. ICC in mixed vs. fixed design

  41. In need of PROC TEMPLATE help

  42. Increasing Model accuracy and sensitivity in logistic regression

  43. Interpreting Forward selection logistic regression

  44. Invitation to attend the 4th International Conference (SETIT 2007)

  45. Job Opening
    • Job Opening (50 lines)
      From: marysueredmann@MARKETINGANALYTICS.COM
    • Job Opening (58 lines)
      From: marysueredmann@MARKETINGANALYTICS.COM

  46. Job opening
    • Job opening (52 lines)
      From: marysueredmann@MARKETINGANALYTICS.COM

  47. Job postings?
    • Job postings? (16 lines)
      From: marysueredmann@MARKETINGANALYTICS.COM

  48. MIN function fails with a '01/01/1800' date - why?

  49. Missing Option in SAS..

  50. Missing values inside proc sql ??

  51. Need help with converting the following date values

  52. Normal Q-Q plot for Ancova

  53. Number of Observations Read By MODIFY Statement

  54. ODS and PDF - shrinking output

  55. ODS and PDF - shrinking output (follow-up)

  56. ODS output dataset

  57. OT: Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  58. OUTPUT statement in PROC SURVEYMEANS

  59. Opening with a top MNC

  60. PC Sas and Microsoft Outlook

  61. PROC GLIMMIX - cross classified random effects - query

  62. PROC transpose: numeric and date formats

  63. Paying for purchased item (vacuum bought in early Jan)

  64. Porting a SAS/VSE system to Z/os

  65. Pre compiled macros vs MAUTOSOURCE

  66. Problem in Bar Graph

  67. Problem with pooled sex processing in proc

  68. Problems using the IDPortal

  69. Proc Power
    • Proc Power (12 lines)
      From: Mira Shapiro <mirashapir@AOL.COM>
    • Re: Proc Power (58 lines)
      From: Robin High <robinh@UNLSERVE.UNL.EDU>

  70. Proc SQl data

  71. Proc Tabulate and P values of several Test

  72. Proc format to suppress data,

  73. Proc format to suppress data, then proc tabulate= columns don't add up

  74. R for SAS & SPSS Users Document

  75. Random number generation

  76. RuleFit versus MART or TreeNet


  78. SAS BI platform on Macintosh client

  79. SAS Data step
    • SAS Data step (18 lines)
      From: Xu Yuan <sasncsu@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS Data step (25 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <nospam@HOWLES.COM>

  80. SAS Dataset as INFILE

  81. SAS Equivalent of R language function areg

  82. SAS Macro variable resolved has '&' inside HELP

  83. SAS code to shut down windows

  84. SAS(r) Training Seminars in Sacramento, CA in March & April 2007

  85. SEEKING SAS guru - Broekerage in NY/NJ

  86. Sas Global Forum 2007

  87. Seeking SAS opportunities Malaysia/Singapore

  88. Set problem

  89. Sorted Columns

  90. Structured & Unstructured Antedependence Models

  91. Title statements inside Procs

  92. Trust this is easy

  93. Updating data from a distance table

  94. User-Data level locking

  95. Writing to SQL Server

  96. calculating percentages in proc report

  97. clustered data analysis

  98. cohen's weighted kappa for 3x3 table

  99. convert proc genmod into proc logistic

  100. distribution around predicted values of simple slopes

  101. distribution of travel times

  102. for cedric: extremely exciting photos - vid zayri - (1/1)

  103. help for data step

  104. making an "other" group based on sum of values within that group

  105. model evaluation in GLM

  106. mystery of Proc SQL _where not exists

  107. numbers "that look like" characters in Excel to SAS

  108. outputing excel formuals through sas

  109. post hoc test for heterogenous variances?

  110. problem with proc glm

  111. proc mixed - correct options

  112. random sampling by IDs (not observations) from a huge database

  113. repeated measures

  114. robustreg output pb

  115. sample data segmentation

  116. v8.2 viewtable frame broke in v9.1.3 ...
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