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SAS-L archives – April 2007, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. A 'difficult to describe' logic

  2. An Errorabend problem


  4. Central Limit Theorem

  5. Changes and frequency of changes

  6. Checking if macro exists? (Was Re: Macro Quoting)

  7. Converting number to data

  8. Creating Fractional Factorial Design

  9. Data Transformation Question

  10. Export and Keep Format

  11. Global options to suppress special missing?

  12. Help with creating dynamic pairwise comparisons

  13. Help with data

  14. How to do Goodness of Fit test in PHREG

  15. How to unsubscribe from this newsgroup?

  16. More on Central Limit Theorem

  17. Multilevel poisson with overdispersion in NLMIXED?

  18. ODS vs. Macro for a complex printout request

  19. OT: Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  20. OT: Date Trivia

  21. OT: wikipedia or ...?

  22. Only want values if there are 3 or more


  24. Pasring a HTML/XML String

  25. Power and sample size calculation books

  26. Problem in using (In=) in Merge statement - wrong number of

  27. Problem in using (In=) in Merge statement - wrong number of obs in merged dataset

  28. RE : Re: SAS on a Mac

  29. RE : Re:   SAS on a Mac

  30. Random Sampling Question

  31. Reading a Data File Date Format

  32. Resume for a entry to Mid Level SAS Programmer

  33. Resume for a entry to Mid level SAS position

  34. Ridge Regression and PRESS statistic (Proc Reg Ridge + PRESS?)

  35. SAS on mac

  36. SAS or C++

  37. SAS supplied Movie files path under SAS V8

  38. SAS-L Digest - 30 Apr 2007 - Special issue (#2007-750)

  39. SAS/Intrnet image problem

  40. Sample data set

  41. Saving X and Z matrices in PROC MIXED

  42. Separating dataset into smaller datasets based on value of a

  43. Separating dataset into smaller datasets based on value of a particular variable

  44. Special case of LOCF or Self Join question ??

  45. Trouble with proc rank

  46. Unstacking List

  47. about weighted least-squares estimation

  48. another do-loop question

  49. can't get mean and standard deviation of a variable?

  50. dates/concatenate

  51. simulation

  52. z/OS: delimiter = '05'x
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