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SAS-L archives – June 2007, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. %DS2CSV killed my SASHELP

  2. *** 5th Annual L.A. SAS Users Day this Friday, June 22, 2007

  3. 10 dying or dead IT skills

  4. A SQL question

  5. A handy little tool (maybe?)...

  6. A problem about simulation?

  7. AIC in proc nlin

  8. Additive main effect and multiplicative interaction (AMMI) models

  9. All statisticians we are waiting you!!!

  10. Append file every day

  11. Appropriate SAS analysis for independent lots of a sample with replicates and runs

  12. At least one element of the gradient is greater than 1e-3.

  13. BASUG - See You There, SAS-L-ers!

  14. Besides SAS/STAT documentation, is a complete list of ODS Table Names, their descriptions, and the necessary options available in 1 summary document?

  15. Coding Problem: Combining Records Based on a Set of Criteria

  16. Combining unrelated tables in SAS

  17. Comparison of Rates Using SAS

  18. Converting STATA to SAS

  19. Could this be a bug with %SYMDEL ?

  20. Creating SAS datasets from Oracle in PROC SQL.

  21. Cross-referencing to value of another case

  22. Cumulative Update of Obervation Count

  23. DATETIME conversion by SAS 9

  24. DDE, Excel Macro Prompt

  25. Density Optimization PROC Command in Base SAS?

  26. Distance between Zipcodes

  27. Does Proc datasets work on OpenVMS ??

  28. Doing a Fuzzy Merge with a Hash Table

  29. ETL studio
    • ETL studio (75 lines)
      From: Chitimalla Haritha (ETS) <Chitimallah@HCL.IN>
    • Re: ETL studio (85 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>

  30. Excel DDE Problem/Solved

  31. Find Words in Many columns

  32. Finding the max of a matrix

  33. Friday OT: Dishwashing Your Dirty Keyboard

  34. Functions and missing values -- was Re: mistakes in SAS that don't generate errors

  35. Fw: Lowest and Highest values

  36. Fw: SAS Job Opportunity -- Richmond, Virginia, USA


  38. GLM linear trend test?

  39. HELP: Randomized grouping

  40. Help Customizing GLIMMIX Template

  41. How can I insert two macro variables name into one variable name

  42. How to Run a SAS program at given Calender date and time?

  43. How to calculate monthly counts using SQL

  44. How to search list of particular text values into free text variable in Main SAS table

  45. INTNX Doesn't return expected values.

  46. Is it possible using SAS enhanced editor ??

  47. Is there _N_ in SQL?

  48. Issue with ODS Graphics and HTML

  49. Iterative update of max observation

  50. JMP open sas dataset

  51. Keep Specific Date intervals

  52. Least squares estimates for subgroup combinations

  53. Listserv Question

  54. Load time , sas data-set to Sql Server

  55. Logistic regression with dummy variable

  56. Lowest and Highest values

  57. Macro paramaters in Do - Loop

  58. Macro text to file

  59. Macro to data

  60. Macro variable in PROC EXPORT command

  61. Matching on first few digits

  62. Maximum and minimum lab values

  63. Measuring agreement for 2 raters with responses on a Likert Scale with low

  64. Merging
    • Merging (21 lines)
      From: sharad <sharadoffline@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Merging (27 lines)
      From: RolandRB <rolandberry@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Merging (60 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <gerhard.hellriegel@T-ONLINE.DE>
    • Re: Merging (43 lines)
      From: NOMAIL Roger S. Clark <roger.s.clark@CENSUS.GOV>
    • Re: Merging (71 lines)
      From: Ian Whitlock <iw1junk@COMCAST.NET>
    • Re: Merging (33 lines)
      From: sharad <sharadoffline@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: Merging (47 lines)
      From: Wainwright, Andrea <andrea.wainwright@CAPITALONE.COM>
    • Re: Merging (59 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>

  65. Need SAS Admin - Urgent! Baltimore

  66. Non RDBMS was Top IT places to work

  67. Notebook Version Uploaded

  68. ODS PDF Bookmarks with PROC REPORT and BY GROUPS

  69. ODS newbie question

  70. OT: Chance to Make SAS-L History: Did You Know That...

  71. OT: Friday Humor
    • OT: Friday Humor (17 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/CCHIS/NCPHI) <rjf2@CDC.GOV>

  72. OT: SKOS
    • OT: SKOS (22 lines)
      From: Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/CCHIS/NCPHI) <rjf2@CDC.GOV>

  73. Online Registration for SESUG '07

  74. Optimization/Allocation with SAS Data step

  75. Organizing programs for complex statistical analyses

  76. PROC GLIMMIX ddfm

  77. PROC IML
    • Re: PROC IML (50 lines)
      From: Dale McLerran <stringplayer_2@YAHOO.COM>

  78. PROC REPORT, grouping and counting


  80. PROC SQL: change variable formats

  81. PUT to csv - wrap at 255

  82. Panel Data and Seemingly Unrelated Regression

  83. Permutation test for group-randomized trial

  84. Problem answers to "Introduction to Electrodynamics"

  85. Problem with LogL and AIC in PROC MIXED

  86. Problem with ODS CSV

  87. Proc Mixed Out of Memory at the last step

  88. Proc Printto
    • Proc Printto (24 lines)
      From: mesecca L katram <mesecca@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Proc Printto (41 lines)
      From: Steven Raimi <steven_raimi@POLK.COM>
    • Re: Proc Printto (45 lines)
      From: mesecca L katram <mesecca@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Proc Printto (73 lines)
      From: Wainwright, Andrea <andrea.wainwright@CAPITALONE.COM>
    • Re: Proc Printto (11 lines)
      From: mesecca L katram <mesecca@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Proc Printto (15 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <nospam@HOWLES.COM>

  89. Proc gplot!
    • Proc gplot! (23 lines)
      From: Tarak Patel <tarak81patel@YAHOO.COM>
    • Re: Proc gplot! (36 lines)
      From: Gerhard Hellriegel <gerhard.hellriegel@T-ONLINE.DE>

  90. Question on SAS warning re 'options ignored for base data set'

  91. Questions to Dorfman's DO UNTIL loop

  92. RES: how to import one txt file?

  93. RETAIN variable value for subjects over time

  94. Randomly picking a procedurecode for each doctor

  95. Reading Mtitles and Foot notes using SAS ??

  96. Rearrange data

  97. Response Time analysis

  98. Retail Trade Area (Catchment) Calculation Method?

  99. Robust MDX
    • Robust MDX (56 lines)
      From: David Birch <David.Birch@DISABILITY.QLD.GOV.AU>

  100. Runaway Locked sas7bdat

  101. SAS ODS RTF titles, pretext, page numbering

    • SAS SQL JOIN (22 lines)
      From: Sreekanth <soudary.sreekanth@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS SQL JOIN (40 lines)
      From: Sigurd Hermansen <HERMANS1@WESTAT.COM>
    • Re: SAS SQL JOIN (79 lines)
      From: David Birch <David.Birch@DISABILITY.QLD.GOV.AU>

  103. SAS data-set index size

  104. SAS graphic question

  105. SAS telecommuting opportunity

  106. SAS to excel - data read as date in excel

  107. SAS/ACCESS to Oracle bind variables

  108. SAS/AF
    • SAS/AF (16 lines)
      From: mrlau33@GMAIL.COM
    • Re: SAS/AF (52 lines)
      From: Alan Churchill <savian001@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: SAS/AF (55 lines)
      From: mrlau33@GMAIL.COM
    • Re: SAS/AF (67 lines)
      From: mrlau33@GMAIL.COM
    • Re: SAS/AF (63 lines)
      From: Michael L. Davis <michael@BASSETTCONSULTING.COM>
    • Re: SAS/AF (24 lines)
      From: Michael L. Davis <michael@BASSETTCONSULTING.COM>
    • Re: SAS/AF (110 lines)
      From: Alan Churchill <savian001@GMAIL.COM>

  109. SASUSER datasets

  110. SHFileOperation

  111. SQL: Delete all variable labels

  112. Sara Holm is out of the office.

  113. Saving graph with macro variable as a name?

  114. Scoring Algorithm / Newton-Raphson

  115. Select First Observation in each group

  116. Selecting First Observation of Variable

  117. Sending email from SAS via Lotus Notes

  118. Set SAS Environment Options with Syntax

  119. Sidestepping the DATA Step...

  120. Superimpose a line on the gplot

  121. Suppress Log Printout at Macro Level

  122. Tabulate preloadfmt question

  123. Top IT places to work

  124. Transporting SAS datasets from mainframe/mvs to PC SAS

  125. Transpose question

  126. Using categorical variables in logistic regression

  127. Utilities on

  128. V9.1 : Problem with option BODYTITLE in ODS RTF

  129. What Type Interval and How Computed

  130. Winzip all files in a directory

  131. [Fwd: Re: date and time function problem]

  132. [sug-l] Any coding suggestions?

  133. arrange data

  134. data conversion

  135. data manipulation

  136. date and time function problem

  137. deleting a substring from a string

  138. dropped leading zeros converting from char to num

  139. error while importing file in sas

  140. footnote in proc tabulate

  141. getting the list of files in a directory

  142. help Using HTML form (or javascript) to trigger SAS!

  143. help using the X statement?

  144. help with histogram

  145. help with warning

  146. hi
    • hi (42 lines)
      From: dimple <vijayabhaskar.sama@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: hi (52 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <nospam@HOWLES.COM>

  147. histogram question

  148. how to import one txt file?

  149. if its possiobel to create User Defined PROC

  150. import variable names from delimited files

  151. interpolation
    • interpolation (11 lines)
      From: HAROON SARWAR <hsa666@HOTMAIL.COM>
    • Re: interpolation (12 lines)
      From: Howard Schreier <hs AT dc-sug DOT org> <nospam@HOWLES.COM>
    • Re: interpolation (36 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>

  152. looking for free software to calculate composite reliability?

  153. loop through string macro variable

  154. matching on first few digits

  155. mistakes in SAS that don't generate errors

  156. n-Literals for SAS Variable (Column) Names

  157. ods select output PROC UNIVARIATE histogram

  158. parse data using perl-regular-expression

  159. picking the most performed procedure

  160. proc qlim
    • proc qlim (18 lines)
      From: pande <apan14@GMAIL.COM>
    • Re: proc qlim (42 lines)
      From: David L Cassell <davidlcassell@MSN.COM>

  161. proc report

  162. proc surveyselect question

  163. reduce cost of SAS on z/OS


  165. sasgraph - control of SYMBOL statement with GPLOT

  166. send me macro and proc sql materials or any websites.

  167. speedy transpose

  168. there is no contrast statement in NPAR1WAY

  169. tilda(~) delimited file

  170. timepart is off by 5 minutes!

  171. tip: SmryLibname, successor of FreqAll

  172. tip: perhaps: CALL INITIALIZE? aka CALL STDIZE.

  173. trouble with sample proc arima

  174. two-variable deduplication problem

  175. url: 10 dying or dead IT skills

  176. what directory separators are used on what platforms?

  177. what is the fastest way to rename variables

  178. what is wrong with this simple code it is giving error

  179. when do Proc Means?

  180. write to file without data step?
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