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SAS-L archives – May 2007, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. AW: proc genmod

  2. Age Standardized Incidence Rates

  3. Anova and t test

  4. Any Guide to write Skeleton

  5. Autorecode strings to numeric

  6. Basic Do Loop Question...

  7. Basic Logistic Regression Help....plz?

  8. Basic coding error

  9. Bayesian regression

  10. Book "Handbook of statistics in clinical oncology"

  11. Combinatoric optimization problem

  12. Concatenating a large number of data sets into one

  13. Concatenating a large number of data sets into one - DEFER Option

  14. Connect to SAS dataset using PHP

  15. Consultants Corner (SAScommunity)

  16. Control Selection

  17. Correlations on Enterprice Guide

  18. Creating a web interface using SAS

  19. DDE Excel to SAS Limitation?

  20. Error statement and loop subscripts

  21. FTP SAS Datasets from Desktop to Mainframe

  22. Fast export utility(sas teradata connection)

  23. Finding Duplicates

  24. Fixed Effects/Clustered Errors Proc Genmod

  25. Fork a SAS job

  26. Functions to detect character vs. numeric vars

  27. GLIMMIX and 3 random effects (nested?)

  28. GLMM Covariance structure interpretation

  29. Generating %LET statements using PUT statements

  30. Good site for SAS Administration?

  31. Graph question

  32. Help finding Madeleine McCann - 4 years old

  33. Heretical Question Alternatives to SAS

  34. How IFN function work??

  35. How can I avoid the emergence of the dialog box?

  36. How can I make a Set Statement with an "Iterative Read" of

  37. How can I make a Set Statement with an "Iterative Read" of FIRSTOBS

  38. How to Asynchronous Process on a Remote Server

  39. How to do bagging when there is no BY

  40. How to keep sas skill from going rusty?

  41. If condition and call symput

  42. Interaction Effect Without One of the Main Effects in Mixed

  43. Interaction Effect Without One of the Main Effects in Mixed Models

  44. IntrNet Service Set Up Issue

  45. LED light box display--Only 11 mm LED slim light box in China!

  46. LOG Files
    • LOG Files (36 lines)
      From: Mike Zdeb <msz03@ALBANY.EDU>

  47. Label in Proc Univariate

  48. Lag function

  49. Light reading :)

  50. MP Connect vs Unix Scripts

  51. MSUG 1-Day Conference Early Registration Ends Friday 5/18

  52. Macro Quoting Puzzle!!!

  53. Macro call in open code vs. 'Call Execute'

  54. Missing Value to Zero(0)

  55. Missing values

  56. Need help with a de-dup problem

  57. Non-linear time series modelling

  58. Notification of Batch Execution

  59. ODS Output
    • ODS Output (32 lines)
      From: barry.debenham@TALK21.COM

  60. OLAP architechure question

  61. OLAP building

  62. OT: Friday Humor

  63. PRESS when using WEIGHT statement in PROC GLM


  65. PROC REPORT -- Hyperlinks for Headings?

  66. PROC REPORT Question

  67. Portal Page Redirection

  68. Principal compoents and PLF (was Re: proc glm and stepwise)

  69. Proc FCMP and recursion

  70. Proc Freq Row Percent in a Column

  71. Proc export/import stopped working for excel2000

  72. Question about macro %plotit

  73. Read Datetime value

  74. Reading genmod covariance matrix in mianalyze

  75. Reading text from one variable and put it to another variable

  76. Recreating Tabulate fro ODS summary output

  77. Results of a Missing LRECL Option

  78. Retaining a Variable without RETAIN Statement

  79. SAS 9.1.3 precision question..

  80. SAS Custom Task in C#

  81. SAS Data Step--Fill in missing values

  82. SAS Graph vs. R (was: Re: Heretical Question Alternatives to

  83. SAS Graph vs. R (was: Re: Heretical Question Alternatives to SAS)

  84. SAS consultant available

  85. SAS database into TXT

  86. SAS indexes:ERROR: Could not find value/rid to delete on index x for file y

  87. SAS install problem

  88. SAS server and SAS installation on a server

  89. SAS trivia question: what is the ?? informat?

  90. SAS/Access-ODBC Options?

  91. SAs 9.1.2 and Vista

  92. SQL Magic
    • SQL Magic (121 lines)
      From: Ken Borowiak <EvilPettingZoo97@AOL.COM>
    • Re: SQL Magic (156 lines)
      From: toby dunn <tobydunn@HOTMAIL.COM>

  93. Sample Differences

  94. Save the Date: 5th Annual L.A. SAS Users Day

  95. Seminal Paper(s) on Neural Networks

  96. Speaking of DDE - Anyone Running SAS DDE Extracts from Excel in

  97. Speaking of DDE - Anyone Running SAS DDE Extracts from Excel in Parallel?

  98. Special Editing procedure

  99. Spectre (Clinical) approaches 20,000 page loads

  100. Spectre (Clinical) now on the final release

  101. Stored Macro Catalog

  102. Tables to temporary arrays

  103. Tomcat 4.1.18 to 4.1.31

  104. Unexpected result of INNER JOIN query in Proc SQL

  105. Update query

  106. Using Proc SQL to caliculate a derived variable ??

  107. Using macros in DI Studio

  108. Variable interpolation discussion

  109. Windows XP SAS v9 faster than UNIX SAS v9?

  110. Work Library Files for a Macro System

  111. Work from home jobs

  112. [Resolved] SAS Custom Task in C#

  113. about if condition or call symput

  114. array question

  115. better way to get path

  116. charcter to numeric conversion!

  117. converting stc file to ascii files

  118. data step
    • data step (30 lines)
      From: souga soga <souga1234@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: data step (149 lines)
      From: Ken Borowiak <evilpettingzoo97@AOL.COM>
    • Re: data step (183 lines)
      From: toby dunn <tobydunn@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: data step (55 lines)
      From: Ya Huang <ya.huang@AMYLIN.COM>
    • Re: data step (64 lines)
      From: Guido T <cymraegerict@GMAIL.COM>

  119. dealing with a dataset with size >1gb

  120. difference of log likelihood between proc genmod and proc nlmixed

  121. email
    • email (35 lines)
      From: mesecca L katram <mesecca@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: email (93 lines)
      From: Matt Pettis <matt.pettis@THOMSON.COM>

  122. graphics problems after proc quantreg install

  123. help with sybase and proc sql

  124. how do I do a merge like this?

  125. how to convert stc file to ascii files

  126. how to grab the Subsequent record(a better approach) ?

  127. how to model poisson / logit model using proc model?

  128. how to read in text variable with paragraph break

  129. infile criteria pollutants

  130. job posting
    • job posting (54 lines)
      From: Janell Olah <olah@MAIL.MED.UPENN.EDU>

  131. k-s statistics

  132. logistic regression wierdness

  133. macro statement invalid

  134. making a SAS time constant

  135. non-negative format

  136. parallel processing a proc mixed job

  137. proc access question?

  138. proc append
    • proc append (30 lines)
      From: mesecca L katram <mesecca@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: proc append (43 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <nospam@HOWLES.COM>

  139. proc dbload

  140. proc genmod
    • proc genmod (29 lines)
      From: Doris Gerstner <doris.gerstner@MED.UNI-MUENCHEN.DE>
    • Re: proc genmod (47 lines)
      From: Peter Flom <peterflomconsulting@MINDSPRING.COM>
    • Re: proc genmod (48 lines)
      From: Wensui Liu <liuwensui@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: proc genmod (53 lines)
      From: Swank, Paul R <Paul.R.Swank@UTH.TMC.EDU>
    • Re: proc genmod (159 lines)
      From: Wensui Liu <liuwensui@GMAIL.COM>

  141. proc glm and stepwise

  142. proc report with ODS justification question

  143. proc surveyreg, proc calis, clustering, estimating var-covar matrix

  144. proc tscsreg

  145. quick data step

  146. reg without intercept

  147. riskdiffc question

  148. scanning right most value and change

  149. simulation study

  150. superscript

  151. technical event papers etc. 29-June-07

  152. tip: data review, ComparWS
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