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SAS-L archives – May 2007, week 3

  1. %unistats and %npcttab now allow a percent format

  2. 'IN' Statment in Macro

  3. 80% 0s and 20% 1s in logistic model


  5. =?UTF-8?B?UmU6IFJ1bnRpbWUgaWRlbnRpZmljYXRpb24gb2Yg?=

  6. A tricky problem using retain and by


  8. ARIMA and autoreg parameter estimates

  9. Anova and t test

  10. Append columns ontop of each other

  11. Basic Logistic Regression Help....plz?

  12. Bayesian regression

  13. Bivariate probit with sample selection using PROC QLIM

  14. CHOW Test
    • Re: CHOW Test (42 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>


  16. Clustering using SAS

  17. Combinatoric optimization problem

  18. DB2 DATES in SAS

  19. Date conversion?

  20. Density Plots

  21. Duplicates as the result of proc SQL merging

  22. Efficient one to many matching,

  23. Efficient one to many matching, then grabbing minimum and tossing all records

  24. Embedding FTP command in SAS codes

  25. Executing external commands when Shell escape not allowed

  26. Extrapolation of survival

  27. File match to field

  28. GLMM Covariance structure interpretation

  29. GROUP or ORDER variables ERROR

  30. Generating %LET statements using PUT statements

  31. Genmod: Distribution and Link

  32. Good site for SAS Administration?

  33. Graph question
    • Graph question (57 lines)
      From: Jeffrey Bewley <jeffreybewley@GMAIL.COM>


  35. Help please-Lag function

  36. How can I avoid the emergence of the dialog box?

  37. How to do bagging when there is no BY

  38. How to keep sas skill from going rusty?

  39. How to make Money On Net!!

  40. How to replace missing values with zeros

  41. How to simulate data?


  43. Imprecision with RANUNI

  44. Interpreting Interaction in Logistic Regression

  45. JOB ID: BE 1901>>>Urgent req for Mainframe Cache Programmer Portland, OR.

  46. Job Opening
    • Job Opening (29 lines)
      From: Mounts, Thea (OFM) <Thea.Mounts@OFM.WA.GOV>

  47. Labeling boxplots with quartile values

  48. Lag function

  49. Light reading :)

  50. Logistic regression - Interpretation of OR and RR

  51. Logistic regression - Which outcome to choose ?

  52. MSUG 1-Day Conference Early Registration Ends Friday 5/18

  53. Macro call in open code vs. 'Call Execute'

  54. Mapping values just before proc tabulate

  55. Multilevel Modeling and Mising Data

  56. Multilevel ZIP and ZINB

  57. Multivariate analysis with time-dependent covariates

  58. Need Tips on looking for a SAS Programming job

  59. Need help with PROC sql

  60. Need some help to access weird data format

  61. New Appendix to SGF 2007 UNIX/Linux Chargeback System Paper

  62. New Junior SAS Development Position in Hartford, Connecticut.

  63. Non-linear time series modelling

  64. ODS CSS style -- Generating Customized Spreadsheets

  65. ODS PDF Proc Freq output alignment

  66. OT Tip: Smart DFSORT Tricks

  67. OT reading the sas-l messages in Thunderbird 2.0.0

  68. OT: Friday Humor
    • OT: Friday Humor (19 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/CCHIS/NCPHI) <rjf2@CDC.GOV>

  69. OT: SAS outreach to colleges and universities

  70. Odds ratios vs. risk ratios

  71. One solution: Re: macro question.....maybe SYMPUT

  72. Overprediction in logistic regression

  73. PDF ODS Layout

  74. PRESS when using WEIGHT statement in PROC GLM

  75. PROC GPLOT with ActiveX driver

  76. PROC MEANS classes, by-variables, or both?

  77. Problem with Logistic Regression

  78. Problem with dataset locked by another user in Windows XP

  79. Proc Transpose

  80. Product Switching calculation

  81. Quantile average?

  82. Recommend a library comparator ?

  83. Recreating Tabulate fro ODS summary output

  84. Reg: Proc Report

  85. Repost: calculating portfolio value using retaining and by

  86. Repost: still need help on 'inherit' from previous group

  87. Resolve & in macro file output?

  88. Retain with changes

  89. Runtime identification of variable type

  90. SAS 9.2 delivery dates

  91. SAS Global Forum 2007 Papers Are Now Available Online!

  92. SAS Global Forum 2007 proceedings

  93. SAS Graph - what to do with an unlisted device?

  94. SAS Tip: Avoiding Ersatz ERRORs when querying dictionary.columns (also: Hooray for SAS9!)

  95. SAS and 64 bit Win

  96. SAS/Share testing

  97. SAs 9.1.2 and Vista

  98. SQL ODS prevent title when select grabs no row

  99. SQL-MDX Error

  100. Safeguard for Batch Process

  101. Simple vertical Opreation: Please Help

  102. Simulation given mean, median, variance.

  103. Sr SAS Clinical Programmer at NJ

  104. Sr SAS Clinical Programmer at PA

  105. Summary of count

  106. The HASUG May 2007 Flash is ready for viewing / reading

  107. The SI looked at Spectre (Clinical) again :o)

  108. The outvar MU is not defined (message in model procedure)

  109. The stats part of Re: macro question.....maybe SYMPUT

  110. Unexpected Data type conversion

  111. When you have the population

  112. Work at Home Online Jobs!Available

  113. XMLMAP - capture whole element, including markup?

  114. append columns ontop of each other

  115. array rollup
    • array rollup (35 lines)
      From: Hjermstad <erikhjermstad@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: array rollup (55 lines)
      From: Woodring, Jonathan C. <Jonathan.Woodring@IBX.COM>
    • Re: array rollup (69 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/CCHIS/NCPHI) <rjf2@CDC.GOV>
    • Re: array rollup (34 lines)
      From: Richard A. DeVenezia <rdevenezia@WILDBLUE.NET>
    • Re: array rollup (64 lines)
      From: toby dunn <tobydunn@HOTMAIL.COM>

  116. call system command problem

  117. can some one explain this =:

  118. creating new var names from current ones

  119. dealing with library name?

  120. difference of log likelihood between proc genmod and proc nlmixed

  121. export terdata table to flat file

  122. format Pvalue6.4

  123. format of tables in output

  124. how to calculate the median by groups

  125. how to grab the Subsequent record(a better approach) ?

  126. how to transfer this format date to date variable

  127. k-s statistics

  128. macro question.....maybe SYMPUT

  129. missing records

  130. pairwise kappa: how to organize output?

  131. please explain =:

  132. predicted residual sum of squares (PRESS) in proc GLM

  133. proc access question?

  134. proc dbload
    • proc dbload (33 lines)
      From: mesecca L katram <mesecca@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: proc dbload (29 lines)
      From: mesecca L katram <mesecca@YAHOO.COM>

  135. proc surveyreg, proc calis, clustering, estimating var-covar matrix

  136. proc tscsreg
    • proc tscsreg (17 lines)
      From: Laprose Terry <laprose4769@YAHOO.CO.UK>

  137. rank problems

  138. reading excel spreadsheets using proc import

  139. riskdiffc question

  140. sas Merge question

  141. simulation study

  142. sorting with SQL

  143. tabulate several ordinal scaled variables in one table

  144. tip: finding outliers using PROC GLM

  145. using libname (or filename) as path in file statement

  146. validvarname = v6 option issue

  147. wierd selection problem

  148. zOS what is the max space available for a SAS library?
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